Lewis Capaldi - Days Gone Quiet Lyrics

Now that we're bleeding
Broken and scarred
Thought we were finished
And yet here we are
Stuck in the same place
Despite what we overcame
Sometimes don't it make you wonder darling
When will it come to an end?

Cause the price we pay
Left a mark that stains
And I don't think I'll ever be the same

We might've kept the black at bay
But all around it still remains
Lord only knows for evermore
What horizons hold for us in store
Looks like there's no way around
But I know I'll try somehow
At least it's all gone quiet for now

Tomorrow don't mean much
In the waters we wade
And my secrets are waiting for me
When I get to my grave

Cause the price we pay
Left a mark that stains
And I don't think I'll ever be the same

We might've kept the black at bay
But all around it still remains
God only knows for evermore
What horizons hold for us in store
Looks like there's no way around
But I know I'll try somehow
At least it's all gone quiet for now

We might've kept the black at bay
But all around it still remains
God only knows for evermore
What horizons hold for us in store
Looks like there's no way around
Looks like there's no way around
Looks like there's no way around
But I know I'll try somehow
At least the day's gone quiet for now

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Lewis Capaldi Days Gone Quiet Comments
  1. Sean Kelly

    Every time I hear this song it makes me sad it brings back so many memories of all my family members who I was close with that past away

  2. Paige Batchilder

    I never thought I would ever say goodbye to you, I realize you never felt the way I did. You gave me the best and worst 4 years of my life, I'll take this pain for being able to experience the feeling of how in love I was with you. I will always have a part of you in our beautiful daughter, I hope someday you will find it in your heart to be there for her.

  3. Binibini Maria

    Once was lost but now I'm found. Been in a situation like there's no way to get out but kept on trying. Felt like giving up but I didn't let it happen. This comment is a hope to all of you. Don't wander too much, love. Feeling lost is okay. Hoping for you all to be found someday soon. I love you❤️

  4. Machael Allen

    Wow. Lewis Capaldi is pure poetry and calm for the soul. He is so amazing!

  5. Matthew Riggins

    This gave me fucking goosebumps bruh

  6. chloe king

    sometimes i just wanna give up 😭

    Tomasz Gozdalski

    chloe king Don’t give up !

    Evelia Oudeuil

    Just dont ♡♡

    chloe king

    Evelia Oudeuil but it’s so hard

  7. kelly helstrip

    Love you so much Lewis 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  8. Aaliyah Hassan

    My sisters being an annoying brat right now. But I cranked the volume up to 100 HAHA I have no idea what shes saying! I love this song..

  9. TheUbiquitousPro

    Dislikes are from rippers with their sermons

  10. Holly Smith

    I have to play days gone now...haven’t played it yet lol

  11. Justine Carias

    Who's here after completing DAYSGONE?

  12. Sushi Cutie

    I still love you. I wish you were here with me. Helping me to calm down by your words and your eyes staring into mine. But sadly you’re not mine anymore. You choose to be with her instead of me. Sometimes i wonder did you ever saw me in her. How could u forget me so easy?

  13. Munch

    Who else come from days gone ending?

  14. Jay Downey

    Days gone what a game

  15. Ma. Emerita Cruz

    it helps me i've been depressed 1 month bcuz of my friend..but this kept me calm to think what have I done wrong

    Tomasz Gozdalski

    Ma. Emerita Cruz you didn’t do something wrong
    You did something that your friend don’t liked to do

  16. JesseTheEvil1

    Ahhh this song at the ending of Days Gone...just amazing and made me shed some tears.... Loved seeing Deacon happy now that he found his wife Sarah....

  17. Jason Blythe

    Who is here after Days Gone? 😁


    Me bruv.... Can't wait for the sequel on PS5....

    My BrAthA

    Me bro nice ending to the game

  18. Lyrics King

    Download this song from here: http://libittarc.com/2tmL

  19. Brittney Daly

    i can’t download this song and it makes me sad

    Lyrics King

    You can download it from here: http://libittarc.com/2tmL

  20. Angel Fowler

    Lewis Capaldi needs to make another album & put this song on it

  21. Lakmali Maduroshika

    Why cant I find this on spotify

    Tomasz Gozdalski


  22. Angel Rose Torrena

    Hopefully James Arthur and Lewis collab 😍😍

  23. Merle Mitchell

    This song makes me so sad. I miss you. Have a great Christmas.

  24. Kamryn Maddock

    I’m going through depression... and I’ve really needed something to get me through this rough time I have had my Best friend die this past month of suicide and it makes my heart break and I don’t know what to do besides kill myself. I want to see her again, I miss her!! Please help me know that I’m gonna be okay.!!!.😭😭😭💔💔💔

    Sheri Steffl

    My only advice is just breathe. No matter what going on. It will get better just breathe. Sheri

  25. Allen Marinelle Ileto

    Fck this pain.

