Lewis, Jerry Lee - King Of The Road Lyrics

Trailer for sale or rent rooms to let fifty cents
No phone no pool no pets I ain't got no cigarettes
Ah but two hours of pushing broom buys a eight by twelve four bit room
I'm a man of means by no means king of the road

Third bocxcar midnight train destination Bangor Maine
Old worn out suit and shoes I don't pay no union dues

I smoke old stogies I have found short but not too big around
I'm a man of means by no means king of the road
I know every engineer on every train all of the children and all of their names
Every handout in every town
And every lock that ain't locked when no one's around
I sing trailer for sale or rent...

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Lewis, Jerry Lee King Of The Road Comments
  1. Irene Mccann

    Good old Jerry, as good as Roger Miller's version.

  2. Rockin Russell

    Go Head with your bad self Jerry Lee Lewis.... you got Dean Martin beat on this one for sure :)

  3. Atti Malambri 001

    And so much jazz..wow!

  4. Atti Malambri 001

    So much style and perfection here!!!

  5. Kathy Hoke

    I've only heard this once before & loved it, thanks for posting!

  6. Eirann LeNormand


  7. Powell Pressburger

    Jerry Lee brings so much meaning to the words by inflection and timing than Roger Miller was able to. It can be heard through the song at several points. It's in the way he speeds up through scuzzy dive rules the character of the song knows so well, "no phone, no pool/no pets". It's in the way he makes the character sound embarrassed when he sings "I smoke old stogies I have found". Perhaps most of all, his greatness as an interpreter with a Sinatra-like skill can be heard when, in character, he totally comes alive singing "I know every engineer on every train, all of their children, all of their names", proud. He even gets into the song a great Elvis impersonation - "ah ainta gota no cigarettes"!

    Kenny Dobbins

    Roger Miller wrote this song.

    Powell Pressburger

    Yes, I know Roger Miller wrote the song. It is Jerry Lee that brings out all its meaning with his expressive skill. He does this far better than Roger Miller though Miller wrote it.