Lewis, Glenn - Simple Things Lyrics

Living life
Early morning love
Summer days and getting paid
Friends from around the way
Rain done gone away
Favourite songs
Knowing where you belong
No place like home
Whatever your vice
That got you nice
At any price

And it feels so good
So good the simple things
The way it should be (simple things)
Can't take it for granted
The way it feel, Ah
Now that I understand
So got to me (simple things)
It be the simple things that likfe is made of
Make me feel, so real, real, yeah (real good)
Simple as love inside of me
and it's alright, said it's alright
Pure simplicity

Shade from a tree
Special memories
About the way it used to be
Hanging on the corner
Doing what you wanna
So happy
Out at the movies with cha love
Feeling high above
Any troubles you'd have
Just being glad to be alive
and it's alright



A warm smile from a child
Taking in the game
The scent of spring rain
A day to relax
The sensation of climax


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Lewis, Glenn Simple Things Comments
  1. JanWynd

    Dis my shit! When this album dropped,....you couldn't tell me *NOTHIN* ! ! ! Dis was da *COLDEST SHIT OUT WHEN IT DROPPED!* .....

  2. Stevie Martin

    2019 😎

  3. Tawnee Mack

    I love the simple things. They make us what we are.

  4. Cak Redi

    *WOMW is neo-soul's lost classic*

  5. David Curlin

    🎵Whatever your vice
    That got you nice at any price
    And it feels so good🎵

  6. Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!!

    Glenn has a way of playing around with his chord progressions and using interesting instruments in his music.

  7. Ison Iyatolla

    This album is god level

  8. mpho Orleyn

    One of my favourite albums. Very underated. U nailed it glen

  9. Raymond Coles

    during this time the best rnb albums were teedra moses, amerie, sunshine anderson, glenn lewis, raphael sadiq & carl thomas. Music cousins of mary j blige in my opinion. EVERY SONG FROM BEGINNING TO END is epically divine

  10. Patrice Adams

    Lov this

  11. Los Cove

    This is something you'd hear in a dream.

  12. Michael Wallace

    My son was conceived to this record and entire album.... super underrated album... the whole thing.

  13. crystal rice

    this song has longevity. . . awesomeness

  14. Esther Oduga

    Still in 2018... I can't sleep.. going through heaps of emotions just listening and the words r flowing..

  15. Esther Oduga

    Throwback 😭😭😭😭😭😭 my uni days

  16. MsDarkMatter Moses

    Still listening

  17. Michael Morris

    This album is still rotation. Real Music, they way is should be...

  18. Nqaba Jubase

    This is still a work of art and it's sad to see 9 dislikes.

  19. lytee

    Such an underrated artist ;)

  20. kimberly Williams

    make me feel so real****

  21. Daniela Henderson

    Glenn Lewis Thank you for making REAL MUSIC 😊
    I Appreciate it 🕆✌💖

  22. S Richey444

    So smooth & effortless. What a beautiful voice. Love this man. 💞

  23. Mr. Kangol

    Need another album from this dude!!

  24. Melina Djortouian

    So Smooth :-)


    i love this album so underrated one of the best albums of my era and im a 80S baby💯💯✔😎

    Daniela Henderson

    I agree

    Jaxx Josh


  26. Sweet Serendipity

    This song has me on a natural high...☺

    Dennis Tate

    me to.... and it feels so good😊

    CL Anderson

    Tashia Jones truth

  27. eddiefresh76

    so dope

  28. Patrick Harry

    My favorite song Glenn Lewis Love his music

  29. Jai Jackson

    Still listening in 2016..., I played the heck out of this CD so much that I OD'ed on it and had to give it a long break before I listened to it again; knew every single word to that whole album. It was that good.

    nichole giles

    Jai Jackson me too...exact experience with this album.

  30. Tsholanang Khunou

    This track ... lovely message, lovely song..

    One of those albums that you can play from beginning to end.. Lovely!!

    H Lee jr

    +Myc Blanks you are so fine lady ijs

  31. Erica McClure

    I remember the first time I played this cd...I.knew the whole CD was blazing cause this is the first track on it...you can always tell a hot cd when it's fire from the gate!!

  32. Diamond amore

    reminds me of my childhood! #classic


    this hole album crazy

  34. Nickie1477

    Still gives me goosebumps!!!

  35. Rose Pitts

    One of my favorite! This man can sing! I used to play this song and CD nonstop!

  36. In The Beginning Was The Word

    This is the song when I'm driving late at night, just relaxes me.

  37. donna broner

    This man is sooooo underrated. His album was a masterpiece. I wish I still had it ,because I played it to death when I had it and would still play it. Real artistry! I know that he put out other music recently, but this album would still be the one.

  38. NellyBelle

    I just love this song!! My cousin use to play this album out! I just fell in love with Glenn!! Love simplicity in things!

    Míchele Cobré

    That nigga can sing his ass off


    @Mechacelzi Yes he could!! This album was hot! Still listen to it.

  39. Robert Thomas

    Ike Phillip Ruffin I agree with you great album

  40. Mr A2B

    What a jam!

  41. Ike Phillip Ruffin

    This is one of my favorite R&B albums all time. Too bad most people didn't know about it. Seems like the people with real talent who can actually sing never get any props. 


    They'll always get props from us!

  42. Jagarvey

    This is one of the best songs on the album...super dope!!

  43. Missdark Matter

    feel so good to me ('',) <3

  44. D Cali

    This cut is so dayum good I feel like I'm high listening to it. My head is actually spinning *lol*


    D Cali I was just thinking like you can really roll one up and vibe to this! Lol

  45. Versatile1983

    This record still bump year later..One of my favorite albums.

  46. Jackiebutlerjr

    World Outside My Window was my soundtrack waaaay back when I was going through a divorce.....this album still rocks

  47. lovely771

    Love it

  48. JohnFWill83

    Lets all Facebook and Tweet this song today!!!!! THis is true music at its finest!!!

  49. Clyde Lyon

    lost the 1st one had 2 buy another slammin.

  50. IrisDawnDiva

    One of favorite songs. I think I wore this CD out, Glenn Lewis is a great artist, he just didn't get the needed promotion he should have on this album...

  51. Thablukoolaidsmile

    (( Classic )) This Cd Should Be In Everybody's Collection OF Favorite Cds , This In Mind !!

  52. Victor LaGroon

    Now this is driving down lake shore drive with the roof open music.


    Victor LaGroon Yup driving up on the skyline on the way downtown.

  53. naenae326

    THE MOST beautiful song ever!!!!! I get emotional when I hear this because we sometimes lose sight of the simplicity of life and how beautiful it is to live it

  54. gb4double

    folks slept on how great of an album "Worl Outside My Window" was... And this song is murder...