  26. Jhofer Marquez

    Sometimes we're pretending to be mad at someone, but the truth is, it hurts badly..

    Kamryn Maddock

    We aren’t mad at them... we are sad at them for what they did and know that they knew it was gonna hurt us and make us depressed,.. I’m there with you!!💔😭

    Jhofer Marquez

    @Kamryn Maddock we are 'disappointed' to be exact..

  27. Cruz

    Look at all of you Weaboos not having days gone comments. LONG LIVE IRON MIKE

  28. Ethan Moore

    "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness"

  29. barney g

    1:10 sounds like most of Mississippi

  30. Connor Akins

    Why am I just now hearing this

  31. craig stephenson

    Anyone else get coldplay vibes from this, lewis capaldi is such a great artist

  32. Bruh

    I was just randomly watching videos in my PS4 then suddenly I played one of my videos at Days Gone, and then heard this, and I knew it was Lewis because his voice and the lyrics were so familiar, and then I searched up this song, I was right! OMG LEWIS IS GETTING MORE AND MORE FAMOUS! I'm so happy for him, not only me, but Millions or maybe Billions of fan is. <3

  33. Boom Bang


  34. Paras B

    The best game I've ever played..
    Literally cried when this song came at the end of the game,so touching

    My BrAthA

    Days gone

  35. Braandon M

    Deacon St John.

  36. Taylene Spence

    I have been feeling useless to the world lately and this song has pretty much expresses how I feel.

  37. Tianna Hoffman

    So I have no clue if this is weird, but I dont relate to this song with a relationship with a human. I relate it to myself and my relationship with myself. Like my mind. I have no clue if this is weird but like I have anxiety and depression and so my mind does a lot of talking.

  38. Geordan Catlett

    I’ve had a lot of death and heartache in my life These past couple years I had 4 sisters all at once die in my life from a car accident and then a week later my puppy of 13 years passed away, my best friend since middle school 6 months later committed suicide and I found him the next day at his house hanging from a ceiling fan, my uncle died another couple months later from cancer and then my girlfriend this past year cheated on me and blamed me for her cheating because I wouldn’t stop being upset about everyone dying and was sad all the time and she wanted a guy that wouldn’t be sad all the time and would do what I never could whatever that means, she was my gf of 3 years and today was the first day in a long time I have finally felt at peace with my life after everything has happened and as I was lying here in bed I started to feel safe and when I got on my phone I seen one of my friends from highschool sent me this song because he thought I’d like it and when I opened it and listened to it I started to think back on everything that has happened to me lately this past couple years and I started to cry nonstop and wonder if it will ever end with all the heartbreak and then I realized that for now it has and all I can do is be grateful for what I did have and what I have now to finally live in peace even if it’s only just for a moment

    Kiprop Chemonges

    Wow, am really sorry.
    I hope your soul finds peace and joy

    Geordan Catlett

    Kiprop Chemonges thank you it means a lot

    Nadia Wallo

    You have to know that you are an amazing person, and that happiness come when we don't wait for it

    Nadia Wallo

    And that you are a very strong person, not everybody can support even a half of what you've lived in your life. you've been strong and im sure that you will stay strong, I believe in you

    Geordan Catlett

    Nadia Wallo thank you 💙

  39. Roy Jones

    There's always this pain in his voice no matter what he sings

    Sophia-Anne Elizabeth Daniel

    Roy Jones that’s very true

  40. coffeelovehouseCO

    Theses songs hit me hard🥺✌🏻

  41. That one girl you never met

    Somebody please go hug Lewis so tight so that it mends his broken heart
    💓 🥀

  42. Andrea Foy

    your voice ... so pretty.

  43. Syakira aulia maulana maulana

    We’ve been apart. In 1 month you replaced us. I missing you and i really do. But i dont know what should i do. U block me in every your social media. For you the one who always i prayed for. I hope u come back.

  44. lunaaa


  45. Didiet Latifah

    Mo.. you broke my heart 💔 4dec19

  46. lgbt_ edits

    I’m so confused right now... I thought I liked girls only I mean I do but I think I have feelings for one of my guy best friends and I got drunk last night and told him all this while crying my heart out and I think it might have ruined my life just a little cause he is also management at my work and has a girlfriend and I’m just so confused

  47. Hanni_

    My heart is broke now hm😭💔

  48. Kim acevedo

    This is going to be next Elvis.His music makes me shed tears but it helps to get it out someetime.The lord bless this young man and not that crap rap.He should've made big a along time ago.

