Lewis Capaldi - Maybe Lyrics

I've said a thousand things before
I've fallen in and out of love
I couldn't walk but tried to run
At night the weight of expectation seems to keep me up

A thousand times I said too much
Always second guess before I jump
I gave my all but not enough
And with the weight of expectation, I'll be sleeping rough

How come I'm the only one who ever seems to get in my way?
Lately, I've been fucking up a good thing any chance I can get

Somebody to lean on, somebody to hold
It's just another to lead on, before I let go
And I ain't tryna be lonely, slowly
But everything I touch turns to stone
Maybe you're better off on my own

A thousand times I've heard the same
A victim of the voices in my head
Let me assure you that my mind's in check
I just can't put my faith in something we might live to regret

How come I'm the only one who ever seems to get in my way?
Lately, I've been fucking up a good thing any chance I can get

Somebody to lean on, somebody to hold
It's just another to lead on before I let go
And I ain't tryna be lonely, slowly
But everything I touch turns to stone
Maybe you're better off on my own

Everything that I touch turns to stone
Maybe you're better off on my own
Everything that I touch turns to stone
Maybe you're better off on my own

How come I'm the only one who ever seems to get in my way?
Lately, I've been fucking up a good thing any chance I can get

Somebody to lean on, somebody to hold
It's just another to lead on before I let go
And I ain't tryna be lonely, slowly
But everything I touch turns to stone
Maybe you're better off on my own

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Lewis Capaldi Maybe Comments
  1. Andrew McMillan

    definitely an inspiration in my music writing. he's so talented and easily connects these raw emotions. also, if anyone wants to check out my first single on spotify, itunes, youtube music and over platforms, please do! it's called The Ignorance by Andrew McMillan

  2. Stuart Wood

    not been a better singer come out of scotland since the proclaimers

  3. Sunny xox

    Tune sounds like grace

  4. Manuel Werner

    I love his music.

  5. arandum Hufflepuff

    The chorus hits. Sometimes it's really hard to realize that you should just not be part of a relationship until your mind is clear. You just want someone, but it's dangerous to risk hurting them

  6. EastEnders Fan page

    Whoever hurt Lewis Capaldi needs to hide 😭😭

  7. Clara Dupalco

    All the lyrics of his songs, really hits me inside 😭

  8. katy

    heard this live the other day and omgg!! it is absolutely stunning live♥️

  9. Sarah Slingsby

    Please respond Lewis I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  10. Sarah Slingsby

    When I first heard him 😮😲💕🥰

  11. Kenneth Alabot

    Thought it was finally a happy song, but nope.

  12. Abdul Danish

    This is so me

  13. kaylin menezes

    304 people don't know how unique this guy is 👆

  14. Rebecca Chebabo

    wow I love him it hits hard

  15. Wild Card

    Lewis Is an amazing singer and a I’ve noticed something about him. He sings with passion to where the highest lines he sings make the song HIS song. I find it refreshing that he doesn’t fake it like other singers

  16. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    He reminds me of Ed Sheeran somehow

    Pro Panda Pro

    Ye same

    Pro Panda Pro

    Hello There

  17. Michael Derengowski

    Everything I touch to stone
    I’ve already said too much
    It’s the vodkas talking
    Lately I’ve been fucking up every chance that I can get
    Maybe you’re better off on my own 🖤

  18. Raphael John Albert Dela Cruz

    Heard of love at first sight?
    On my dictionary... Love at first listen

  19. Katiamoon

    the second "lean on" is actually "lead, though"

  20. Ellie Largent

    *"i just can't put my faith in something we might live to regret"* this hit me sooooo deep i didn't think anyone else understood like that

  21. Sara Field

    Playboy shit! 😀

  22. Nina Jane

    I love this song

  23. JaGaR_J

    Sounds like an Ed Sheeran song, love it 👍

  24. Shannon Sexton


  25. helena sievonen

    love ye ya bass

  26. Jiuan One

    This album ...damnnnn cant stop repeat it

  27. Kinga Iwaniszyn


  28. finishcrisp

    That West Lothian accent has brought back the much missed, 'I've been singing the lyrics wrong for years' LOL

  29. Matthew Lawrence

    It's maybe you're better off on my own as a play on both perspectives of the that sentence

  30. Jorune Ziobaite

    Who gave this guy the right to get into my heart like this. Who.

