Lewis, Glenn - Take Me Lyrics

It was in November
When while out one night with friends
That I saw her there
She was just standing there

Something in her distant stare
A faint look of despair
To her I was drawn
Asked her was anything wrong

I told her my name
Said how you do
'Bouts to say you take care
It was nice to meet you

Then she stopped me desperately
As if to say don't go, but then she said to me

"Anywhere, you wanna go
Just take me, take me"
"Anywhere, you wanna go
Just take me, take me"

Not knowing what to say
But I could see
She was going thru some things
And needed someone to be
There to listen, probably wishing
She was someone else

And in my heart felt bad
And I just knew I had
'Cause I'd want the same myself
So we got into it
And while she talked I thought to myself
How could it be

That she'd have no one, not even a friend to come
And she'd have to turn to me and say

"Anywhere, you wanna go
Just take me, take me"
"Anywhere, you wanna go
Just take me, take me"

Seeking the wrong kind of attention
Always in abusive situations
And don't know how she got it good
Was starting to sound like it could be
The reason for misery

Slowly I could see
She had problems nothing
I or anyone could say or do
Would help what she was going thru

Then suddenly, she stood up across from me
And as loud as she could be, screaming out
"Some one help me please"
Realizing she was gone wishing I'd mind my own saying

Take me an-nywhere but here
She's crazy, crazy
Take me an-nywhere but here
She's crazy, crazy
Take me an-nywhere but here
She's crazy, crazy
Take me an-nywhere but here
She's crazy, crazy
Take me an-nywhere but here
She's crazy, crazy

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Lewis, Glenn Take Me Comments
  1. Aniyah Simone

    How can someone that sound was the soundtrack of Maid in Manhattan with Jennifer lopez have so little support his music is so good

  2. iam_anicole757

    Please take me!

  3. Murr 84

    I was listening to this at 17....I am now 35 and still have it in rotation

  4. iam_anicole757

    True Talent! This song sends chills through my body when I listen to it.♥️

  5. Am Pollard

    Listen..... then listen to the instrumental.... then listen to the original again. FEEL that? Pure melancholy, hypnotic, sexiness

  6. Tony Breckenridge

    I remember listening to this song for 3 hours straight when I first heard it. Honestly one of the best songs ever arranged and sung.

  7. WestWard Pomona Gyrl

    This Whole cd was Awesome!! He should be on a another status, i dont know how the system works. Who gets chosen & who doesn’t, they dropped the ball on this Brutha. I still listen to him & am delighted just as i was the 1st time. 1 of my Best Bought Cds!!!

  8. Theodore Cruz

    ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ the smooth 🍷 wine 🍫 chocolate bruh who was a r n b 👑 king but not enuff notice I think but we did listen bruh ♠

  9. DZundra G

    Listening to this in 2019! My hubby got me on this song!

  10. Patrick Williams

    Im still listing to song in 2019 who else but me???

    Tired of Fools

    Good Music never gets old.

  11. Ynvme2013

    This song makes me cry..😟😢😞😭..my stepdaughter suffers from mental illness and this song could be about her specifically. Right now shes missing and we dont know who shes with or if shes ok...😢

    Jeanius Jay

    Ynvme2013 I’m so sorry 😔🙏🏾


    @Jeanius Jay thank you❤

  12. Jennifer Lo

    Grown people music right here

  13. Sonya Haynes

    My husband took me to Jackson. We've been here ever since 2011. We got married down in Jackson. Amen

  14. Sonya Haynes

    Had this cd when it first came out had million of scratches on CD from this song on repeat. Lol

  15. Jelisa Cain

    Glenn needs to have a concert ASAP!!!!

  16. Clinton Fischer

    Glenn, so far ahead of his time back in the 90''s. He was the man and yet the little kid and the understudy all at the same time in Toronto, just like me, but he was SERIOUS

  17. D.J. ENCORE !


    Jeanius Jay

    D.J. ENCORE ! ALL FACTS I have most definitely been there and the woman was indeed toxic.

  18. Jackie Brown

    Love this song we need more storytelling songs the song is very beautiful

  19. Michelle Johnson


  20. Ernest Ochonogor

    i am listening again in 2018. this song is perfect. just take me.

  21. Kelly Rae

    This pulls you in & wrap you up. Oh, and those strings ❤❤❤❤.

  22. SunKissNicole

    my lonely self listening to this.. oh..well.. I'm loving this song tho

    his voice is beautiful

  23. Jennifer Rhodes

    So underrated.

  24. Hustle Gang

    This is the story of my life literally. Sounds like we both ran into NARSISSIST women. This is exactly how I met mine.... Exactly in November 2004. 13 Years later.... Shes crazy.....crazy.....

    Jeanius Jay

    Hustle Gang It’s nice to see someone gets it! 🙏🏾

  25. The Digital I Am

    This song is lit. Like it since '03

  26. Rosangela De Souza

    Amo demais voz linda😍😍😍😍😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤

  27. James Hart

    Dre and Vidal did an awesome job on this album. They put their heart and soul into cd.