  49. Ashleigh Sound

    Love Love this song - hope its on the second album. Love all his songs! His album is a masterpiece - his extended version is out now with 3 beautiful new songs on it. Just saw him live this week and he was phenomenal, the crowd of about 2000 people started chanting his name three songs in because he was beyond amazing! ( and they all sang all the words to every song he did) He is going to be huge around the world in 2020 in my opinion.

  50. Dom Dawson

    This is the song at the end of the game Days gone. That’s where I first heard and fell in love with the words.
    Great song.

  51. Harriet Blair

    My boyfriend is transitioning to a female, and she just broke up with me yesterday so she had space to focus on her. I'm so supportive, but this is also such a heartbreaking situation to be in, and I hide my pain so she feels good and supported. This song just made me cry so much thinking about her 💔

    Daniel Sandenbergh

    She are you serious

    Kyle Phelan

    Luci :3 Draws nothing to do with hormones, it’s a mental issue called gender dysphoria

    Karl J Gordon

    Right game then, zombies all over this one!

    Jessica walters

    That sucks for you. Just remember the good times you had and hold onto them.

    Nina Nordness

    Love is strong. It may seem difficult at the time but know in the end a true soulmate will always return. Sometimes when we feel the most strength we shut out our biggest supporters. At times without even realizing we have done so. Continue bein urself and supportive. Change is never ez for me one but if u love someone....truely love someone, know that no matter how big the change is love will pull thru stronger than it was before. She is lucky to have u in her life during transition from male to female. Wish u both the best. She wants to feel right in her body with herself. Her saying it's to help her focus on her may be her way of saying she is scared and fears loosin u for undergoing change. Clearly it shows that ur not goin ne where regardless the obstacles life me throw ur way....keep dancing thru the storms. Ur both gonna grow and bond thru this experience/journey in life. #breathe you got this#

  52. adi skurdal

    I luv lewis capaldi his songs r the best thx for posting

  53. Eric The slithery Viper

    Days Gone?

    Brian Ferguson

    SinfulResults s it’s the song from the end sequence in the game, which might I add is well suited to this song.

  54. Crystal Ingram

    him and james arthur having a song together would be an angel from heaven

    Laylah Sparks

    Him dean Lewis and James would be magic bro


    Calum Scott

    Amey Walker

    It would be beyond beautiful...no words

  55. A E

    Days done. Epic. What a treat to hear this song once u finished the game. Beautiful

  56. Angela Love


  57. cole jackson

    I’ve been depressed recently I call upon god and nothing seems to help my relationship of 2 weeks and 3 days is already falling apart and her mother doesn’t think I’m able to make her happy or take care of her

  58. Debbie Burke

    Wonderful voice love him. X

  59. A K

    First listening, easy cry. This song reminds me to my best friend, who now is far away and have other friends. I hope he does not forget me and all we have lived togueter since were just two little creatures. I redmind your "I wanna be your friend forever". Miss you.

  60. frss akmalll

    every each songs he made,idk but somehow it chills me down

  61. Tantri Dewi

    how could we dont love this guy when every song he sing can shaking our heart?

  62. I need a life

    *this time, i’ve officially lost myself...*

    all about today

    I can feel you 💔😞

    Jessica walters

    Don't worry, i promise you that you will find yourself again. The only way to get through anything is to have hope that one day you'll wake up amd you'll feel happy. Hold on for that day.

  63. Fan All

    Now that we're bleeding, broken and scarred
    Thought we were finished and yet here we are
    Stuck in the same place, despite what we overcame
    Sometimes don't it make you wonder
    darling, when will it come to an end?
    'Cause the price we paid left a mark that stains
    and I don't think I'll ever be the same
    We might have kept the black at bay
    but all around it still remains
    Lord only knows for evermore, what horizons hold for us in store
    Looks like there's no way around, but I know I'll try somehow
    At least it's all gone quiet for now
    Tomorrow don't mean much, in the waters we wade
    And my secrets are waiting for me when I get to my grave
    'Cause the price we paid left a mark that stains
    and I don't think I'll ever be the same
    We might have kept the black at bay,
    but all around it still remains
    God only knows for evermore, what horizons hold for us in store
    Looks like there's no way around but I know I'll try somehow
    At least it's all gone quiet for now
    We might have kept the black at bay, but all around it still remains
    God only knows for evermore, what horizons hold for us in store
    Looks like there's no way around
    Looks like there's no way around
    Looks like there's no way around
    But I know I'll try somehow, at least the days gone quiet for now.

  64. Michael Derengowski

    Kept the black at bay
    Then I saw someone who made me hurt again
    God will I never stop thinking about you

  65. Tanya Sparling

    I miss my husband so much... I pray to god we can work through this. I love you Brandon.

