Lewis Capaldi - Leaving My Love Behind Lyrics

I don't know how we got to where we are
So far removed I don't know where to start
'Cause I've been away for
Far too long but I implore you please hold on
I beg you please hold on

Love don't come easy to us
And it's killing me to hang on and hope it's enough

So I was just wondering
Could you tell me is it all a waste of time?
Are you leaving my love behind?
Baby, say the word and let me know
You gotta give me something
I swear that I won't try to change your mind
If you're leaving my love behind
Baby, say the word and let me go

We used to wait up and talk for hours on end
And it's got me thinking that lately something's changed
'Cause I've been feeling you leaving
Cracks in conversations way too long
I'm barely holding on

Love don't come easy to us
And it's killing me to hang on and hope it's enough

So I was just wondering
Could you tell me is it all a waste of time?
Are you leaving my love behind?
Baby, say the word and let me know
You gotta give me something
I swear that I won't try to change your mind
If you're leaving my love behind
Baby, say the word and let me go

Just let me go
Let me go
Just let me go
Just let me go
Baby, say the word and let me go

'Cause I was just wondering
Could you tell me is it all a waste of time?
Are you leaving my love behind?
Baby, say the word and let me know
You gotta give me something
I swear that I won't try to change your mind
If you're leaving my love behind
Baby, say the word and let me go

Just let me go
Just let me go
Baby, say the word and let me go

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Lewis Capaldi Leaving My Love Behind Comments
  1. The Empty Nest Reborn Doll Nursery

    God this man has the most beautiful voice. anything he sings is beautiful

  2. TrustLoveFaith

    Shout out to anyone listening to all his (sad) songs with a broken heart right now

  3. Bridget Johnson

    *all of his songs are so good*

  4. Sinead Green

    He always sings with such pain in his voice.

  5. Sinead Green

    He should get a award for his music

  6. Smurfette

    This guy has my mf diaries dude and he read about my love, My best friend and he wrote his songs about us. Ahhhh

  7. jkae M

    Best ever

  8. Ai Riz

    Now i know what is love and what is broken heart did to you

  9. Isabella Eckstein

    Every song Lewis sings is full of pain, love,anger, sadness, and many more.....Im speechless

  10. Italian Pills

    Mmm don’t like it

  11. Jacob Bayley

    No matter what you are told and promised by a person always expect the unexpected because people can an do change in the blink of and eye

  12. meet therese

    This was the song i was supposed to sing for him. But i had to let him go before the first note...

  13. Adara Rodrigues

    So relaxing ❤️

  14. Bokane25

    This song hits me so hard ,the lyrcs is so so hard to bare it .I suffer from depresion and it hurts like hell

  15. #Team B

    His voice is the voice I live for

  16. Diana THINGSS

    this song is beautiful

  17. anne mushi

    Your voice your voice Lewis just say the word and I will listen to it all 😍😍😍

  18. shian nicole

    Yo his feelings must be deep as fuck sometimes because his music hits your soul man

  19. Rayna

    I guess, you've just waited for me to let you go. Now I understand why you just left without any word. 💔 It breaks but I leave it like that. At least I learned what I need to learn. ( with this song, at least I am one step to moving forward and slowly not to look back, just accept what need to accept.) 👌🏻

  20. Maisie Twiggs

    I feel like Lewis Capaldi can read my mind -his songs are so relatable. First it was bruises then Someone you loved and now this. i feel so much more less alone when i listen. Thank you.

  21. Dec

    Ive just started seeing someone new, shes amazing in every way, beautiful and I almost feel shes too good for me that I surely cant be everything she wants, I just wanna dive right in but im reluctant to open up due to what my ex did to me, I fear that if I do open up then I may be back here listening to this song in a different way, but also fear that if I don't open up she may feel that I don't want it, advice guys what should I do?

  22. malia delk

    he is the love of my life. he never fails to make me happy

  23. Aysha KZM

    Moving on from someone you still care about can be very suffocating. But you need to let go in order to breath.

  24. Bonnie Page

    i never loved someone this much that ive never even met...

  25. Amelia S

    When ever I am going through something hard i just switch on my phone plug in my headphones and listen to Lewis Capaldi!! why is this so relatable

  26. Alice-Chan Kayla

    He could let me go a thousand times but I wouldn’t be able to let him go...

  27. nellclarkk

    this is insane. pure talent.

