Lewis, Glenn - Storm Lyrics

Oh, oh, don't say no
Oh, oh, oh. yeh

Hey babe can we be broke together?
Can we make dough together?
Answer my question
Don't say no, no, no, no, no

I wanna take you there, but are you ready?
Girl let me tell about my beginnings
Because it's something you should know, know, know, know, know

It's that, no man is an island
It's that, my soul feels like dry land
And I need you to

Storm, girl I need ya
Come and keep my body warm
I want you to, Storm
I can feel you flowing,
Show no signs of slowing down uh
Storm, girl I need ya to
Rain, it keeps me going
Storm, temperature below the norm
That's why I need ya to

Go forever,
Can we hit the coast together?
Tell all the people, they should know, know, know, know, know, know
Ooh baby, no there's nothing like this weather
Baby never mind the shelter
Because there's nowhere you can go, go, go, go, go
Remember that,

No man is an island, and that means you too
Your soul feels like dry land, to me sometimes

Storm, girl I need ya
Come and keep my body warm
I want you to, Storm
Temperature below the norm
That's why I need ya to

Storm, storm, girl I need ya
Storm, girl I need ya
Oh rain down on me baby
Oh, baby girl, Oh babe, storm
Oh I need ya,
Rain rain down on me

Storm, girl I need ya
Come and keep my body warm
I want you to, Storm
I can feel you flowing,
Show no signs of slowing down uh
Storm, girl I need ya to
Rain, it keeps me going
Storm, temperature below the norm
That's why I need ya to

Storm, girl I need ya
Come and keep my body warm
I want you to, Storm
I can feel you flowing,
Show no signs of slowing down uh
Storm, girl I need ya to
Rain, it keeps me going
Storm, temperature below the norm
That's why I need ya to

Tell me your storm is coming up,
Put it on the weather channel,
I asked the weather woman,
All about the storm,
I'm all about your storm,
All about your storm, all about your storm...

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Lewis, Glenn Storm Comments
  1. Shaahid Thomas

    Stevie Wonder

  2. Shaahid Thomas

    Stevie Wonder

  3. AL-Qahhar Dailey

    Why isn’t this on Apple Music?

  4. Isaiah Williams

    Glen got mad hits

  5. AL-Qahhar Dailey

    This song is hard af!! Why isn’t it on all DSPs????

  6. Will McLean

    2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Cake Batter

    Last time I heard this song, it was on his Myspace page.

  8. United Comics Universe *UCU*

    31 dislike...This world is slowly forgetting what good music is.

  9. New Tuber

    I had to dig in the crates for this one. Classic #GLFan4Life

  10. Beverly McFadden

    Smooth ...🌺💐🌹

  11. Monica Jackson

    Still hot 10/2018

  12. Maria C. Hugg

    Still... 7/1/18

  13. Cleopatra Figure8

    2018 🔥🔥🔥

  14. tesiahotness


  15. 23NMyGuessJeanz

    2018 goin


    My future wedding song 💗

  17. Souh Z

    Probably my favorite song...or at least top 3

  18. Paris Metcalfe

    I love this song.

  19. Hellen Neiva

    Waydi <3

  20. Redd_thedemigod

    James Fauntleroy brought me here. James wrote it. Like this version too though

  21. Joseph Ijoyah


  22. Subtle Aries

    Waydi brought me here.

  23. Iman Newby

    His Eyebrows Are On FLEEK!

  24. Nicholias Parham

    Girl I need ya to rain!!!!

  25. LaChele

    One of my subscribers recommended this song to me and-ahh.....I like it. It's a coo' lil' song.

    Me All day

    love it

  26. Brandis Sims

    This song is on repeat as often as possible

  27. Samantha Dimba

    real music

  28. Maria C. Hugg

    So In Love💞 I LOVE YOU COREY HUGGER!! 4/13/17 Thanks for playing this for me when we first fell In love.😍 Just Beautiful....

  29. Growth Mindset

    made me cry.

  30. Almalena Robison

    Still my favorite in 2K17

  31. Audrey Prim

    Quite possibly one of the greatest love songs of ALL time.

    Eric CORNUTE

    kool song but ,
    the GOAT GTFOH.

    Anthony T

    Audrey Prim agreed

  32. Stacey Jones

    I've always loved Glenn Lewis

  33. Raine Broox

    I love his voice it's so soothing

  34. Sapphire blue

    Reminds me of a cold and grey day....winter white shorts...a warm embrace.

  35. Katish Mosley

    love this song

  36. Salma Mohamed

    Guilty ! Thx mr and mrs lokko

    Christel Miguel

    Salma Mohamed p

  37. Shaz Kubi

    CASS AND KARL brought me here

    Tunashe Lifestyles

    me too!

    Anastasia Glow

    Me too😂

    Sinobom Faku


    I Am Leanne

    Me too❤❤❤

    Bettina Lounkokobi

    Me toooooooooo!!!

  38. Luv Dru

    I don't know why this song makes me think of passionate love. beautiful song. my first time hearing it, I was 16 yo. and it still runs across my mind...

  39. Venxm Social

    love this for eternity

  40. matt caliwag

    anyone notice that skip on 2:24?

  41. K Reid

    This is so damn sexy I love his music. He's so slept on. Real music

  42. Erica Cochran

    my favorite song!!!!

    raymond f

    mine too

    Me All day

    Love u for eternity lol

  43. Lilie Flavia

    Answer my questions don't say noooooo 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  44. Tae Edgar Allan

    Hey babe can we be broke together...can we make dough$ together?....answer my question don't say no...

