Lewis Capaldi - Hold Me While You Wait Lyrics

I'm waiting up, saving all my precious time
Losing light, I'm missing my same old us
Before we learned our truth too late
Resigned to fate, fading away

So tell me, can you turn around?
I need someone to tear me down
Oh tell me, can you turn around?
But either way

Hold me while you wait
I wish that I was good enough
(Hold me while you wait)
If only I could wake you up
(Hold me while you wait)
My love, my love, my love, my love
Won't you stay a while?
(Hold me while you wait)

Tell me more, tell me something I don't know
Could we come close to having it all?
If you're gonna waste my time
Let's waste it right

And hold me while you wait
I wish that I was good enough
(Hold me while you wait)
If only I could wake you up
(Hold me while you wait)
My love, my love, my love, my love
Won't you stay a while?
(Hold me while you wait)

I wish you cared a little more
(Hold me while you wait)
I wish you'd told me this before
(Hold me while you wait)
My love, my love, my love, my love
Won't you stay a while?
(Hold me while you wait)

This is you, this is me, this is all we need
Is it true? My faith is shaken, but I still believe
This is you, this is me, this is all we need
So won't you stay a while?

And hold me while you wait
I wish that I was good enough
(Hold me while you wait)
If only I could wake you up
(Hold me while you wait)
My love, my love, my love, my love
Won't you stay a while?
(Hold me while you wait)

I wish you cared a little more
(Hold me while you wait)
I wish you'd told me this before
(Hold me while you wait)
My love, my love, my love, my love
Won't you stay a while?
(Hold me while you wait)

(This is you, this is me, this is all we need)
Stay a while
(Hold me while you wait)
(Is it true? My faith is shaken, but I still believe)
Stay a while
(Hold me while you wait)
(This is you, this is me, this is all we need)
My love, my love, my love
Won't you stay a while?

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Lewis Capaldi Hold Me While You Wait Comments
  1. Mila Ignatich

    I hope the one person I've been thinking about has had at least thought about the fact he tore me apart and watched it happen just like nothing happened. We weren't even together but we were so close, until I told him my feelings and he still wasn't over his ex. One of the worst parts is that he said I was cute, fun, and fun to be around but wouldn't date me, and I feel so bad for being so selfish about him. I just wish I didn't fuck the only chances I've had up so badly.

  2. Ern Huse

    I loved you, unconditionally. You shattered any thought or feeling in regards to that. You erased what could have been. You destroyed the notion of love, and true love, alike. You are the nemesis of love. You are cold. No love could warm that up if it was a 40,000 watt microwave. Sad, and miserable. Enjoy the fake sympathy and trash. You'll get out what you put in. Oddly enough, working isn't one of them.

  3. Danni Wolverton

    don’t mind me, this is just a random letter they will never read:

    hi. i know that you’re not thinking about me. you’re thinking about her. i told u it doesn’t break my heart. but that was a lie. i want you. i do. but you can’t always get what you want, right.

  4. Paige Oel

    “ I wish I was good enough” it hits so hard every time

  5. logan Cook

    sad vibes

  6. Farhana Begum

    Who’s here after knowing this song was written about Paige off love island

  7. •Aesthetic Mountain•

    This is the song he wrote about Paige Turley

  8. pocamocha

    Lowkey sounds like one james arthur's songs

  9. eliqua

    This is u this is me part reminds my of travelling to my country

  10. Aracelly Mallma

    I really thougth he was saying " won't you stay a whale?" . I guess I need to improve my listening skills hahaha ( I speak spanish :3).I love this song thou <3

  11. Cashew nut girl

    who else is here after he revealed that he wrote this song about paige (love island)

  12. Iris kesteloo

    Im in pain everytime i hear this song

  13. Darragh Quinn

    This song is written about Paige from love island

  14. Swimming Is gay

    Who’s here after they found out Lewis wrote it about Paige 🤭

  15. Najma B

    So THIS is the song about Paige

  16. Owen Turner

    Such a boring, dull and overrated song.

  17. kids artz

    this is a song that litrally makes u cry in side or out

  18. Payton Wyrick

    hold me while you wait, I wish I was good enough!! This is you this is me this is all we need is it true? My fath is shaken but I still believe! HOLD ME WHILE YOU WAIT MY LOVE WONT YOU STAY AWHILE!

