Lewis, Glenn - It's Not Fair Lyrics

Can't believe that the heart of my world
Got me on my knees
Prayin' my eyes are lyin' to me
I built a whole new life around you

In an instant we were through
As our future disappears
Fallin' like tears
Are the dreams of a love we thought we shared

It's not fair, I was true to you
I finally settle down
Then you don't turn around
And betray the trust I had in you

It's not fair, after all I treated you
Respectable, with care
Said that you'd be there
Now, who am I to turn to

And I trusted you
And this is what I get in return
You was like a brother to me
But now I is see you was just waitin' your turn

When I was out at work, y'all was doin' dirt
Stealin' my heart away
Shared everything with you, all I was goin' through
Now dark skies and tearful eyes are here to stay

It's not fair, I was true to you
I finally settle down
You don't turn around
And betray the trust I had in you

It's not fair, after all I treated you
Respectable, with care
Said that you'd be there
Now, who am I to turn to

It's not fair, after all I sacrificed
For my seed said, you'd give life
With everything I am
Wanted for you to be happy

And now slowly the life of love
You breathed into my heart
Is slipping away, dying today
If only

Never thought I'd live to see
Disrespected me
How could it be
Let away so easily, yeah

I was true to you
I finally settle down
You don't turn around
And betray the trust I had in you

It's not fair, after all I treated you
Respectable, with care
Said that you'd be there
Now, who am I to turn to

It's not fair, I was true to you
It's not fair, after all I treated you
Respectable, with care
Said that you'd be there
Now, who am I to turn to

It's not fair, it's not fair

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Lewis, Glenn It's Not Fair Comments
  1. Darneshia Martin

    Still here in February 2020!!!

  2. The Illustrator SA

    2020 anyone 🔥

  3. MrLamar816

    2020 and still blasting this through my heart. For the person that made this song so heart felt I FORGIVE YOU!!

  4. Tyler Rose

    she's trash

  5. Asia Nesmith


  6. ibeenon allday

    I love his voice

  7. Lynette Lockhart

    His tone always reminded me of Stevie's. Wonder what he's up to these days.

  8. DeeNice681

    I swear this video is edited. There was a version I saw on BET, where he busted a cap in either the friend or the girl.

    Giordani Jean-Baptiste

    Whatever u lying, that's what you want to happen

  9. Cutty Dean

    Song got me through a breakup. Respect my homie Glenn Lewis

  10. Bongani Zikhali

    Who’s here 2019?


    Insert ...Omarion , Fizz ,and April ...Smh🤐😤.

    Lateshia Childs

    I know right

    Fedora McClaren

    Oh man...

  12. Big Sea

    2019 Who still listening besides me ? 🎶🎶🎶🎤

  13. TI84SATACT

    Dude might have left my home, but he would NOT have been WALKING out...he'd be crawling or someone carrying him out.

  14. Karima Nicolette

    He blew up👀

  15. Tj_dwanye Berry

    This the good guys get cheated on anthem right here,i qent thru some shit, and this got me thru,ya heard

  16. Tj_dwanye Berry

    Yooooon this was my shit!!!!

  17. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I swear the song is just getting good then it ends. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  18. Celena Owens

    I have N E V E R heard this song before today (F.9.6.19)???!!!! WHERE has this been?!!

  19. Celena Owens

    Was she his girlfriend/lady for real? She's been in MORE than one of his videos. That's rare.

  20. willywill74

    Every track of the 1st album no skips needed.

  21. Shlomo Shekelstein

    I got goosebumps listening to this real black music!!! What the Fvck happened to this world? This was real talent! Real music! Now generation fart-inhaling TikTok and Snapchat forgot what is good. Really Sad!

    That was real music! It is not meant in 2020 to listen to good content. Only satanic and femistic agenda today. No more love.

  22. Ousmane Ag


  23. Shanta Branch

    Where are you? We need your artistry. Beautiful music, genuine.

  24. Marques Williams

    Again the industry let us down why wasn't he promoted more?

  25. A Roubos

    2019 still one of my favs

  26. Andrew Terry

    @ 2:28 till the end had me singing feeling his 😔 pain

  27. gov3rnor

    Girl - cheats

    Guy - Gets mad and watches her get mad at him for getting mad she cheated

    Guy - Apologizes

    Me - *leaves* *chat*

  28. jaymatic23

    Glad they decided to go with the same treatment for the video as the song. His performance on the song is simply flawless

  29. Kevin Frazier

    When she tapped home boy like get up get up.....I don't know why I found that funny

  30. geminiwilliams037

    Sounds like Stevie Wonder so smooth & sultry!! I feel your pain brother! Ain't nothing like someone betraying your trust 💔💔

  31. Corneilus Green

    He has a Donnie Hathaway feel to me

  32. Madelyn Lee

    This whole album is 🔥

  33. N. B.

    He song the shit out of this! *4.4.19*
    Edit: The guy she cheats with played Mondo in Janky Promoters. I watched this last night, the only reason I noticed.

  34. New Man

    I hear a little Stevie Wonder and Donnie Hathaway,a little.

  35. my_channelagad4

    Beautiful artistry. Love Lewis.

  36. comment on Life

    I had a crush on him. He was so underrated.

  37. comment on Life

    You don't know how much you love a song until you go through it. You respect the lyrics more. Its hits home so bad! 😣😣

  38. Nicole Nelson

    Omg..i love this song

  39. Cole Roberts

    I love this song but this video is hilarious...I know it’s a little old but he look like a simp....I woulda tossed that whole house

  40. Mrs.Barnes Barnes

    Lawd!!! 2019

  41. kathy Cephas

    There just no music like this anymore smh ...what a shame

  42. Renee Shapiro

    I will take you Glenn Lewis since she wanna cheat cheat lol

  43. Chuck Mahdi

    The reason. I have never been close to getting married.