  28. jasmine scott-brown

    i love this song 💞💋💞💋💞💋

  29. Jaliessa Jones

    so much of the real music is always overlooked & underrated....

  30. dddevaughn

    check out Chasing Goosebumps by Jazzy Jeff feat Glenn Lewis. classic album

  31. Marmac RV Adventures

    The level of beauty in this song is unfair and amazing.

    love goddess

    Marmac RV Adventures yes it is!

  32. Kold Karma

    Why doesn't this have more views!! Ppl we need music like this back ASAP 👏

  33. Lady D

    Omg, my bestie and I at Howard U circa 2001, singing at the top of our lungs "she's craaaaazzyyyyyyy"


    Thank you so much.it's a pleasure to hear to listen & enjoy this music.

  35. Carlita Taylor

    This King is the Protege' of the Legend King Stevie Wonder....The Essence of BEAUTY~*!!!

    Carlita Taylor

    See... Yes Indeed... Thank You Scoobytru~*)

  36. Ebony Williams

    yes this stayed on repeat


    Yes, it did!!!! 😂

  37. Sonya Haynes43

    The best song off his CD.

  38. Mabel Rose-Lindsey

    This song is the reason my CD was scratched, I believe lol The story always had my full attention

    Jeanius Jay

    Mabel Rose-Lindsey A perfectly told story a very toxic woman.

  39. thegdoat1

    When I was young, I would record myself on cassette singing various songs. Musiq Soulchild, Donell Jones, etc. I honestly don't remember which song got radio play from Glenn that made me buy his cd, but I know that "Take Me" would be on repeat in my cd player for hours. And I literally recorded myself multiple times in different tones to mimic the harmonizing in the chorus. Aahhhhhh, the memories. I don't care what anyone says, but they do NOT make music like this anymore. Even some of the old school artists that come back and go for another run, compromise and become modern. I miss this kind of music with raw talent, and less technological voice aids.

    Ciara Henry

    smile! 😃


    You're probably right. I don't think "Take Me" got radio play. However, "Never Too Late" got radio play. It could have been that one. I liked them both. Hell, probably both of them did it for me!!! 😀

    Clinton Fischer

    @thegdoat1 Definitely Dont You Forget It was the catalyst to radio play for this album. Having met Glenn in the Toronto R&B scene back in the day, I have a few funny stories to tell, but one is when he got up at an intimate gathering at a posh local hotel gig with our friend Carlos Morgan and he talked about "an album" he was working on, and his most favorite song he had just finished called "Dont You Forget it".

  40. Chasiraw

    I don't think he sold his soul to the devil, which may be the reason he's not as big as some of these other "artists." If that's the case he's all good and is right where he needs to be. Bigger is not always better.

    Clinton Fischer

    Your words are so true and accurate of Glenn. I met him back in the 90's on the Toronto R&B scene. He is truly a class act. Quite often, the greatest artists of all time are underrated and maybe that is a blessing, cause Glenn is in a space all by himself.

  41. MIA MINI


  42. ncstateofmind

    Stevie wonder runs are crazy

    Melody Daniels


  43. Nu Nu Outlaw

    I been on both sides of this song 😂😂😂😂 crazy

    Azula Collins

    Understand that

  44. stewart campbell


  45. Samuel Hoskins

    Love this song, can't stop playing it.. The vibe and mood of this song is exactly how I feel right now.. I don't know why Glenn is not bigger than he is right now.

    Clinton Fischer

    The true great ones go unnoticed and are underrated. I met Glenn in the Toronto R&B scene back in the day. He is a class act guy and like all of us singers/hustlers, just being humble and tryna get by 😁

  46. Josiah Brady

    Most eldritch melody that I've ever heard... I've never heard anyone really dedicated to singing a song in a minor key like this bruh... Lol that was oddly fire.

  47. Misz Levi Israel

    We need you back and hope you turn bigger than justin bieber or Chris brown even though i love them too we need all those real singers back. what can we do to have all the early 2000s people back or at least the music back? the golden age back pleassee  :'-(

  48. Misz Levi Israel

    i officially am in love with this man. Love you glenn lewis! Is like you sing all the things im feeling so deeply connected to any females emotions. The lyrics doesnt even have to match just that deepness is all that matters. 

  49. sunshineanrain

    This is my ish!!! OMG... I got on EVERYBODY'S nerves with this one... on repeat. Just take me....

  50. MeekBeauty

    I love this song so much

  51. YCBLady

    I played this song on repeat constantly when this album first came out! One of my favorites forever!


    I remember it came out in March 2000, I think. In my opinion, 2000 had the best music.

    Sonya Haynes43

    Love this album. My favorite song on the CD. Keep on repeat. Lol.

    Lady D

    Omg me too, brings back memories,

    Jeanius Jay

    The first description of a toxic women I had ever heard. Such a perfectly told story.

  52. Helen Turner

    I love this song

  53. TTSantiago821

    Stevie is that you??? The Influence is crazy and undeniable as he is paying tribute to Mr. Wonder in a great way.  Loves me some Glenn! 