  19. Lollytime

    this is about paige, he said it to capital

  20. Daejon Gordon

    Anyone else here after finding out this was made about Paige

  21. Raygun11

    Paige turley

  22. abbie

    this is written about paige in love island

  23. Adam Forrest

    Here after finding out it's about Paige from Love Island

  24. Leigh Anne

    Ain't this the song that he wrote about that Scottish bird on love island

  25. xX SunnyGames Xx

    Feel free to right what you feel right now this is a safe place 🥺: I love him and he doesn’t love me...he promised he loves me when he doesn’t I know this for a fact. My Ex alek dumped me for a very close friend of mine named Hannah... me and Hannah were very close and then I found out he was talking to her behind my back about dating...now of course we’re not dating because he dumped me and now him and Hannah are dating...I act like I don’t care when I do...I’m hurt I’m really broken inside...but that’s just life... I’m currently dating somebody else at the moment and I really love him he makes me feel better, he’s only dating me because of this whole “bro” code thing. Bro code for this “thing”: whenever a guy and a girl break up in the bro squad, all the boys will try to date that girl eventually until all the boys dated her to where they have a reason to call her a whore... and that’s basically the Bro code, I know that’s what the guy I love is doing but I don’t care because I love him...and I just want it to all work out. I’ve lost 17 pounds from not eating...I’m not proud of my scars on my wrists,stomach,legs, and thighs...but there’s nothing I can do about it but try to keep my head up and keep everybody else happy. I know that sounds like I’m being dramatic and seeking for attention but I’m not...I do this for awareness on others. Stop cutting it doesn’t help...I know it’s what you do to cope but it is just hurting you... and that’s my story...

  26. Acorn Click

    I wish I was good enough but if I was, you'd still be here. But because of me your fine, and I'll never get you back... wherever you are, just know I'm sorry, I'm sorry for everything.I'm sorry I ever came into your life

  27. just kim

    Is it me, or I feel like this song is for someone special (a friend, a family member) who's attempting/has already attempted suicide?
    It hits me that way. I dunno, I feel like his words are far more than just romantic -- they're pleading for someone to stay in this world despite it being trashy.

    Am I hyper-analyzing the song? I need help. *sigh

    Just Another Person

    Thats actually a really good interpretation of it but it was written about paige turley who's on love island right now

    just kim

    @Just Another Person Oh gosh, thank you for the clarification! I hope I didn't look stupid not knowing. I can't even be bothered to do my research. I guess that's the power of music, yea? It hits us in different ways.

  28. ONEandONLY QueenBea

    I like someone you loved better kinda!!

  29. NlHILIST

    Today Lewis announced that this song was inspired by his broken relationship with Paige T. A couple of days ago he said that it was his grandmother's death that inspired Someone You Loved which was then given a dual interpretation.


    NlHILIST thanks for the update bbc news


    DIZZY .. whatever floats yer boat

  30. SunShine Town

    I came back for memeory songs... I just remembered the first time I listened to this..

  31. Vikkilong Long

    And good song I love it so much ❤️

  32. Michael Collins

    Absolutely beautiful song

  33. Dominic Walton

    Yes bro

  34. The Hitman

    Reminds me of a time when I thought we were forever. As we faded away I died a little each day, until we parted ways. Now life has become confusing and scary. Losing your best friend, your lover, is the hardest thing to do. Goodbye my never love. Forever you touched my heart 😭

  35. Lukas. A

    If only I could wake you up...

  36. Catherine Silva


  37. Simona Carta


  38. Challenger 20

    Life is important, music is crucial. Nothing more then you deserve, this song is just magnificent and full of joy and leaves with it a wonderful message that spreads to make everyone feel warm and embraced by the power of music

  39. vexana vexana

    Why you go away from me? Without give me a reason. I still love you rizky tirta manggala 😭

  40. J Mero

    Dis mofo is awesome song writer

  41. Christina Pirong


    Literally Nobody:

    TikTok see's 2:23: "Hold up a second.., lemme just steal this."

  42. kristijan_granic2203


  43. Silvia Colombo

    Suscribed the channel of lewis capaldi

  44. Sarah Elsdon

    "My faith is shaken but I still believe" love those lyrics so much 🤩💕


    Bellissima 💕

  46. maxorbro

    Great song signor Capaldi.

  47. Musical Pineapple

    This song *hits* different on Valentine's day

  48. Davide Colomba


  49. johngabriel delima

    nice song

  50. Isaiah Pedraza

    “Won’t you stay WHAAAAAAA!”

  51. Camille Santos

    When your crush liked you back, but you were too scared to risk everything because you got ghosted by an almost lover before him. Now, slowly loosing the walls you've built, doing so for him only to find out that he was just waiting for somebody.

    I am not a bench for you to stay at when you have nothing to do and leave when you have found somewhere to be. However, I know how this would end but I'll take the moment anyways. Will you hold me while you wait? I wish I can wake you up.

  52. Tyler Purvis

    This song is sad 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  53. Testing Account


  54. Lukas. A

    Won’t you stay a while?

  55. Abby Hilms

    This song hits so hard to my mom😭

  56. toasted fork

    I just lost the love of my life. We've been together for 9 months. He already "lost basically all feelings" for me. He doesn't know how much I need him. I called him on Saturday, begging for him back. He said were better off as friends. It shattered me how much he was saying he didn't want me anymore. It's only been 2 weeks since the break up and he already is moving on while all I can think of is him holding me. I can't sleep without picturing him holding me. I miss him so much and I walked into class today and it smelled like him. I started tearing up. I have to see him Friday (Valentine's day) to give him his clothes back and get my stuff back. It's gonna hurt so much seeing him knowing I can't kiss him. That I can't love him anymore. That I can't call him mine. I love you forever L.L.😭😭-Z.P.

