Lewis Capaldi - Forever Lyrics

Caught me off guard, I wish that I'd been sober
Still, here we are, back in Hanover 99
Just like old times all over

Under the exit lights as beautiful as ever
I really wish that I dressed up a little better
No regrets is what we said
We can't go back again

Darling, nobody said that it would last forever
That doesn't mean we didn't try to get there
I never said that we would die together
That doesn't mean it was a lie
Remember, nobody said that it would last forever

Head in my hands, cold coffee on the table
Wish you the best, I would if I was able
Morning light, it stings a little

Out of my mind, I don't remember calling
Had too much tonic wine, sometimes it does the talking
Hope you know I wish you all the love you're looking for

Darling, nobody said that it would last forever
That doesn't mean we didn't try to get there
I never said that we would die together
That doesn't mean it was a lie
Remember, nobody said that it would last forever

Forever, forever, forever

Nobody said that it would last forever
That doesn't mean we didn't try to get there
I never said that we would die together
That doesn't mean it was a lie
They'll never take those long summer days
When love was untamed
Two burning hearts are dared to break
Remember, nobody said that it would last forever

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Lewis Capaldi Forever Comments
  1. The Lashton Brothers

    Lewis capaldi is 80% alien this is amazing greatest artist in the world

  2. Lily McDonald

    Hey, you.
    Yes, you.
    Stop reading the comments.
    Just lay back, enjoy the music. Understand what the music says.
    You matter.
    You are loved.
    Stop telling yourself you don't matter, because I would move all hell for you.
    I don't even know you, and I can tell you that you are important.
    I love you.

    Now love yourself. You deserve to.

  3. •Zoé PotterTaehyung•

    Il a un grain de voix qie j'adore 😍 ce n'est pas pour rien que c'est mon chanteur préfèré

  4. Jess Fraser

    It’s like nobody said you’d last forever but you wanted to, you wanted to grow old with that one person but when stuff doesn’t work according to plan, you have to pretend you didn’t imagine your whole future with that person

  5. Ashten Wilson

    it´s valentines day and i´m single as usual and this song made me think of a recent relationship with my best friend since kindergarten and I am in highschool in class crying my eyes out

  6. Rediffusion Live



    "Two burning hearts are dared to break" Ouch.

  8. Yaba A.

    This is the first time I’m listening to this song and I’m already crying😭

  9. Joel voug

    my 5 years relationship just ended today.. and this song really got me..

  10. Forever Lyrics

    Whos still listening to this song?

  11. Adrian Tyrell

    this song makes me miss my girlfriend.

  12. 한국어TCG

    Thank God for lyrics. Without, I wouldn't understand what any of this was.

  13. Loren Agosto

    Me encanta esa canción todo es realidad

  14. Sophia Chan

    I wish my partner can listen to me and listen to the song so that he knows how I am feeling without cutting me off completely from his life...

  15. Emily land

    I am going to subscribe

  16. Chris Garcia

    I got out of a relationship a little over a month ago and this songs hits different... I loved her so much and I think I still do but I don't want to tell her. We texted not long ago and she still has all the notes I'd give to her and all her presents. I gave back the notes and lost the gifts. It's the biggest mistake I've ever made and it hurts more and more every day thinking about all the memories I left behind. I want her back so bad but it's over and I fucked up. I planned my future with her and now we don't even talk in person. That kind of transition hurts bad. Keep the people who you can't risk losing...

  17. Hydro Leo


  18. TasteFN

    Ur music makes me hard dude

  19. Memes 4 Dayz

    His songs hit me on a personal level.

  20. sinnombre

    hoy volví a escuchar esta canción y por alguna razón estallé en llantos :'v

  21. Ikko Rekcah

    It's sad when the person you used to know becomes someone you knew

  22. ATD_Industries

    Sounds so amazing, try it in ×1.5 speed also

  23. Jovanovic Sandra

    It’s remind me of a relationship that I didn’t have

  24. Magali Paiva

    Amooo ❤️❤️❤️💙

    Magali Paiva

    Eu também

  25. Ai Riz

    I miss my bae

    Ai Riz

    I keep coming here

  26. MajCheR2221 Official

    If you say that this song it's stupid, you can't thank for creation it.