    Clinton Fischer

    Yes, and MJ and Donny Hathaway were his biggest influences 😀

    Casey Walker

    Not a fan of this comment being over used...

    Azula Collins

    I said the same ish

  54. Patrice Grayned

    Anywhere u wana go. Just takeeeeee me!:)

  55. kjlh7884

    I LOVE the whole album and Glenn Lewis! And humor in this song! xD

  56. bocamama954

    glenn lewis has been da truth! <3

  57. tasha jones

    Take me!!!!

  58. candyatl06

    Pure talent and gorgeous on top of that!!! I gotta do better keeping up with him

  59. Finn M

    This is one haunting song that makes me want to hear it again and again..
    Glenn is pure talent!!

  60. Nick Lamar

    I'm a young Buck. 26 years old but this song is super hott! These girls where I'm from don't listen to r&b like that! It's sad. I bump it in my car and they say I'm soft. Wth


    They just don't understand brother!!! They're probably the types that just want to see a dude shuck and jive all over the place with their shirt off, soaked in vegetable oil. They don't care about talent nowadays.

  61. Ghostzed0831 Butler

    My mom always passed this song in the car. Ive always loved this song. So musically spiritual...my face changes with the harmony. Can't help it. Just perfect...

  62. Nick Hammers

    Honestly, I think its about a prostitute.

  63. AllThingzPop TV!!!

    U can tell he is influenced by Stevie Wonder

  64. Iyahna Johnson

    I love and adore this song,it's so pretty.

  65. 99KuTpie

    This is a banger!

  66. Valyonga


  67. Missdark Matter

    real talk ('',)

  68. aaliyah dow

    I love him......

  69. Kenyetta Hogan

    I love this song:-)

  70. The Health Advocate

    He is an amazing, talented artist! Hoping to hear more from him in the very near future. And yes, his singing voice does sound very similar to Stevie Wonder. Thanks for posting!


    one of my favorites..

  72. creole_mamii

    He has a mixture of Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway's voice yet he is so beyond underrated it makes no damn sense Smfh!!!

  73. Valyonga

    What a mesmerising tune. Definitely for all the lovemakers and dreamers in the house. His music is so in its own space. Another masterpiece Glenn - well done. I think the name Glenn just works for me musically - I like Glenn Lewis, Glenn Jones and Glen Goldsmith :)

  74. creole_mamii

    Sounding like Donny Hathaway ♥ him!!

  75. wpjaxon

    @sbelser I totally agree, this is what they should be pushing....hard!

  76. Carmella Callins

    @MsillaneousStylez my exact thoughts!loved this cd mycollege days

  77. Tai Hall

    Another diamond n da ruff.....Atleast there is some people who respect this talent. He's unbelievable!!!

  78. hnic74111

    @FutureMommy11 i use 2 make love 2 my girl 2 this song n 02 my senior yr... yeah, alot of ppl sleep on his talent. he should of went platinum

  79. Mariah T

    I used to play this song day and night man ....My dad showed it to me...I fell in love with it, made him play it every morning while he drove me to school (REAL MUSIC) i miss it...

  80. Cortney Williams

    @trimbee20 same here, i just can't put my finger on it

  81. Josh Joyner

    love the beat!

  82. Tonya Adams

    this harmony is beautiful...!

  83. Stephen Belser

    This is what the industry is suppose to be pushing, this is real music.

  84. Heavy Thinkers

    This is a song that describes one of my crazy ex same situation and everything! Crazy chick

  85. Bdaw0210

    This SONG is so breath taken!!!! You cant help but close your eyes and place the images in your head as the song play out!!! Awesome!!!!

  86. Bdaw0210

    oh my GOD this SONG is one of the best songs on W.O.M.W.

  87. JemYuri Seoul

    luv the story,and the harmonies are amazin!xxx

  88. Meek White

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.... real music harmonies are off the chain... Dam Glen Lewis!!!!

  89. Trentsetta

    thank u for this be lookin for this song

  90. angie morgan

    My favorite Glenn Lewis song. I still play this CD out. He is very underrated and FINE as hell!

  91. tacoque

    I love this "track". I think it was produced by Cool & Dre.

  92. SomeoneSomewhere

    I thought it was just me who noticed! love the story tellin!

  93. dannellNraven

    this song has so much power...i mean ITS like you can envision it in your mind..i cant believe no one giving this man for a great ass album he put out...almost 10 years ago and still play it

  94. hellokittycutie2003

    One of my fave songs off the album. Also one of the only cd's I could play all the way through.

  95. ProblemTheMostHated

    This Album Was Top 20 of alltime to me. This song was deeper cause like 1year later i LIVED it! so...JEa... Glenn to real.

  96. Ebony Angela

    one of my favorite albums this was one of my fave songs!

  97. S Morg

    In my opinion one of the best songs on his album! As a whole the cd was a little too mellow for my taste, but still good songs.

  98. Jay Bravo

    One of my favorites great track this tune brings me memories. TAKE ME!!!