  44. Tamyra Clements

    I remember back in like 2003 or 2004 seeing him walking downtown in Philly. But l didn't say anything to him out of respect for his private space. I still have his first CD till this day. I can listen straight through. Awesome classic CD. I hope he's somewhere writing music & preparing to come back. His sound is missing. Love Glenn Lewis blessed vocals.

  45. Ms Jae2U

    I love this song still listening in 2018

  46. Jay Brown

    🏃 Damn allergies 😭

  47. Latoya Webb

    My favorite song

  48. Akbarrel Yeshua


  49. Sthiggs79

    She out thotin around... lol This whole album was straight fire!!!!

  50. fergie8101


  51. Blake Skills

    This song should have multi million views

  52. Becca Warrington

    Is it wrong to want him to slide in and out of me while he sings?

  53. Marlin C

    So unappreciated I'm pissed off

  54. amenra bey

    The song is beautiful that woman is terrible!!!

  55. TheBmaster25

    Glenn where are you? Please give us some more music!

  56. lucky112477

    We always talk about how much cheating hurts women, but we have to realize the fact that cheating destroys men badly as well!!

  57. Dee Brooks

    She flipped da scrip on him smh

  58. Andrew Terry

    3 Words It's 💯 Not 😭 Fair !!!

  59. Mr. Magic

    Great stuff

  60. Felton Williams

    This is a great song. When it first dropped I loved it, It's 2018 and nothing's changed. I still love it

  61. marc henry

    I remember hearing this song in high school after my girl left me...it still hurts lol

  62. comment on Life

    Man I had a crush on him. I love this song n video. In real life it probably would of been a fight. Lol

  63. -Sir WESLEE-

    #BlackMenDontCheat *And im sticking to it* lol

  64. Eldonette Pittman

    Love this song. He sounds just like Stevie Wonder🎶🎶

  65. Marvin G. Harden

    One of my Top 10, greatest songs of all time. Love his emotional delivery.. #GlennLewis. #ItsNotFair.💯

  66. UncleAir

    Same girl in his first video

  67. Alexandria R.

    that whole album though!

  68. USA Allstar

    Soulful sound

  69. DeVon Avant

    that bridge tho at 2:40 ........ i felt my gut move and heart rate speed up on that part.

  70. Chick N Coop

    2018.. Still waiting in u

  71. Fahim Radhija

    I loooooooooooove him.This song is the bomb.

  72. zee dlomo

    I don't understand how this girl out here actin like a victim when she did Glen wrong... *smh* women

  73. USA Allstar


  74. Tova Davis

    ʂɬıƖƖ Ɩơ۷ɛ💕 ɬɧıʂ 2018

  75. Tishia Jackson

    Love this song

  76. tasan215

    One of the realest songs ever

  77. DhaniSo Lit

    Maybe someone might have commented on this in an earlier post, but what makes this a doper song then it already is is the fact that Marsha Ambrosia from Floetry wrote this. If you listen to the riffs, her print is all over it. Damn...picture them collaborating on this the studio. Glenn singing and Marsha giving direction...gives me chills.

  78. Samieleivine Amen-Ordia

    Amazing! Donnie and Stevie influences! Amazing Glen!

  79. M-Squared

    One of the greatest bridges of all time.

  80. James Meredith III

    I remember the first time I heard Glenn Lewis. And his first HIT song "DON'T YOU FORGET IT". I thought it was Stevie Wonder. When I heard "DON'T YOU FORGET IT" I called 96.3 WHURfm HOWARD University radio station and asked the DJ was that Stevie Wonder "NEW" cb.

  81. Reynaldo Flanders

    Praying my eyes are lying to me

  82. Gregory Smith

    How she get caught cheating and get mad at him....and he end up apologizing

    Gregory Smith

    Well trying to apologize

  83. Erika Hughes

    That last verse, the lyrics, the composition and everything had my 13 year old soul replaying it over & over. That song was so amazing.

  84. payne 132

    this man sung out his soul.

  85. leviathanmg

    "...you said that you'd be there, now who am I to turn to?" That's the part that always touches me the deepest.

  86. Luna Neptuna Sag

    Same chick on the don't you forget it video 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  87. King Black

    I really feel bad watching this

  88. kevin rooks

    This is the"I wanna kill something,but I'm just gonna sing this song instead"song...

    vikesh malivad


  89. Rosangela De Souza

    I Love you 😍😍😍😍😘

  90. Jessica Hawkins


  91. Foxy Sharpe

    One Of Favorite Artist... I Love the woman he used in this video.... Wish I knew where she was.... She look very cool and down to earth along with being sexy....

  92. Building 9

    WHERE ARE YOU LUV???!!!...smh..please come back to the mic

  93. Floyd steel

    This nigga was a Musiq Soulchild clone but he was still fire

  94. Val Shelby

    Yes, sometimes love is not fair sometimes but we gotta accept the way that is.! And move on from it bro!

  95. Lox Lox

    the heart never lies

  96. Travis Douglas

    Fuck...this song man. Had it on repeat the past hour. Applies to so many situations.

  97. Tanisha Joyner


  98. Taj The Great One

    I've been singing this in my head for years. Thank God for YouTube!

  99. Dee Brooks

    women cheat more than men. women started cheating

    Michael Scurlock

    Dee Brooks bruh i promise you aint lying!