  28. Nika 99

    Love his voice!!!!!!
    Better class than some Gallagher

  29. Eyal Manor

    wowwwwwwwww!!! you crazy!!!!!!! gooddddd!!!

  30. Matthew

    Who else both love James Arthur and Lewis musics??

  31. Janella Ner


  32. Linda N

    i don’t know how we got to where we are so far removed i donner know where to start. ( i ask myself how i even think i got this far, in my feelings, my way to feel about him.. about us )

    please hold on.. i beg you please hold on

    love don’t come easy to us ( universe. the cards that we’ve been dealt. unlucky isn’t it ? )

    and it’s killing me to hang on ( it was so hard to keep going feed the memories and don’t care about the things around )

    hope it’s enough ( it was for me )

    so i was just wondering
    could you tell me is it all a waste of time ??? 😭 ( apparently yeah )

    are you leaving my love behind ? ( now it’s over. it’s like bye thank u. next one )

    let me know !

    you gotta give me something i swear ( justify. your actions. what you have said and what you have done )

    that i won’t try to change your mind ( i would give up on u if you were honest. but you didn’t assume. i wouldn’t try to change your mind if you were honest with me )

    if you’re leaving my love behind ( if it was your plan you could’ve just let me know and i would understand )

    say the words and let me go ( you would let me go and that’s it )

    you used to wait up and talk for hours on end ( remember ? )

    it’s just got me thinking that.. lately something has changed

    conversations way too long
    i’m barely holding it ( when you were so weird. sometimes i wanted to give up )

  33. INSANE Arachnid

    Gold coast, you have some of my favorite lyric vids, just sayin


    . IHHHH

  35. Suraya Kosters

    After listening to his songs for over an hour, I only have one question remaning: Who hurted this poor boy???

  36. Merle Mitchell

    Sadly I've been trying to let you go, I don't want to hurt you anymore. My heart is hurting. You deserve to be happy with someone free.

  37. melody medina

    You don't listen to his songs, you feel them.

  38. Katie Greenwood

    i will kill whoever hurt my bby :(

  39. Jo Di 31

    When you had moved on and you heard this song you just feel the 💔😢 again.

  40. Michelle Cooper

    Breaks my heart this song .. I've been there and darlin don't let me go xx

  41. Demetrius King

    Someone has hurt this man

  42. Brocoli Lili

    I love his music sooooo much...it comes from heart..😊

  43. Kimpc Otaku


  44. F34Rbr1nG3r COD

    This song hit me hard😓

  45. Shiree Unicorn 1

    Sounds right sad feel like you want to cry

  46. Russell Anam

    No idea how he sings with so much pain in his voice. Truly remarkable how much it is relatable. Thanks Lewis for another gem of a song!

  47. Sue Nophsker

    Who have ever been hanging

  48. AZZA

    Who hurt this man...

  49. Aulia nrftr


  50. djow,kishi *_*

    i were going to the toilet 🚽
    but after this song .....💔
    i just...cold ...i feeling so lonely 😭 ...just yesterday she left me ... 💔💔i don't kn what am gonna to do .....
    am just crying 😭 everything is end ......

  51. Lauren Clish

    honestly most beautiful song ive ever heard thank you lewis xx

  52. finnigan

    Oh fuck off you fat depressed twat

  53. Jaki Poloai

    sometimes i just want to cry to his songs

  54. Emily K

    I hate my life

  55. Frezar Marvyl Somera

    It was not just the absence of you physically. It was my world who leaved me.

  56. Radiyha Khatun

    He is like James Arthur but smaller.

  57. Johann Fernandes

    Its not the song that makes me cry, Its his voice

  58. swapnil kankute

    It's like his songs are written on your life

  59. Daniel Marcikán

    For me one of the greatest discoveries of the music scene in 2019. Great voice, phrasing. Keep it up.

  60. Angelica Perez

    Love's never come easy to us 🖤

  61. Angelica Perez

    Am I really leaving your love behind?💔

  62. Anmol Ojha

    Thanks whoever break his heart ..
    this song always have been my broken heart relief 💔

  63. Kimpc Otaku

    😭😭😭😭 #nanny you got me so fucked up

  64. BlackNight

    Background pls :) I can't find it..

