Lewis, Glenn - Selfishly Lyrics

We're at two different places in our lives and I can see what's coming up for sure
No two people are the same but I'd hate to say it, still I can't help feeling seen this before
Once you came into my life
You were my world
Song that my heart would sing
No summer's day more clear to me -
The love that you've
Offered it gladly (sooooo...)

It's hard to let you be
'Cause I wonder where you are and if you truly understand that
More than you can see,
I love you with all my heart
If I let go then will you come back?

We've talked about it so much I'm afraid that you'd wanna give up and I'd lose you right away
You're trying to figure out what's next for you, while I feel before time runs out and it's too late
Gotta get my future right

And make my life
Count for something
Gotta give my hardest try
But you hold my heart -
It's made you my everything...(sooooohhhh!!!...)


Will you come back?
(come back...)
Will you come back?
Will you come back?
Oooooohhhhhh...(ooohhhhhh ooooooo...)

[Chorus x2]

Will you come back?
Will you come back?
Will you come back?

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Lewis, Glenn Selfishly Comments
  1. Remedy Paulin


  2. Mark Ellett

    This here is definitely a major hit man

  3. DMellosoul

    This song could've been a Hit...Nice!

  4. misslittlemomma

    He sure is unappreciated. I love his music so much!! He is such a talented brother going to waste.. SMH. This industry sucks!!

  5. Tae Edgar Allan

    I hope u just sparked one up or you cleanin the house or sumthin...then press play

  6. 24CAIN

    Exactly how I'm feeling about my ex right now

  7. SpankRamen2

    Why am I just now finding out about this groovy cat???

  8. gordoboy18

    True artist...dood needs to get paid kinda ashame...i take that back tho cuz hes not a sell out and hes doing it for the music which is refreshing..props to Glenn Lewis, dwele, donnell jones, and many others.

  9. septemberskies

    FAWK! All his songs seem so flawless. Amazing.

  10. Cihan Tasbas

    great song

    one of my favorite from Glenn lewis