Lewis Capaldi - Don't Get Me Wrong Lyrics

Pray silence, I'm begging
Too tired to tell you I ain't coming home
Stop for a second
Guess I got caught up in leading you on
But I ain't responsible for the lump in your throat

Haven't you had enough of all of this?
Haven't you had enough of loneliness?

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to stay too long
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to tell you whatever you want
But haven't you had enough of loneliness?
And haven't we had enough of second best?
Don't get me wrong

Innocent then, way back before we knew how to pretend
Picking up where we left
It ain't meant to be easy, should it be hard as this?
And I ain't responsible for letting this go

Haven't you had enough of all of this?
Haven't you had enough of loneliness?

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to stay too long
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to tell you whatever you want
But haven't you had enough of loneliness?
And haven't we had enough of second best?
Don't get me wrong
Don't get me wrong

I just don't wanna be the devil, you know
And it hurts the most when you come too close

So, don't get me wrong, I'd love to stay too long
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to tell you whatever you want
But haven't you had enough of loneliness?
Haven't we had enough of second best?
Don't get me wrong

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Lewis Capaldi Don't Get Me Wrong Comments
  1. Unconditional Love

    OH MY GODD..... 😍💖💞🎯

  2. Celine Huang

    wait a sec so this video gets 2M views while the original audio video only has 1.5M views??? COME ON PEOPLE CLICK THE ONE FROM HIS CHANNEL NOT THIS

  3. Breanna Micky

    Listening to this made my body shake because of his voice

  4. munazzah mir

    Such an underrated artist

  5. Martyn Harrison

    Liveing ledgend & got a powerfull voice

  6. Charlotte Dela Cruz

    Gave me chills

  7. yohanna simbolon


  8. j te

    I'm here cause Mr. Niall horan said this was his favourite song from Lewis' album and it's epic

    Reliia Inso


  9. Jenny Maliwan

    I love this song and I love him❤

  10. Paige Silva

    Anybody thinks this song like the meaning of it is a suicide note to his mother like he's keeps asking her haven't u had enough of it all our life sucks and I can't take it anymore or is it just me?

  11. Shannon Sexton


  12. Ellie Largent

    i can't wait till radio realizes his other songs DESERVE RADIO ALSO!

  13. amber davis

    America’s Sweetheart 💋💋💋

  14. sanlynchris

    I get lost in that voice! He can sing me the phone book and I'll be mesmerized. ❤️❤️

  15. Sara Field

    Hollywood! ⭐

  16. Kevin Parker92

    Reckon he could do a song with megan trainor

  17. Rowena Blacklock

    I just love all of his songs

  18. TP 88

    00:49... that's soul!

  19. TP 88

    Everytime I think I found his best song, he proves me wrong

    Estelle Parrot

    So true

  20. Monica Rivera

    Great in concert 💕

  21. Jaelynn Harris

    dont get me WROOOONNNNNGG. i literally yelled t my laptop, that was so loud..

  22. Uthando N

    When you hear someone tell you this just let go cause this is so touching

  23. Tenvader R

    He is god

  24. lauren

    how have i only just heard this what

  25. StarLord Jae

    How am I juss finding this hidden gem?????

  26. Sam Be Mixing

    Heard this song for the 1st yesterday.... Man you don't hear passion like this anymore... Ole negro Spiritual strong

    Sam Be Mixing

    Yesterday 9/20/2019

  27. John Paul San Juan

    This song is not just about breakup. If you give this song another meaning, this is what our happy self saying to our lonely/depressed self. “Haven’t we had enough of second best?”

  28. Selena M Chapa

    i use to sing to my ex.. she left me a week later.

  29. isabelle 02

    lewis capaldi definitely knows what's up

  30. Sarah Jane Pacheco

    I''m inlove with your song. <3

  31. Aie Beans

    His voice gives me a goosebump everytime i listening to his songs

  32. HudsonVlogs

    All i have to say is.... HOLY FLIP😳

  33. Danielle Esdale

    Asking for anyone who can spare a minute out there day to help me and my partner out. We lost our son Tyler on the 15.08.19 when I was 5 months pregnant. We are asking for people to follow his instagram page which is called Tylers travels. And where ever in the world you are you write his name d.o.b and the location and then send to us so we can post it on his page. This way our boy gets to see the world he left behind 💙

    Silent Knight

    💙💙 that sounds better than shut up right?

  34. Shannon Sexton

    Don't get me wrong... 😥

  35. Veni Jakha

    Flawless lewis your albums are just breathtaking

  36. Elyse Rogers

    i'm catcihng a little bit of George Ezra vibes ; LOVE it!

  37. Andrea Ab

    Listen to his album after a breakup feels like he can understand your pain and give you some words to talk about it.

  38. Andrea Ab

    Kind of obsessed with this guy... absolute genius...

  39. Dora

    I like a guy and he’s voice reminds me Lewis..so every time I listen Lewis‘s songs I imagine this guy singing to me these songs😩

  40. Dora

    God what a VOICE 😩😍

  41. FM NRV

    Fck Lewis! 💕❤️ My fucking heart

  42. Izzypop4 Mcphee

    If your from Glasgow press this


    Ella Bella

    Why tho

    Elena Rosado

    Lewis is from Bathgate!

