Lewis, Jerry Lee - Lucille Lyrics

Lucille, come on home where you belong
Hey, Lucille, hey baby, come on home where you belong
Well, I been rockin' and a-rollin' and I been boogyin' all night long
Well, Lucille, come on home, baby
Lucille, gimme a little lovin', baby
This is rockin' Jerry Lee
From Memphis Tennessee
Come on home

I woke up this morning, Lucille was not in sight
I asked my friends about her, God, and all they did was laugh
Lucille, come on home where you belong
I love you pretty baby, get your little self back home

Lucille, come on home, baby
I need some lovin', baby
Lay it on me, lay it on me, lay it on me, lay it on me, baby
Ol' rockin' Jerry Lee
From Memphis Tennessee
Come on home

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Lewis, Jerry Lee Lucille Comments
  1. Ioseb Boboxidze


  2. Geronimo Castro

    Es el rey

  3. Linda Martin

    The great Killer. Jerry Lee Lewis keep on rocking and rolling,
    DamnJerry. You’re hot💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Daniel Gomes Nogueira

    Queiram ou não, esse é um dos Reis do Rock. Pois não existe só um. Nunca deixaram esse cara aparecer, principalmente no Brasil. Essa Mídia de merda que existe aqui, nos obriga a ouvir esses merdas de Caetano etc.

  5. Josh & Steffy: The New Channel

    Jerry Lee Lewis was the first artist EVER inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when it opened in 1986. As of 2020, he's yet to be recognized by the Country Music Hall of Fame. Maybe the rock and roll overshadows the country but anybody who actually listens to the music knows better. He entered the country charts more than 100 times - with 65 singles and 42 albums - during a career spanning more than 60 years.

  6. germaine Besancon

    Merci heureuse de vous revoir super gg💋🌹❤️🌹🌹🌹

  7. carter4871

    Come back to us, Jerry, they had you gone in '78. beat this, sir....

  8. Atti Malambri 001

    I love him so much because his rock'n'roll is real wild,yes,but at the same time is so elegant

  9. J R Deckard

    A super bowl ring?

  10. Tarmac1

    The Killer

  11. Big Bosse

    GENIUS. ... HE IS GENIUS 😍😍😍😍😍.

  12. Green Garage label & publishing

    https://youtu.be/EWQ5r6JsdXs dale play a mi TWIST 2019

  13. Francine Millot

    1935 ??? Little Richard l'a composée en 1957

  14. Nadia Garibaldi

    Lindoooooooo! ♥🌹

  15. showgirls around the world a dancer family

    This looks more like the 70s or 80s ...not 2015

  16. Osmar Antonio


  17. daddyalien

    anyone know what year this was performed?

  18. Jeremy Powell

    The true King right here,.. Elvis sounded like Perry como compared to Jerry Lee

    Ronnie wendt

    Jeremy Powell Wrong There is only one king 👑ELvis.👑Jerry lee. The killer.

  19. pietro saverino

    y thabck you so much,,,joshino,,,,,,,,,,

  20. jean-claude hicquet

    Bonjour à vous toutes et tous et merci pour avoir partagé les musiques de Jerry Lee Lewis car je l'adore depuis très longtemps

  21. murp h

    He takes a great rock and roll song and puts the Jerry Lee funk on it ___ great stuff

  22. Sherry Creamer

    1:53-2:12!! Lol. His face!!

  23. leo as elvis

    Hey yay yay yay Lucille bbbbaby cmon home where you belong
    Best line ever

  24. David Tercero


  25. christian picard

    J'Adore ce type !!

  26. Philip Pendigrast

    Those 359 thumbs down show shove it where they belong

  27. Kaj Mortensen

    Gode gamle🏁🏁🏁❤️❤️❤️🇩🇰

  28. Luis Franco


  29. Ana Paula Decroix

    Este cara é fera do rock in row ❤ maravilhoso meu fã ❤

  30. JJ Customs, LLC.

    Man... He was a true performer ✊

  31. David Hurley

    Stay well Jerry Lee 👌

  32. Karen Dilday

    Jerry lee lewis , Micky Giley , jimmy swaggert , are the three who started rock am roll !!! It was not little richard or chick berry or elvis ,!!! It was the three cousins from Louisiana !!!!

  33. The Dolphin

    What a schmuck. How to deflate a great song. The sort of pathetic karaoke cover one would expect at an RSL Club during the 1980s.

  34. esmerilucio furtado bezerra

    Jerry Lee Lewis, assim como um bom vinho, quanto mais o tempo passa, mais saboroso fica.
    Esse seu piano, é incomparável!


    84 years old last month. Still lovin ya Jerry 🎶👍

  36. smokeyvelvet42

    Leave the song to Little Rítchard, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. havsvajajaja yeahy

    And partey everyday woooh

  38. Miss Kitty 1944

    Love jerry lee 2019 Oct great music

  39. Elizabeth De Palma

    What an entertainer! Love love love! You've put many smiles on my face and heart.

  40. craig lee

    Old school Love this muther

  41. Caye Taylor

    1957 On the way from the church to our wedding reception Jerry Lee came on the radio so my bran-new husband stopped all the church members cars and got everybody out to dance on the road. I was afraid some members would be angrybut preacher Joe danced a good fast one with me. So much fun

  42. Cheryl Hullinger

    Woohoo cool ,love it

  43. Marita Unosson

    Whooooo thats great
    I like Jerry Lee Lewis
    his song and piano play
    I love it❤️

    Roger Craps

    SUPEr SUPER !!!!