  31. Simone Swaan

    It's : Maybe YOU'RE better off on my own

    Simone Swaan

    @Maddie Hudson Maybe, it's a sort of "LAUREL'' and "YANI'' kind of thing. I listened like 10 times now to be sure and I keep hearing You're, not I. Maybe it's just me WANTING to hear it, I guess.... But in terms of it not making any sense.. It is a song about a guy telling a girl to not cometo close, because he will fuck it up anyway. When you look at it like that, it makes perfect sense, even it's not correct in grammar. ( It could also be because I am NOT English, LOL)

    Maddie Hudson

    Simone Swaan It’s not really a “Laurel” and “Yanni” thing, it says the lyrics on google and if it says “you’re” it doesn’t make sense at all.

    Simone Swaan

    @Maddie Hudson And yet, 5 different lyric- videos on youtube, and at least 1 website with lyrics, says it IS You're....

    Maddie Hudson

    Simone Swaan but it’s not

    Simone Swaan

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8JGx_Fv0PQ at 1.00, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DooKygolSvM at 1.09 ( really fucked up version), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LO9kqxrZyc at 1.18, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCk7ouUkD5s at 1.19, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yd6EQCJjro at 1.17, azlyrics.com/lyrics/lewiscapaldi/maybe.html

  32. Lily

    This song is my song of the year 😂

  33. sam mann

    Got played by a girl now I'm here

    Emmanuel Segun-Lean

    Sorry bro

    Ellie Lewis

    Oh, hope your okay x

  34. Andy Luckers

    'Somebody to lean on, somebody to hold, it's just another *to lead on, before I let go'

  35. Josh Abshire

    Great song and artist

  36. jay22

    So I been talking to this girl everyday since may and sadly I caught feelings... I try and try but it goes no where.
    I try to distance myself but I can’t seem to and it’s killing me

    And Lewis carloads is the only one who understands I’m great full for his songs

  37. Kevin Parker92


  38. Jason Lee

    When did this guy get famous? who is he..?

  39. Taylor Daniels

    How come when you look up the lyrics it says another to lead out instead of another to lean on

  40. Caleb Cash

    Eminem: No one can drop an F Bomb like I can
    Lewis: Hold my my broken heart


    He is awesome.

  42. Paige beautiful n gorgeous saunders

    Really cute

  43. Allan Gibb

    A good GLASGOW BOY....GOD BLESS...

  44. supersonicstarsxx aiming ahead for more


  45. Katie Lunt

    So does my bff she is an amazing singer

  46. Katie Lunt

    I love this song

  47. Meg B

    Sucks to be me lol.

  48. Loumpas Gou

    In how much pieces that guys heart broke into?

    Game Over

    Still counting lol

  49. i am the tea of life

    I just want to feel true love

  50. Shannon Sexton

    Nobody's better off on their own....but I ❤️ this song. There are certainly days when I feel the words to this song. Not today, in❤️.

  51. Marisa & Alexis

    Lewis Capaldi is now my favorite artist

  52. Quinn


  53. Quinn


  54. Sherri Owens

    I love the song but not the four letter word

  55. Jessica Marie

    Wow!!! First time I've ever heard this guy and I'm hooked!!! This song hits me in a way i can't explain

  56. Cale Flaten

    My fucking heart, I can’t

  57. Julie Peeters

    1.25x 😍it won’t dissapoint you

    Katelyn Thyme

    100% agree

  58. Mr. Pooba

    Great tune

  59. Unknown anymous

    This is weird confessing my problems to strangers but people around me tried their hardest to help me but made me more confuse. Not their fault but mine. I envy those who are faithful and religious towards their religion and right now as I entered my teenage years I am beyond confused to the point as I don't know which religion to Identity.

    Sorry for bothering you I know your going through your problems have a good day/evening

  60. Stephanie leigh

    This hit me hard 😪😭 just split up with my boyfriend and it was all my fault....

    Za Bidi BR

    It's okay, everything will be alright, you'll find someone again, but for now, try to give yourself some self-love

    Game Over

    Agreed give ure self some attention no one is worth that pain

  61. Scarlets World

    Time to learn this 🤪

  62. Bonnie Acton

    does anyone notice that the lyrics r wrong? They're meant to say "Somebody to lean on, somebody to hold. Its just another to lead, though, before i let go and i aint tyrna be lonely, solely but everything i touch turns to stone Maybe i'm better off on my own."

  63. litol ryry

    listening this at 3:35AM and i'm cryinggggg hngggg lewis y u gotta do dis to us? I love your music! ❤️

  64. soulkiller0210

    Lisining in 3000 and its still a geat song

  65. Louise Keates

    Has he wrote this for me wow hahahaah

  66. Masha V

    What does he mean by "maybe your better off on my own"?