  27. Kadyn Chapman

    I LOVE THIS SONG! Forever forever forever!!

  28. Karma Fxck

    why the darling part sounds like a song from 1D

  29. Naheda Akhtar

    I wish you all the love

  30. Eileen Roche

    Same my two favourite singers are Lewis capaldi and swan Lewis but I would rather Lewis capaldi

  31. Ever Eloise

    1:17 he sounds like yoda

  32. Olivia M

    Everyone in the comment section is sad about their breakups, but then theres me being happy that I broke up with my toxic ex, he is pure evil and he didnt treat me well, now that I broke up with him he is always insulting me and its tearing me apart

  33. Ava Guerra

    “we can’t go back again” That hit hard

  34. nameschip :

    300 likes for me to sing for my whole family

  35. Rengel Briones

    Didn't regret turning on the notification bell coz you got good musics

  36. George love

    this song makes me remember to go on, but at the same time it makes it hard. I had you and you disappeared. how many years have passed and it still hurts me.

  37. Jane Masters

    "No regrets is what we said we can't go back again" that hit hard

  38. Chila Linn

    Another lewis to love,
    Aaron lewis and this guy c':

  39. i am jess

    I already moved on, but this song really hit me hard. And it feels like "i'm back to zero"

  40. Olivia M

    The 'Hanover '99" Hit differently though i-

  41. Yolanda Rodriguez

    Love this song 💖💖💖💖

  42. NlHILIST

    Replay at the end to fade is a touch of class.

  43. Jodie Henderson

    Go Lewis 😍

  44. Destiny denning

    i have never heard this song till today its amazing

  45. j dog

    Love this song

  46. Saveto Lohe

    One of my favourite songs...
    It's really touched my heart💓

  47. Suppp Bitches

    “two. burning heaarts are dared to break” that hit me..

    Selena Ramoutar

    SAME OMG. poignant.

  48. Joseph Orpiano

    that's my favorite song .

  49. ZZ Smith

    My ex boyfriend did a lyric prank on me with this song and he said he wanted to get back together and I was so happy but then he said it was a prank. Now ima say what we are all thinking F*ck you Camren!

  50. Natasha van Herk

    My husband and I separated 3 months ago after 5 years being married. This hits home so fucking hard. Cannot listen to this without bawling but it's so beautiful.

  51. Dominic Capaldi

    Who is this Dean Lewis Capaldi fella?

  52. Xxskylar wolfxX flame

    lewis capaldi: never lose hope on love!
    me: :,3
    crush: when r u gonna give up?!
    me again: i already give up :,^

  53. Nicholas Bryant

    He's an amazing song writer.

  54. Yesseiri Belen

    If you listen hard enough, u can hear the pain in his voice.😔😔

  55. jafalad

    My wife and I separated after 21 years together in November 2019. I dropped my mother off at the airport. My wife was with me and she made me listen to this song in the car on the way back. She told me that she wished me to find love again in my life. I feel so heartbroken right now. I came on here to read the words and make sense of it all. "I didn't say it would last forever." But we do don't we through our wedding vows?

    Jea woon Chong

    Be strong and think positively

    Janine Masters

    Man that's tough!

    Miha Gavriluta

    jafalad I‘m so so sorry, I can‘t imagine how heartbroken you are. Stay strong and I wish you the best 🙏🏼

    Mame Kuti

    Why did you get divorced? If you dont mind me asking

  56. Viddhi Vaid

    damn its night and here its hitting hard

  57. suga kookies

    this is one of the only songs in the world I will sing to 💖

  58. NlHILIST

    The 2 best out there are Lewis Capaldi and Lady Gaga. Two music geniuses. All the rest can safely be consigned to the dustbin.

    Xxskylar wolfxX flame

    sooo true

  59. Lajah Babudin

    18 times i heard this song but i never feel anything but for 19 times i heard this song perghhh i don't how too confess its soo touching . hermmm i luv this song 4evahhh

  60. Alan O'Keeffe

    Love it

  61. Leeann Hill

    i love these lyrics they are beautiful for design and when my sister an i do covers these help us do a transition better! THANKS!