  65. Irene Irene

    Nice voice lewis

  66. Fredah Jack

    My best artist so far❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  67. Lara-Anne Visser

    Yea, so this guy introduced me to Lewis Capaldi, but like I already listened his songs... But after he played it, it hit different. It's because I like this guy and now every time I hear one of Lewis's songs I can't help but think of him. Even though he will never like me more than friends, but yea thought I'd share🌺💕

    Also... Lewis Capaldi has an amazing voice and no matter in whatever mood I'am, I'm always in the mood for Lewis's songs💕💕💕

  68. Susan Alegria

    Ask... don’t be like me! That he just changed his number and did not look back! 3 years gone in a push of a button! 😔

  69. Julissia Jones

    I don't know why I enjoy tormenting myself with these songs so much.

    Angelica Perez

    Neither do I sis, neither do I.

  70. K1 Official


  71. Val Kim

    10 likes and i'll sing this to my Ex that i still like

  72. Alex Lakatoš

    SHUT the HELL up

  73. Joa Noe

    Alter listening this I Was just wondering could you Tell me is it all a waste of Time? But for real I was wondering why am I listening to this all day? And next thing is why am I crying I cant feel it but when the song ends I fell that my eyes are wet :)

  74. Yasmin Sabe


  75. •MOON CLOUD•

    *cries over non existent boyfriend*

  76. zara lou

    ive repeated this song for the past 5 days... i need help but i cant stop. lewis youre fuckin beautiful. your song just... ugh i cant explain

  77. Michael Derengowski

    Just a waste of time
    Left my love behind
    You felt nothing

  78. Tia Dyer

    thank you to whoever broke lewis’s heart❤️it’s helped him create the best music✨

    leanne barrett

    Hard to deal with comment 😭

  79. Priyanka Barman

    I'm crying right now 😞

  80. Ze Wu

    Praying to every broken heart

  81. thegameingtrex 21

    15 likes and I will sing this to my crush

    Had to like my on comment 😂

    Because no one else would

    Okay I'm just going to kiss her instead but I will tell you guys what happens 😀

    wuinao wungsek

    @thegameingtrex 21 hope you ain't lying.. 😂

    thegameingtrex 21

    I'm not lying it happened

    S Ali

    @thegameingtrex 21 good for youuu!! Congoooo!

    Nidhi Pandey

    I was so Intersted in a stranger's love stry😂. Congo if you really got herr!!!!!!


    wuinao wungsek its a start.. comeone

  82. Roy Jones

    There's always this pain in his voice no matter what he sings

  83. Tammy Mcdougald


  84. sophie m

    we are literally 14 years old girls who is obsessed with Billie Eilish. but we are the 14 year olds to lewis

  85. Isobel Smyth


  86. Andwel’s Baker

    I love this song

  87. Thugpug _BVB

    The person who I love deeply and who I thought loved me has just completely shut me out for no reason and I don't know how to ask if this is the end of it all bc I don't know how to live w/o them if the answer is yes... so now I'm just playing this song on loop haha):

    Julissia Jones

    I'm going through a similar thing with my ex. I love him so much, but he's never felt the same about me. He's hurt me so many times, but I'd stay because he'd tell me that he *thought* he loved me. Now I'm trying to move on. I was tired of pining over him, of calling and getting his voicemail, tired of chasing after someone who couldn't care less about me. He calls more often now that I've stopped pursuing him. I don't know if it's because he misses me or because he wants to hurt me more than he already has. I can't give you any good advice, but I hope it helps to know that someone shares your pain, even if the circumstances are somewhat different. And I hope things work out :)

  88. VkookForLifeu2 •

    Oh mah god I reallllyyyyyyyy love his songs😢😢♡♡♡♡

  89. Hope Lucas

    25 likes and I'll send this to my crush😬😬x

  90. Leanne Gray

    Theres not a song of his I dont like. Also I just bought his extended album and I cannot wait to listen to it, I wont get tired of his songs ❤❤😍

  91. Cherlyn Burleson BlackBird

    You forgot to pack my heart as you faded into the past.

  92. Laylah Sparks

    Him and dean Lewis are just my jam rn❤😩

  93. ilaria bianco

    how deep is this song and this voice! I ❤you Lewis💟💞💗💖❤💙💛

  94. Naila Tan

    How this so hurtful like my feelings 😢

  95. Isobel Smyth

    "" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  96. Grace Berry

    *Ghosting* 💔

  97. Cara Awankem

    I always like before listening