Lewis Capaldi - Bruises Lyrics

Counting days, counting days since my love up and got lost on me
And every breath that I've been taken since you left feels like a waste on me
I've been holding on to hope that you'll come back when you can find some peace
Cause every word that I've heard spoken since you left feels like a hollow street

I've been told, I've been told to get you off my mind
But I hope I never lose the bruises that you left behind
Oh my lord, oh my lord, I need you by my side

There must be something in the water
Cause everyday it's getting colder
And if only I could hold you
You'd keep my head from going under

Maybe I, maybe I'm just being blinded by the brighter side
Of what we had because it's over, well there must be something in the tide

I've been told, I've been told to get you off my mind
But I hope I never lose the bruises that you left behind
Oh my lord, oh my lord, I need you by my side

There must be something in the water
Cause everyday it's getting colder
And if only I could hold you
You'd keep my head from going under


It's your love I'm lost in
Your love I'm lost in
Your love I'm lost in
And I'm tired of being so exhausted
Your love I'm lost in
Your love I'm lost in
Your love I'm lost in
Even though I'm nothing to you now
Even though I'm nothing to you now

There must be something in the water
Cause everyday it's getting colder
And if only I could hold you
You'd keep my head from going under

There must be something in the water
Cause everyday it's getting colder
And if only I could hold you
You'd keep my head from going under

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  1. Dent Solutions

    Wow 😪

  2. just an average dork

    You dont need autotune your the most BEUTIFUL singer I've ever heard

  3. DarrenVelSatis

    his grandma is dead

  4. UnicornUnique Squad123

    How do you do this everytime? You’re just so amazing at singing!

  5. Robert Puls

    Hi I'm a big fan just figured you sung someone you love so big fan

  6. terra S

    I love him sm!!!
    Lol u can hear his accent when he says 'you'

  7. Kiana’s world

    Are you soon going to be realising a new song?!

  8. Kiana’s world

    I love your music

  9. Lauren Stanley

    I can't get him off my mind......

  10. p pj

    Such a lovely song

  11. p pj

    That song made me cry 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  12. p pj

    I just gave you a subscribers

  13. p pj

    Rack that song just made me sad 😢heartbroken you need 1111000000 reasons subscribers !at well I mean Lewis Capaldi

  14. Sharon Hendry

    Keeping it real Lewis our own musical Braveheart what’s not to love gaun yerself son well proud scotxxx

  15. LoveofVelvet

    Jesus why does he sound so much like George Ezra??? Wow!!! Is he copying his style or what???

  16. Imtiaz Mwashumbe

    It is what it is

  17. Luis Gonzalez

    OMG Lewis you are my hero i love xoxo you mean the world to me

  18. Anisa Yusrina

    I really love your voice

  19. just an average dork

    Bruises and July kinda is the same

  20. muff. T

    Lewis, I am an old dinosaur who can't imagine the bucket loads of shit you have to put up with on social media. Don't ever stop what you're doing .You make the world a better place!!

  21. joshua igbuya

    You are fucking shit bitch

  22. Kassie Jones


  23. Haku Jin

    Lewis the only thing I can say is thank you so very much 👏👏👏

  24. Donna Marie

    Cheers 💨 🤗 💗 ☀️

  25. Aleksandra Suszek

    Nawet fajne, nowy John Legend.

  26. Danny Nee Music INC

    Love this 😍❤️👍

  27. BTS Now United

    Aiii minha alma... 🎧😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪 Lewis realmente vc faz parte da minha vida. Até prq cada letra que vc compõe ela e realmente nos meus dias 😪❤️ I love youuu

  28. Carlo Latoy -

    i fcking love this !

  29. Caroline Abel

    Thanks sooooooooooooo gooood 😀😀😀

  30. Eulogics - Roblox

    Ur such a strong, kind and funny singer, the strength in that voice of yours is AMAZING!


  31. Adam Sherwood

    Lewis capildi your the best singer my sister is Ellie squries when you DM her

  32. Léonie Chevallier

    You are so cute Lewis ! I love you and your song are amazing and your voice too!❤️

  33. الهنوف الحميد


  34. Imroze Hossain

    I'm so fond of your songs, mind if I arrange a song for you? I compose symphony tracks. Worked as background music composer in India. I swear I don't need any money at all. I just want you to sing in one of my track for once. Please. Your lyrics always touches my heart. I can mail you my tracks if you want.