  57. Manan Sharma

    His high notes 😍😍😍😍

  58. Katy A

    .i like his voice very nice .
    Is like the voice off my heart.😵😵

  59. Jewel Rosenberg

    I wish that I was good enough...🥺💔

  60. GBK Wolf

    This song makes me think of someone I will never get😥😓😭😖😞

  61. Aijaz Ahamed

    Increase my love

  62. Jacob Lankenau

    Isn't it "but either way" instead of "put it away"?


    Dang man

  64. REZA7XZ

    I’m not heartbroken or in love with anyone I’m just here to enjoy

  65. Maja Čeh

    Lewis Capaldi is really getting in my feels with his songs lately.

  66. Gemini Star

    This song is really get me in my heart...🙄

  67. Miah Jowers

    How to know if your older sibling is sad. Show them this song if they don’t know it and the look at the road almost crying in silence because she’s so hurt and doesn’t want you to go through the same thing 😭😭😭😢🥺

  68. Joyce Sanderson

    Wow awesome phenomenal love this beautiful song. Speaks volumes I never feel good enough

  69. Fallon Igwe

    Sam and Grizz. my sweet babies

  70. ?¿?P S Y C H O_ U N D E R L I N E?¿?

    "I wish I was good enough" that hit really hard...to anyone reading this, it will get better, if you've been heart broken, frick them. You deserve better than anyone, you are a strong individual ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  71. Anabel Sanderson

    Him:makes amazing songs
    Me:struggling to read the words in time and taking 10 minutes to write this -_-

  72. Justise Tabor

    “I wish you cared a little more” those lyrics just hit different

  73. DebInfo

    If you LOVE someone tell them

  74. TiffanyNeedsALife

    you know you’re in a good mind set when sad songs don’t make you so sad anymore ❤️

  75. Lena Frohn

    My bf and I broke up a few months ago. Both sided. I acted like it was completely fine to me, it wasn't. We wanted to stay friends, bc we are in the same friend group. And now he's with another girl, gonna visit both of them next week even tho that's the last thing I'd want to do. But hey... we are friends aren't we?

  76. Marie Williamson

    love this guy he is brilliant xx

  77. Victoria‘s comments

    My boyfriend broke up with me and now i listen this song and cry all the time

  78. Autumnthecookie


  79. DeAd sHoT

    It breaks me, hearing this song, hearing his voice😭 she didn't stay for a little longer that made me missed her until now😭

  80. Dark Shadow

    Insane talent wow.

  81. Lunar Moon

    “Hold me while I wait, I wish that I was good enough”
    “If only I could wake you up”
    Me to my mother.
    ..I miss you, mom. ❤️

  82. Youaregood9 AJ

    The worst feeling is to love someone and to know that they dont love you back...😭

  83. Leanne Heaton

    This make me think about my ex I love him so much we ended yesterday so sad I'm heartbroken really

  84. Ilary Bubu

    This song is beautiful!❤️🥺

  85. Joojoo Pooimm

    It not that I love. Him it what.he
    Did n let people hart. Me me in a NY that he was look for me to lost it take my life to.make her happy 4 year a lie game he am a jk to him

  86. Roger Samson

    Vers good!

  87. Katie B

    Thanks you Katie birkby the best time to go with me on my resume for your time as well but I have off rbjrhfh Katie birkby by sins! En been. En. She. En e when. Neb. When men's. Neb. Men. Huge. Xh. Xnbd. Xybe hysb maybe ten yeh. Usbenysbm end

  88. Samantha Rippee

    I wish that I was good enough... that hit hard

  89. Beligh Brook

    This hit hard i been heart broken alot 😔💔

  90. Riley Duhaime

    I could listen to this if I’m diying

  91. Umbra says

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments.
    If you need motivation, carry on reading:


    They might not stick around forever. So do your best to prevent them from disappearing. Never push someone away, even if its just a joke. No one is in your head. People judge by the actions you take. Be careful about what you do, be ready to make sacrifices. The responsibility is all yours.

    *Do not be like me*
    *Be better than me*

  92. Kirsty Powter

    This favourite song

  93. Gabbie

    This song makes me remember when he made me wait while he was waiting for someone else...

  94. Gold Coast Music

    I had to share this incredible new track from Lewis Capaldi, his voice is so special and this track was simply breathtaking. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! :) <3

    Ximon Odarbe

    I relate you bro...

    khelani tapai

    @Ximon Odarbe hi

    khelani tapai

    @Ximon Odarbe ok nice to meet you