  43. Dj Pakaboom


  44. TheOnlyShrimp

    Gold coast is definitely addicted to him

  45. Cool Cat

    This song hits me dEeP what the heck!! I love it so much <3 Keep up the good work Gold Coast Music and Lewis Capaldi!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  46. Mary Jane

    i've been waiting for this song for over a year now and i started to think that it would never come out but then baaaaam i see his album in my local music store and I see the title and i start to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is one of my favourites!!!!!

  47. Heartblast405

    This hurted 😕

  48. Dini Ayunda

    Lewis never dissapointed me😭😭

  49. deejee

    How does this just have 77 comments but 1 mil views?


    Sad people keep watching it over and over

  50. Maria

    Well okay do the whole thing i gUess <3

  51. Donna Meads

    You were never going to come home to me.

  52. Ashley Hughes

    It hurts when you know someone feels this way toward you

  53. Mabrouk Faouzi

    this song make me happy and exiting

  54. Ordinal

    This is literally the greatest song of 2019, until he drops another album that is.

  55. lopez antonio

    I think it says “I just don’t wanna be te death of you” doesn’t it?



  57. Michael Bailey

    Wow just wow. Bruises is my favorite. Wow


    Sameeee 😂

  58. Scottish_lass mel

    He makes me proud to be Scottish 😁


    Same mb

    Daniele Moscardini

    Shhhcottish pride! Yay! 😄


    Daniele Moscardini lets go troops 😏

    Izzypop4 Mcphee

    Scottish_lass mel me too any

    Elena Rosado

    Scottish_lass mel Me too

  59. Macy Joe


  60. Nataly Mullins

    Goose bumps 😍😍

  61. Shanaya Grace

    play in 0.75

  62. Elise Pugh

    i NEED someone to make an instrumental for this song

  63. Nivette Connors

    His stuff is FINALLY starting to play over here on the American side of the pond 💓


    Nivette I found him because a tv show use his song “someone you loved”

    Ellie Says Hi

    PUH-TAY-TOE was it riverdale lol 😂

    Jennifer Horgan

    @Ellie Says Hi haha usually is but i never pay attention to the songs

    ttownhotboy 813

    You must be in a small town because he's been playing over here since he came out

  64. Teri S.

    Dayuum! I cant get enough of this dude 🥰 sooo authentic

  65. Fella Nefnaf

    This song fits zayn so much

  66. Nellie Woodard

    I love every song he has. He reminds me a lot of Ed Sheeran with his style. Very unique and beautiful


    He reminds me more of James Arthur than Ed Sheeran

    Nellie Woodard

    I feel like all of James Arthur's songs sound the same. I was more or less referring to how different each song he has is. Very unique in that he has different styles of music come through each song

    Clayton Thomas

    Ed can't compare to Lewis

  67. Charlotte Williams

    His album is the best I have heard in years

  68. soul sucker

    Love love love

  69. Brooke

    cannot wait to get his record <3!!!!!

  70. Kate L

    Every song he sings is spectacular

  71. India Hughes

    Thanks tiktok xx

  72. Danielle Leddie

    I absolutely adore you!! Your voice is amazing 💙

  73. Mujgan Genc

    tik tok anyone?

  74. Antonia 501

    Omgg it's so amazing

  75. Angel Milke


  76. Almira Danvers


  77. Kayci Daudt

    Such a powerful voice

  78. Kimmaya

    at first, I didn't like his voice or songs but after letting song play instead of skimming, his voice is beautiful and the songs are actually good.


    I got hooked on his song of someone you loved and I didn't think of hearing more of his songs cause it didn't really peaked my interest but after hearing it I loved it even more

  79. karla amaya

    the “don’t get me wroOOOOOOOOOONG” gave me chills

  80. Ashble Fernandes

    Awsome music!!!😍

  81. Ma. Hazel Camandono

    "Haven't we had enough of second base?"


    Iman Ahmad

    isnt it second best

    FckThe FreeWorld

    Definitely second best

    Kay Palaganas

    lols 😅😅😅

  82. Chelsea Lofty

    Potentially a Grammy award winning album imo💘

  83. Redwana Ahad

    No singer I love more! Adore him so much. Honestly produces the best pieces of music, so grateful for finding him when I did because I wouldn’t want it any other way❤️❤️

  84. alya a


  85. Andréa Mourot

    His whole album is insane, there’s not even one I don’t like


    Scottish ppl r eh best a should know cause a um scottish😎👍my bpals mum knows lewis and his auntie 💪

    Daniel Scott

    Ye he's soo good me and my dad love him


    Same, ugh I hate that, because when I listen to one song, I start thinking about the other one and click off to that one😩 I can never finish it, roller coaster of emotions.


    oh Grace

    Christina Abel

    ya same

  86. a-wanderingcloud 0-0


  87. Avri Nunley

    This is the type of song that I can listen to it on repeat and never get bored of it

  88. Bettina Biju

    Anyone else feel like this sounds like britton buchanan???

  89. Marcus Barbagallo

    Such a good song, thanks Gold Coast music❤️❤️

  90. Melanie Averette Smyly

    I miss y'all so much it hurts, I have to see ya'll to feel better

  91. Shep狂い咲きの花

    My fave so far... thank you for all the uploads!!

  92. 전지유

    Who ever chooses these songs and the pictures oh how i like the way you do it, the pictures are always perfect for the song uhhh it makes me wanna give y’all a hug ✨🖤

  93. I’m Shook :-/

    Love this ♥️