  35. Biscuit Bassett

    HOW CAN SOMEONE HAVE SUCH TALENT! I’m legit soo obsessed with this song and the whole album

  36. cristina Liberato

    Ich liebe alle Music von Capaldi❤️

  37. Marv M.

    Cheers to the actors! Love to the singer anyway <3

  38. Daniel Jay

    this song makes me feels so lonely and yeno i have to stay STRONG when actually my smile is so fake i always wonder will sum1 ever notice how sad i actaully am probz not bu one day my days will be over and that will be the best day ever

  39. Zoe 101

    I hate the fact that majority of the people only know him from someone you loved and not the other masterpieces he also created

  40. Vickey Vaughn

    Don't leave me or cheat on me like everyone else.or hurt me.like my family's.. Vickey Vaughn have a good day.yes I'm a princess from my dad's tribe I'm very strong hearted. I can be feisty at times. But I have a heart. I'm kind. I'm loving I'm sweet people like to take advantage of me. Abused me use me. Mock me, bully me. Push me around talk about me everything else. I don't like that. And my kid's dad. He just does the same damn thing. He hurts me. And I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it. And people like to stick up for him. But take it out on me and say I'm the cause of everything and I do this and I do that and I don't. I guess I'm stupid for putting up with it.vickey Vaughn

  41. Shane Ferguson


  42. Brayant Medina

    Me iré a llorar en posición fetal en una esquina de mi cuarto :'v

  43. Marlon

    so beautifull

  44. Man like Klk

    Gotta appreciate this funny cunt! Popped up on the scene and already a legend.

  45. Ashleigh Worley

    God damn hand to sky the chills 😭😭❤️

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    Awesomr vocalist🤪🤪🤪


    Can somebody explain me the video😅?

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    Hail hail big man 🍀🍀🍀

  49. Leonardo Pereira

    I love the main verse on this one. Very special indeed.

  50. Xdcreamy Xd

    Hello mate were doing this song for a school dance at school for a talent show and we chose this cause it’s simply the best keep on going ❤️

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  52. Beetlejuice And Lydia

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️fav song!!!

  53. Tj Jhahan

    I swore I’ll cut off a part of ur body for my BBQ 🍗

  54. immortal43

    This video is perfect. Just...

  55. Hailey Sanders

    I feel like this song has a different meaning to me then others. I wish I could get the chance to thank him.

    I found this after my ex was arrested for second degree domestic assault. This song makes me think of the manipulation, that it’s your love I’m lost in, and tired of being exhausted. Then the good times where you are made to think they are you’re everything. And how crazy you feel , there must be something in the water. Then lastly how hard it is to pick up the pieces and feel stronger but still, I hope I never lose the bruises you left behind. This song is a reminder. Good and bad. It reminds me to keep my head up and move forward and carry on everyday. I dunno. Might sound stupid.

  56. Vickey Vaughn

    I love it from Victoria

  57. Melomaniac.Philouran.

    It’s been 2 years and I still think about you every single day! I still haven’t touched another human. You moved on so easy, now you have a wife and a child... that was supposed to be me! Will it ever get easier!?

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    Zoo cool

  60. Jennah Fathima

    Hiiii....i really do admire your music!!!

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    Don’t cry Don’t cry Don’t cry Don’t cry Don’t cry Don’t cryyyyyyyy

    oops I cried),:

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    Amo essa musica

  63. Igor Band

    Amo essa musica

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    Cold days ahead(Freigeist 'bruises mashup) Schranz remix🔥🔥🔥 auf soundcloud

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    Lewis never stop singing please dude.

  66. M R R

    Is it just me or the celeb video just makes this song better?

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    Unbelievable voice boy!

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    I love this song , what a beautiful voice

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    dean lewia x lewis capaldi will be the best duet

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    I have a shear as i listen to wooow total hit

  72. Double J

    Thanks for putting SCOTLAND on the Global map again Lewis.....your just fanfikingtastic....

  73. badmanners

    My question. How is this song genuinely so good?

  74. BRASI Music

    Love it .. Kind Regards BRASI

  75. Moofy

    I love this, I feel this 💙 💛

  76. IHaveNoIdeaWhatThisNameIs

    so, the song get released in 2017 but it only had a music vid in 2019. 

  77. Jack Adam

    Check my cover out: https://youtu.be/8eI7ffkXHmU

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    Hey guys ! I just did a remix of Someone You Loved, it would mean the world to me if you would listen to it. Thank you <3

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    Some o e give a Grammy to this guy

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    Did someone notice that there is a Billie Eilish at 1:46

  84. Tyrese Brown

    I love your music

  85. user

    Right so when I was 7 I attended my godmoms bbq and I ate all the hot dogs. Her son came out very angry calling her a poor parent for not remembering to make him food and I blamed it on the dog


    Forgot to mention: the dog took the fall and I’ve never come clean

  86. Skittles Official Channel

    Capaldi could Collab with Hoizer (take me to church) !?

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    Never wanted someone to break my heart so badly 😭 just so I can cry to this music with a reason ☹

  88. carlos neto

    Never thought that one song could express what i was feeling, untill i heard this.

  89. Gesine Nienaber

    Heute in der schule haben meine Freunde gefragt ob ich das Lied singen kann und dann standen plötzlich mehrere Klassen vor mir und haben mir zu gehört 😇lyyy

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    Dis is the song that helps me true my depression

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    Still can't believe he lost to Billie eilishaienaineln

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    Are you the next Lewis Capaldi? Check out this piano backingtrack you can write lyrics to https://youtu.be/ASfA2k-lwlY

  94. Lewis Capaldi


    Chris Tashi

    Lewis Capaldi 👋 I love all the song of this album

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