  66. Steve Freary

    who on earth votes a song like this down Idiots with not a musical bone in there body !

  67. jillian deakin

    I’ve lost the best guy you could ever ask for being selfish thinking off me never get him bk you never know what u had till it’s GONE XXX

  68. Shannon Sexton

    Stuck in the same place despite all we overcame.🎵🎶🎵❤️

  69. The Blue Fox

    Only a game like Days Gone would have such a beautiful song in it. Even though it’s just a game, Days Gone is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

    Geldrith Draco

    Best game Ever. Loved the ending sequence with this song.

    Brian Ferguson

    GOTY in my opinion 😎

  70. Princess nani

    This song really gets to me man always gets my chest tught cause ik exactly how it feels to be left u can do everything but they will always end up walking out nd thats sad honestly 😥

  71. Francis 23544

    Although it's done,I'm still crying until now 😭😭😩

  72. Ara Celli

    I thought this was a happy song at the beginning

    Well, I got fooled

  73. AJ Acedera

    Why the hell is this not on any music streaming platform like Spotify?!

  74. Emily Brewer

    Why isn't this on Spotify tho 😭

    Ann Kamel

    Emily Brewer ikkk

    Justine Carias

    It's an unreleased song, specially made as an Ending Song for the game called DAYSGONE <3

  75. chhani colney

    Thought tis Dan Reynold's

  76. Rowena Blacklock

    I wish I could get this on the Apple store music app. Just love this song! 💔

  77. Sheila Levine

    good song

  78. Ali-Jade Johnson

    This song just had me sharing it through WhatsApp with friends and my daughter's mom who I still love, I even wann a share it with my "ex" from my last relationship but I'm afraid. I like this song it gives me a sense of hope to continue and I'm not someone that gives up on life so easily but I was in a state of mind to give up on everything.....thank you ("guy who did this song").

  79. Ali-Jade Johnson

    First I'm hearing this song and I love it

  80. Sosomi Konghar

    Thank you for another wonderful song❤️

  81. Sitaluck K

    I don’t think I will be the same or trust to let someone so close to my heart again. Really I can’t

  82. Laura Aura

    Lewis’s lyrics melt me. & his voice wow... he’s a magnificent magical human being ! #soul

  83. Hanis farhana

    i’m sorry, i still love you. i try to forget but seems i failed. another days feel nothing without you b 😞

  84. Gen Naip

    1st love nver dies 😭
    T.c. always my Pie 😢

  85. alya allam

    I hate that I’ll never be the same :(

  86. Nunuyee Juvia

    I still wish u were the one...

  87. Terry Pruitt

    People now days don't know what love is. It's whatever they can get out of you. It's not a give give anymore it's at take to take. They start dating sites are a joke. You don't have real man no more you have boys that wants money are women to keep them up what happened to real love soulmates happiness truthful honesty I don't exist they have no morals man don't. I guess I'll stay alone for the rest of my life until the day of the Lord comes and calls me home.


    Terry Pruitt 😔💔

  88. val dawn


  89. Maria L

    So so so beautiful. Comforting and soothing. Soul food ❤️🙏

  90. Heather Ferrell

    Days gone 🖤 great game with a killer soundtrack.

  91. tyler iMDUN

    I just accidentally found this song and it has been playing on repeat.

    Edited: Why is this not on goddamn spotify? *weeps*

  92. Eva Johns

    I know I'll never be the same again without you and that the pain will never fade. We wasted our chance of happiness and it's too late now.

  93. Ana sen

    Touch my heart frm its very frst line 😍

  94. Poppy Smoria

    'Looks like there's no way around. '
    'At least it's all gone quiet for now. ' - 8:52 PM, 12th Oct '19


    hope you're okay.

  95. Danny Meyer


  96. Ashley Wooten

    Tragic and poetic truth

  97. Luna uwu

    After 10 years together we are done.....I know I have to let you go but God I don't know how. The price we paid left a mark that stains and I'll never be the same 💔

  98. amalia maisarah

    hi if you re reading this, i hope you know that you’re the person i prayed for


    Thank you I need it :\

    star light

    Now im depressed😂

    Beth Spallina

    amalia maisarah thank you... I need them more than you know... I lost my son 26 weeks ago... by suicide.... my shattered I feel like I’m walking put nothing makes sense.... nothing will ever be the same.... I trusting that God will help me though this .... 💔

    amalia maisarah

    Beth Spallina he is still with you, watching you in everything you do& always support you. so sorry for your loss, i hope you are okay. may God bless you, that must be hard but you can get through it. stay strong!!!!