Lewis, Jerry Lee - Wild Side Of Life Lyrics

You wouldn't read my letter if I wrote you you asked me not to call you on the phone
But there's something I'm wanting to tell you so I wrote it in the words of this song
I didn't know they made honky tonk angels
I might have known you'd never make a wife
You gave up the only one who really loved you and went back to the wild side of life

The glamour of the gay night life has lured you
To the places where the wine and liquor flow
You just sit and wait to be anybody's baby and forget the truest love you'll ever know
I didn't know they made...

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Lewis, Jerry Lee Wild Side Of Life Comments
  1. peter lewis

    He got booted out of the UK in the 70s,Married his 13 year old cousin,

  2. deb smith

    inspiration to sing and play the guitar...

  3. Robert Maguire



    Love the thumbnail to this video of his wife sitting on the piano :)

    wigan er

    Lol I get you

  5. Laura Dean

    One of a kind with a sound all his own👍

  6. Chuck G

    'The Mercury Years', at least, that would make one hell of a good title. The Killer came back stronger than he had ever been before and pick up a much larger audience in the process.

  7. Matt Talsma

    Great song great voice

  8. CBS67

    A giant of an album. Just amazing.

  9. Jerry Pullen

    Jerry lee one of the greatest!

  10. gregory pettit

    love Jerry Lee!





  13. Glendon Ward

    There's only one killer Lord bless him today with health and strength amen

  14. Gramma Dee

    THANKS loved it.ummm song a fav of mine goes back to the 50s for this gramma saw Jerry once when he came o my city in MASS. Liked vudeo to

  15. Micky May

    Really a great cover of my long time friend, Hank Thompson's famous tune of he early 1950's!! Jerry Lee was not only a great singer & piano player, but one fabulous entertainer. Great post!! Thanks a lot!!

  16. Mary Plaidy

    Lordy, I love this man's voice and style. His piano playing is why the piano was invented.

  17. Mirka R

    My lovely idol Elvis and Killer !!!rrrrrrrrrrr😊

  18. Dietrich StruckRich S

    The KING at his best.

  19. Trevor Hedges


  20. M gdhse3

    Great song!

  21. arinvests

    Great cover of a great old song, & will last for ever ~ Arthur

  22. Sheila Reese

    Still Great.

  23. Irene Mccann

    He is superb voice and piano playing who is as good can't think of anyone.

    Trevor Morris

    ++Irene Mccann
    The only other singer of Country songs who could create as much emotional impact as, or maybe even more, was Ray Charles. None of the others, including Hank Williams, Patsy Cline or whoever else you want to name, could pack such an emotional punch as Jerry Lee.

  24. John Derby

    This tune has several titles. All are good. Love this one!!! NH

  25. arinvests

    Another good version of this lovely song, > Check out my version , also good ~ Arthur

    Trevor Morris

    This the Best version of this song, as so many of his versions of other songs are also the best.


    I agree, ~ Arthur

    Renown Image Solutions

    arinvests check out my YouTube comment. It's also good.


    Will do

  26. Carol Lopez

    Absolutely loved his piano

  27. Lena Andersson

    So realy great Jerry Lee🎤🎹🎹🎹💕👍

  28. Perry Ofori


  29. marti

    Great!!  Thanks for posting.

  30. Orbie Olsson

    Jerry Lee could sing the phone book & it would be a million seller!!

    Richard Crutchfield

    A M E N

    jean-marie Basset

    Pas mal

    Arthur Maguire

    Orbie Olsson nice one

    Michael Morris

    As long as he could rhyme it with "Jerry Lee".

  31. Trevor Hedges

    nice version, but status quo is better because when quo sings this song it make you wanna dance

    Trevor Morris

    ++Trevor Hedges
    Strange criterion by which to judge a song that is about heartbreak and loss. Status Quo give it a Rock beat but damn all else. Absolutely no emotion, no feeling. They literally might as well be singing words out of a phone book. Surely you'd listen to Jerry Lee's version for something other than just something to dance to. By nearly all criteria, apart that of dancing, JLL'd version is far superior. It's actually also very suitable for a slow, smoochy dance that Status Quo is unsuitable for.


    Status Quo would have to stand on Jerry's piano to kiss his butt.

    Trevor Hedges

    silly comment and childish

  32. Orbie Olsson

    Jerry Lee still has it!! He is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

  33. Helen Rousseau

    thank you

  34. John Overton

    A great Hank Thompson hit done again by the great Jerry Lee Lewis nothing better

  35. isaac samuels

    This is the great speckled bird rhythm

    F.G. D.

    Not only rhythm , chords and melody too :-)

  36. mortyboard's music

    Hard to believe that this recording is over fifty years old! There are no new superlatives to describe Jerry Lee Lewis. Quite simply, musically speaking, he can do no wrong.

    Jewel Dotson

    When & who did he murder?

    Renown Image Solutions

    Jewel Dotson his ex wife

    Jewel Dotson

    Really what was her name & how can I find a report on this?

    Renown Image Solutions

    Jewel Dotson https://art19.com/shows/disgraceland/episodes/8c801b9c-e360-49bd-b4b1-dd6638c72f06

    Jewel Dotson

    Thanks very much.

  37. john gray

    Hard to beat this version.

    Trevor Morris

    ++john gray
    You canna beat this version!

    Trevor Hedges

    Status quo i think is just as good if not better.. Dont get me wrong this is also Brilliant too

    Trevor Hedges

    This version makes you want to tap your feet .. but Status Quo version makes you want to swing your body

    Trevor Morris

    +Trevor Hedges
    The singing on the Quo version is very much subordinate to the laying down of a heavy Rock beat. There's absolutely no emotion coming through. The lyrics could be gibberish and it wouldna matter at all. Jerry Lee conveys pain and suffering.

    Robert Erb

    Trevor Hedges a little

  38. Ken Margo

    Superb. I'd love to see him doing this live.

  39. Tom Barry

    This song was on JLL's early album - The entire album is priceless if you like his music.

    Trevor Morris

    ++Tom Barry
    I bought a CD years ago titled "Killer" and it had this track and a lot of other great Country tracks on it including Another Place Another Time, What Made Milwaukee famous, Break My Mind, Swinging Doors. A great album, and the first I'd heard Jerry Lee singing Country as opposed to his early Rock. For me he's the best Country singer of the lot.

  40. Kinuklon

    Just brilliant - emotional - foot tapping - melodic - everything you could want from a piece of music - never known anyone else fit voice and instrument together so perfectly as Jerry Lee

  41. MrBlodsven Nilsson

    Good ole Jerry Lee. THX Gurkan...

  42. Teresa Hoops

    Love, love, love him and this song!!

    Joyce L

    jimmy swaggert