  62. Paris Bennett

    Love this song 😍😍

  63. Breena Prayag

    Is this to do with paige

  64. soggy apples

    So when we getting a Alec Benjamin, James Arthur, Lewis Capaldi, and Dean Lewis collab?

    Laurel Allen

    I would love to hear a song with them all so much, you're thinking is important

    Xxskylar wolfxX flame

    yeah dude it would be bootiful :,3

  65. Marisa Robertson


  66. Linda N

    i have the feeling. this song is his state of mind. his way to think...

    still we are.... just like old times all over
    as beautiful as ever ( always the best period it will be for me. ✨ )

    no regrets is what we said
    we can’t go back again 🥺

    nobody said that it would last forever ( i know )

    that doesn’t mean we didn’t try to get there ( yes despite. you can’t say we tried ..)

    head in my hands
    wish you the best ( really ✨❤️)
    i would if i was able

    hope you know i wish you all the love you’re looking for ✨

    remember.. nobody said that it would last forever.....

    Xxskylar wolfxX flame

    bootiful :,^

  67. Da Noob

    Who's here Jan 2019!!! Show the love!

    Harry Styles

    Wrong year love

  68. VidoeStar Help

    my favorite songs
    1. Forever
    2. Hold On
    3. Be alright
    4. A thousand wishes
    5. someone you loved
    6. Just a dream
    :) that’s all <3

    edward votta

    I think he is phenomenal. His lyrics are brilliant, his melodies are beautiful.

  69. xfz sfirdazx

    Whys his voice sounds like finneas?

  70. Maddie San

    My boyfriend passed away December 12 his sister told me. It was a long distance relationship.. I was getting ready to see him for the first time..but..he got into a car crash.. his voice makes me smile. But his songs make me cry about my boyfriend. His name is Alex. Rip baby.

    pontes pontes

    fly high alex. i’m so sorry for your loss❤️

    Maddie San

    @pontes pontes thank u. And for to see what he looks like u can text my friends account @queen_devil_frost.
    On Instagram.


    stay strong bae

    Aristi Chatzipanagioti

    Stay strong love...

    Maddie San

    @Aristi Chatzipanagioti I will. Thank you

  71. Lola

    This song is personally equivalent of what would happen if get together with my lonytime crush and friend. I see how it would end. So I'm just gonna stay here.

  72. Shannon Macpherson

    This hit me so hard a rlly close like rlly close friend I had I’m doing it for my ski talent show I’m gonna end up crying like I did first hearing this 😢

  73. Cheese on Toast

    It hurts, like I'm fucking crying

  74. ausya akma


  75. Wolf Prince

    I dont know why but this voice is just so soothing

  76. Pinky and Lhian vlog

    i love this song

  77. BY Luu

    a girl on discord sang this song in voice chat and now its one of my favorites...i wish i knew this song existed sooner.



  79. OrYa

    People will listen to this song Forever 🤗

  80. Terry Rassi

    In every single song u can hear the hurt in his voice when he sings them, it hurts me to know that he has went through this 💔

  81. Christina Holmes

    this is a break up song


    In love with this song

  83. Reem Hussein

    How come i didn't know him before????
    all Lewis's songs are my faves rn

  84. Stxrrix

    This song hit so hard.

  85. moonlit skies

    That part hit me hard

  86. Tiger Lily

    Still listening in 2020 biatchhessss 😍

    This song actually melts my hearttt xx

  87. Marta Chorob

    I love you i wish i can see you sing

  88. Suzzy Stojanov

    I love u do u love me still😒💔

  89. Sophia’s World

    Why did this song make me cry? I have no idea.

  90. Mary Asbury

    What is he referring : Hanover 99?

    cmilk bhoyz

    hanover 99 is a pub lewis goes to in edinburgh.....

  91. Shamatemba Melvinstein

    Who's here January 2020

  92. Sedfra005

    Bella merda

  93. Abdullah

    It's 2020 and this my favorite song

  94. van van

    01 January 2020
    03.02 AM