Lewis, Jerry Lee - No One Will Ever Know Lyrics

No one will ever know my heart is breaking
Although a million tears start to flow
I'll cry myself to sleep and wake up smiling
I'll miss you, but no one will ever know

I'll tell them we grew tired of each other
And realize our dreams could never be
I'll even make believe I never loved you
Then no one will ever know the truth but me

No one will ever know how much I'm pining
Each time the past comes back to haunt me so
No one will ever see the tears I'm hiding
You've hurt me, but no one will ever know

I'll tell them I've found true love with another
That I was glad the day you set me free
I'll even make believe I never loved you
Then no one will ever know the truth, but me

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Lewis, Jerry Lee No One Will Ever Know Comments
  1. dreadnaught90

    Not correct. It was written by Fred Rose and Mel Foree and first recorded by Roy Acuff in 1945. According to Doug Davis of Country Classics, Fred Rose had the idea for the song and co-writer Mel Foree, who was in the US Navy at the time, wrote it while he was on guard duty. Hank Williams has recorded it along with Marty Robbins and many others It's great song.

  2. SteveGaines

    Jerry Lee says there are four originators: Jimmie Rogers, Hanks Williams, Al Jolsen and himself.

  3. John Benn

    I AGREE 1000%

  4. Brn stls

    You cannot compare those singers. Jerry was the change in music..into what we have today. Hank wasn't......

  5. candd87

    The only man who can make a piano talk

  6. HalfFastChevy

    @inya1lake....I agree 101%. Nobody can rock the blues like The Killer. A totally unique performer as well as personality. His stuff still holds up today and always will. What an awesome talent.

  7. Jan van Schaagen

    Hank Williams was the best, this song was written and firdt sing by the late Hank!

  8. albert19ful

    Jerry Lee Lewis ,was the best rock singer ,and country singer ,who passed this way ,brilliant Jerry . Love you forever . From the UK .

  9. inya1lake

    If God would give me just one wish I would ask to sing and play piano like Jerry Lee. Awesome doesn't come close to describing this talent.

  10. inya1lake

    No-one follows the Killer.

  11. Ann Flowers

    all I can say is jerry lee is my favorite singer. I play his c.ds. all the time. there will never be another jerry lee. his music means alot to me.

  12. Ann Flowers

    jerry lee is my favorite singer.I'm younger them him,but if I could do anything I wish for would meet this man.he sing's awesome,and play's the piano really awesome. one more thing.he is a very handsome man.

  13. Larry Sanders

    Jerry ain't Hank but he's darn close. Thanks buddy.

  14. William Baker

    none like him around today..........todays artist could not fill his shoes ......actually todays artist are like rap music....just no talent noise

  15. collette bellpainter