  45. Jed Q

    My favorite Glenn Lewis song..
    'No Man is an Island and soul feel likes a dry land'..

  46. nubiana

    What ever happened to him?!


    nubiana i wondered the same thing!

  47. AnadBeau

    Poetic way to tell someone that you're ready to break your dry spell...

  48. EstherJudithMiriam SarahRahabMary

    His voice is sensual and beautiful.

  49. Almalena Robison

    Been my jam!!!

  50. Antonio Palmer

    Love this joint...

    Anjik Butler

    Hey Mr.how have you been

    Anjik Butler

    My friend wrote this I love this song

  51. TTSantiago821

    I mean I am like speechless with this man and his lyrical importance when I hear joints like this!  STORM ALL DAY!!!  All the perfect elements of what is GOOD music. 

  52. Highway80 Productions

    I was listening to this in the early 2000s at like age 12. didnt know really what i understood about it besides the fact that i loved the sound. Im 24 now and i can see now how nice this song really was lyrically

  53. Will McLean

    one of my favorite songs.. the first time i heard it i fell in love with it.. its soulful & sexxy

  54. Johnny Davis

    @shirley repeat never take it out can u storm

    Johnny Davis

    @Shirleyyessenia Chujutallitorres  I can Make eoyu storm

  55. Shirley Jean-Baptiste

    Repeat x infinity

  56. dariasupernova

    Repeat, repeat, repeat

  57. Dana Murray

    this joint reminds me of a cashmere sweater, a fireplace burnin' a couple of logs, and a nice warm cup of...

    I'm feelin this joint right here (LMAO)

  58. Vonte Wms.


  59. Social Scientist

    Interesting you should say that, because this song was written by James Fauntleroy. There's a snippet on Frank Ocean's album of a song called "Fertilizer" which James Fauntleroy also wrote (you can find Jame's version on youtube). Back when Frank went by Lonny Breaux, he worked with James Fauntleroy. James writes for many artists, and he indeed inspired Frank Ocean :)

  60. telka3013

    This boy is the troof!!

  61. Sharon bolden


  62. infinitelove71

    this song makes my faith in love and black men become restored and renewed.. thanks for sharing this remarkable work of musicology.

  63. Reginald Brinkley

    try rhapsody or spotify

  64. krsummers

    My favorite song, thus far!

  65. Pablo De Janeiro

    sounds like he inspired Frank Ocean

  66. Anthony T

    if this had more recognition it'd be #1 played song on the radio. real talk. Soooo super smooth! sounds way too good Dog!!!

  67. Marcos Ferreira

    Such a cuuuute songgg

  68. AllThingzPop TV!!!

    He is so underrated

  69. A Louisiana Girl In A Houston World

    Luv it .

  70. mikissyds

    the perfect amount of romantic and nasty!!
    "My soul feels like dry land... girl I need you to storm"
    That is what I call a sexy song. Makes you want to cry, dance, laugh and make love at the same time

  71. Matti Jay


  72. Melonie Herring

    This man is sooooo SEXY, the voice is SULTRY, and I am so in LOVE with him. I ve been listening to this song for the past wks and I thoroughly believe he is speaking to my soul....

  73. Eleanor Perry

    Im hopelessly in love with this song...Baby batter maker lol

  74. romemvp

    This has been one of my favorite songs for nearly 6 years. I'm still shocked that over the years Glenn / Glenn's label haven't officially released the song or that another artist hasn't jumped on this song.

  75. milanorichie

    This doesn't even sound like Glenn Lewis at all.

  76. marleyhill28

    could be if you stay in touch

  77. marleyhill28

    brano i love you your one of my best friends

  78. marleyhill28

    silly brano loving this song

  79. marleyhill28

    whore hes ok but he isnt as good as maxwell lets be REAL

  80. Dennis Tate

    Classic...Real R&B Music

  81. Eleanor Perry

    I love this song play a million times a day!!! I love anything by Glenn Lewis. I sure wish he would drop something new....

  82. IrisDawnDiva

    Makes we want to be with my Man and make luv to this one on repeat....very sexy.

    Ms j neal1 Baby girl

    Getting married in may 2020 so glad I ran across this song just give me chills

  83. keyshia stewart

    --* real music like this needs to return back

  84. Daemon

    Im bouta do a cover to this song soon, Subscribe me if u wanna see it

  85. Tatiana Gilbert

    This is hott !!

  86. jamer675

    Love this song.

  87. sourgrapism

    @thagame005 The basic chords are Em (7th Fret), Bm, F#m, Em (2nd Fret). Then for the bridge I'm not quite sure but you could play A for most of it. Then back to the first chord set.

  88. sourgrapism

    @thagame005 I'll try. Give me a couple of days.

  89. frees tylen

    this song is breath taking ...i love my boy friend soo much for tellling me about this song !

  90. calipride300

    This song is da shit. No way u can dislike this song. We should have a contest to c which storm song is better glenn lewis or jaime foxx. PS listen to both songs n let me know

  91. KitaKie1

    I love his music, he is 1 of my favorite artists <3 !!!

  92. criskai04

    I love this song.............

  93. br03

    james fauntleroy wrote the shit out of this song....lol

  94. LaAerial

    this is my new jam!! been on repeat for like 3 days now!! need a download!!!

  95. Becky Thorton

    "It's that, no man is an island. It's that my soul feels like dry land and I need ya, to STORM" ... AHHHHHH.
    I cannot even begin to comment on how beautiful this song is.

  96. sourgrapism

    @MYBWADA as far as i can tell from the first bit the chords are: Bm (7th fret), D, F#m, Em.