  44. Ralf Neumann

    sehr cool...................huhh

  45. Pascal papou

    Pas pariel, différents.

  46. Sam King

    May God continue to bless you and yours and may your health improve with Gods blessings! JLL IS Gods Gift to the World!

  47. Dave Hammond

    Fraternity street dance, Bloomington In,. 1964—absolutely crazy

  48. Linda Martin

    The Killer I love Jerry Lee
    Great Balls of Fire 🍷🔥🔥🔥🔥💖💖Thank you For Sharing 🔥💥😍👒💃

  49. Walter Palmer

    In 1957, 23-year-old Jerry Lee Lewis married Myra Gale Brown.
    Lewis had been married twice before. His second marriage had caused quite a stir when people realized it had taken place 23 days before his first divorce was final. That stir was nothing compared to the one his third marriage would cause, however. Though he had, again, gotten married before his divorce was final, it also came out that his third wife was also his third cousin — his 13-year-old third cousin. Myra turned 13 the day after the wedding.

  50. Carlos Luis Fernandez Alva

    Me encanta y me justa mucho me relaja recuerdos tan bellos el Rock nunca muere Perú; 2019

  51. william mclaughlin

    Master of the Ivory

  52. Linda Stewart

    Let 'er rip tater chip !! Sang it son !!

  53. Emy Pask


  54. Sam King

    Jerry Lee has class!

  55. Don White

    Sing it JERRY! Your the man !!!!! Love Rock and Roll !!!!

  56. sofiane belghait

    Crazy Rocker

  57. darrel james

    Not half the talent little Richard is!

    thumper styles

    Thank you some one finally said it

  58. Green And Orange

    Those glasses are the best 👌

  59. Wes McGee

    David Allen Coe once told me that Jerry Lee is a prime example that cocaine and whiskey wont kill you.

    marie-paule lumet

    ET ?LE JUGER??

  60. Dale HALE

    Lucille come home were you belong Jerry Lee is Rocking Rolling boogie woogie all night Long 👀

  61. Shawn Fox Firth

    I have low mileage Midnight Blue '67 Toronado and I call her Lucille .. .

  62. John Castro

    "FAR OUT"...

  63. juan varde

    He Is Rock AND Rock The. Best in The history Save JERRY LEE

  64. mukula hukula

    Price purle


  65. Xavier Alexander

    Garbage...!!! Hot pile of garbage!!!

  66. Paolo Boniardi


  67. Michael Eckhardt


  68. Elwood2911

    JLL IS HELL on Wheels ! Another of those "one of a kind irreplaceables" whose like we'll never see again.

  69. Philippe LEBLANC

    Le roi du piano rock a billy. Le grand Jerry Lee Lewis

  70. Harm Zondag

    The killer...this man is great,lets rock and roll for the next 83 years.

  71. Dona66 Dou

    Jerry lee Lewis ... le dernier des rockers ...

  72. Anita Mrohs

    Great for me,and the very BEST for Everytime 🎶📢🎹

  73. DQ6S7S

    He certainly liked keeping it in the family.

  74. Andrew Bluebells

    Guy was a Hell - Raiser! 💙

  75. Michael Sorrells

    Little Richard is better

  76. Enthalpia Entropia

    A Genius...the best...the King...!

  77. sumit katyal

    His tux reminds me of dumb and dumber but he looks cool af!! Old but gold

  78. RedBaron863

    Which year was this?

    JPM Sniper

    RedBaron863 1986

  79. charlotte barnes

    He has unbelievable talent he was my favorite of all TIME

  80. Veronica Gunnarsson

    I prefer The Everly Brothers version.



  82. Pascal papou

    Je vous dit pas du vivant de ma mamou, ok lemy, toi tu c'est. Mylène Zoubis.

  83. Pascal papou

    Et bop bip

  84. Ricardo Garcia

    How he gonna sit there with his lazy ass .and ask everybody ...are u ready..really mf .d music is good u just look lame af.u want everybody to jump around but ur ass looks lost lol

  85. Oscar Luna Reyes


  86. Мурат Тусупбеков


  87. Lora Wallace

    Love you Jerry Lee....my mom took me to see you at Beverly Hills Country Club in Southgate/Newport, Ky when I was 14....circa 1974....I'm getting old. BIGGEST THRILL OF MY LIFE!!!

  88. Massimiliano Bianchi

    Ma che grandissimo

  89. Fuji Wags

    Is this the paedophile?

  90. Rose Morrison

    Jerry Lee could make them ivory dance like nobody else could. I've been listening for 50 years or more

    Lasse 'Boogie' Jensen

    He isn't dead, you know.

  91. sannys75

    roll on Jerry lee

  92. Maria Natas

    That's sad. It's like they all got stoned before the gig and thought fuck it, let's be chill. His playing now is nothing more than refined repetitiveness and sounds like every clone out there.

  93. Liviu Stefanache


  94. Steve Kovacs

    Best live version...shows his style, character and music....

  95. Oscar Luna Reyes


  96. valter manuel ferreira paiva Paiva

    Bravo bravo bravo bravo fastastico muitos parabéns