    Nate Dawgg

    Maybe you’re better off.. if Im on my own. It’s like the person would be better off without Lewis in their life. It’s an awfully lonely lyric

  67. Michelle Laird

    Shouldn't it be 'another too little before i let go' and doesnt he say 'maybe your better off on my own' ??? 🤔🤔🤔

    Adele Brownieee

    Nope xD

  68. Eugine Tadeo

    Keep on writing songs like this. 🥰

  69. Lewis McIver

    Lewis’s voice is the only voice in Britain that everyone likes

  70. Niko S

    Maybe If Adele and One Republic make their clones probably Lewis Capaldi is their best child 😌

  71. Shannon Sexton

    Everything I touch turns to stone,
    Maybe I'm better off on my own!

  72. Mattie Williams

    when he says “how come i’m the only one who ever seems to get in my way” that hit different...

    Shannon Sexton

    Mattie Williams so I

  73. rainie bxtch

    The melody, instrumental, vocals, lyrics of each of his songs are just perfect

  74. Mark Crosby

    This guy knows how to connect!! Brilliant song fantastic lyrics and empathy

  75. brandon mccullion


  76. Tehila Tulkoff

    I thought he was singing about Spain "It's just another Toledo--"

    Anna Haar

    I thought he meant Toledo, Ohio lol

  77. Santsali Weirdobe

    Try it at 1.25× speed

    Katelyn Thyme

    Oml why does is still sound amazing?

  78. Karrie-ann Lee

    Maybe I'M better off on my own

  79. Ellie J

    Best song on the album 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  80. Seiara Sky Ford

    I like me better when I'm with youuu

  81. Alana Walsh

    Is it just me or does Lewis sound alittle but like ed s

  82. anxhela semema

    You should listen to me trying to sing along lmao

  83. Racc

    I've never been heartbroken but this man's songs make me feel like I have

    olivia pickford hodson

    Herpes_Free_Since_63 😂 ikr

  84. Atlas

    This is just for me to rant knowing that someone can read It because I feel really alone right now so feel free to ignore.

    My “girlfriend” just ended things with me last night. I started off as friends with her. She had a boyfriend until just a few weeks back. I blurted out that I was in love with her way sooner than I should have but I meant it, and the same night she told me she had to move because of her parents divorce. We were going to spend the next <2 months together and she came back to tell me that she doesn’t want to get attached so she’s ending what we have. I know it’s reasonable from her stance but I can’t deal with not having her, even though it’s inevitable I was going to lose her. I just wanted to get the good times in so I had something to remember. I know it would have lasted for a long time if she didn’t have to leave me. She made me happier than anyone else ever has and now she’s just the most recent in a line of painful relationships for me. I want to get over it but I’m still in love with her even after she said she wants to call it off. Now here I am, trying to move on from her but she became such a big part of my life, it feels like a massive chunk of my day is gone. It feels empty.

    Daniel Creamer

    You'll be fine

  85. Georgia Gillie

    Best song for heart break innit🥺💔

  86. Kory Koger

    Not a very good looking guy but amazing fucking voice

  87. lou

    feel like im fucking up all my friendships because im so goddamn insecure and anxious all the time.. like i'm so afraid of being rejected, i dont even try. can't ever let myself be happy, fuck it.

  88. lou

    this… is exactly how i feel right now. and it kinda hurts. my anxiety is paralysing, i'm pushing people away by avoiding them, and the more i do, the more i hate myself, and the harder it is to ignore it. i feel so fucking alone because no one gets it. but i don't blame them, cause the thing is, i don't either.

  89. Leah Prescott

    I made a semi joke/scientific conclusion from my brain,on twitter like "wow Lewis Capaldi's album would be INCREDIBLE to cry to when you've had your heart broken, someone fucking break my heart so I can cry to his album properly." That was this week. Yesterday all my friends stabbed me in the back and twisted the knife so deep that I will be scarred for life. Now I'm crying to ALLLLL his songs hysterically with that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and my heart literally breaking over and over again. So I mean I was right, his songs are great to sob to but Christ this hurts 😂😂😂😂

  90. Jayden Lumsden

    0.75% play speed👌

  91. Hollie Jarvis

    I listen to this again and again until i sleep

  92. chloe weeks

    His voice😫😍

  93. Sanne Laursen

    His voice is outstanding, and his songs are so fantastic😲

  94. C A

    That voice gets me every time stunning.I hope this fella is around to stay for a very long time.

  95. Cheryl May

    Brilliant 👍

  96. Sophia’s old yt

    I love him! My friend is cousins with him x

  97. Jessica Qiu

    “And i ain’t trying to be lonely, slowly, but everything I touch turns to stone”

    Relatable 100%


    and I ain't trying to be lonely, it's only, that everything I touch turns to stone :)