Lewis, Aaron - Massachusetts Lyrics

Sing here on the stairs and listen to
The nighttime as the daylight fades away
It's such a haunting and familiar tune
When I hear it in the distance I can say
That I'm home...

In Massachusetts
Where my daughters and my wife they wait for me...
All alone, but the truth is
It's where I always am, it's where I long to be
Because I'm home

The north shore is where my father lives
I wear my Red Sox hat around the world with pride
But the Berkshires are where my heart is
And when I see them in the distance I could cry
Because I'm home...

In Massachusetts
Where my daughters and my wife they wait for me...
All alone, but the truth is
It's where I always am, it's where I long to be

Nyla started pre-school and Indy just turned two
And Zoe's just the perfect mix of me and you
They keep getting older, time keeps going by
To think about it makes your daddy wanna cry

So I just pass the sign that welcomes me to Worthington
Established long before this country came to be
A place that hasn't really changed with time
The way this country that I love, it used to be
Because I'm home...

In Massachusetts
Where my daughters and my wife they wait for me
All alone, but the truth is
It's where I always am, it's where I long to be
Because I'm home...

In Massachusetts
Where my hero teaches classes everyday
When my friends, they don't treat me different
It's where my family is, it's where I'll always stay
Because I'm home

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Lewis, Aaron Massachusetts Comments
  1. Devin Alden

    Born and Raised in Lenox MA....who else is from the Berks.

  2. Brett Cook

    Every day I pass the sign that welcomes me to Worthington. The Berkshires is where I live.

    Tanya Bee

    Brett Cook miss my home backnin springfiled ma

  3. M. Silveira

    Linda canção, me da uma paz e uma angústia ao mesmo tempo, toca os sentimentos.

  4. Douglas Stewart

    this song sucks Aaron needs to go back to staind

  5. Yung BTW

    Love this song

  6. Trinity Marietti

    Great song

  7. Sean Olson

    This hits Home cause I'm from the Berkshires!!

  8. Michelle Nys

    Maynard, Ma❤️

  9. Denise Hedden

    Wow that's beautiful🥀👍🥀

  10. casey lutz

    Cheshire MA born and raised.... Berkshire County and DAMN proud of it!!!! 🤘😎😍✌❤😊🍁🌲🌻🐾🦃🚜🚣🎼🎵❤

    Tanya Bee

    casey lutz I'm from Hamden county but non the less a masshole and damn proud of our home

  11. Tanner Bemis

    Pittsfield, Massachusetts

  12. Macey Tatro

    adams ma

  13. savage gang

    My fav song

  14. arman757

    Psa for all the Yankees here, listening to certain music and driving a mall crawler does not make you "country"

  15. Michael Tanner

    This song rocks AF \m/

  16. St. Jack Biscoes

    Im from Norfolk County, MA. I'm currently studying away in Washington DC until my departure in May. Happy to say I'm learning this song on the guitar so I can sing and play it for real in my backyard, watching the night fade away and feel home once again.

  17. ryan craswell

    Would love to see him live , amazing writer , tohches bases

  18. Max Rieumont

    I grew up my entire life in a small town in Massachusetts, and just recently moved down south. Part of me will always miss home.

  19. right is right

    Didnt know Aaron Lewis had a country career! I LOVE the sound!and as a fellow New Englander , love the song! Need more country songs about New England!
    And a conservative Republican too! Awesome!

  20. Linda Cheney Burney

    Born/Raised in MA...always a "Yankee" and treasure the fact that I am from the "heart of the country!"

  21. Tristen Huynh

    The only song about the state that once your there its hard not to call it home.

  22. Jim Marchman

    Wow.....great piece!

  23. Jeremy Pinette

    mass blows

  24. Paul Steele

    Peru. born and raised. somethings I miss most I don't.

  25. Илья Илья

    but the truth is, it's Aaron the best of bests singers

  26. Billy Hellums

    its what i grew up with 80's Rock when music still had meaning and a lot of heart

  27. Stefan Basten


  28. Emma Ackerman

    i was always home in plymouth, its my hometown. I may not live there anymore but i visit it and idc what anyone says, Massachusetts will always be my home. Ill always long to be there no matter what

  29. Ann Ayotte

    This song reminded me about my grandma and maid me cry wnd she died a couple years ago and thats why I like this song so much

  30. red neck

    💘 it

  31. öner demircan

    kaaaaamoooooonnnnn beybiiiii

  32. Gordon Hagen

    worked at dicks sporting goods in pittsfield 30 mins from worthington aaron wife and kids walk into my line amazing chills !


    Gordon Hagen man that's bad ass!

    John Meczywor

    Gordon Hagen from Adams myself , now in GA

  33. derek hunton

    I'm from taunton

  34. David Miller

    love revisiting his older music. that shit ain't country ;D

  35. Kasey Vasquez

    Love Me Some Aaron Lewis💗

  36. Futureone

    Sign should be "Entering Mass"

    Jeff B

    That's the album cover


    I know that.

  37. Lord Genoern

    South Boston Mass.!!!!!!

  38. Midnite Cryziz

    I dedicate this song to coffee milk. (Yes I know it's the drink of Rhode Island but I drink it religiously, as a masshole.)

    John Dombrowski

    from CT and went to URI... could not figure out wtf coffee milk was doing next to the regular milk. still to this day i don't understand...

    Katie Rae

    Midnite Cryziz yeah no one drink that shit around here and I'm in mass

  39. TJ C

    Listening in New Zealand.

  40. dylan flannery

    but grow up in Marshfield ma and duxburry ma

  41. dylan flannery

    brockton ma


    +dylan flannery Worcester here, also spent alot of time in Boylston and leicester

  42. coby hillier

    this is wonderful music. :)

    red neck

    coby hillier

    red neck

    u coped me

  43. Mike

    Springfield born, Indian Orchard and Longmeadow raised. Graduated two years ahead of aaron.


    Angel Stetson 1988 LHS

    Tanya Bee

    From Springfield ma lived in Indian orchard and forest park 413

  44. Donny Jarvis

    Fucking Aaron lewis could sing Spanish songs and still sound bad ass!! Best vocalist ever!! But u knew


    Donny Jarvis hahhahahaa isn't that he truth!

  45. Patrick Tallis

    Westfield, Massachusetts!!


    +Patrick Tallis westfield represent

    Tanya Bee



    Leominster, Ma my hometown. Birthplace of Johnny Appleseed

    Amanda Kinney

    Barre ma

  47. Courtmillett94

    A country song about my favorite state and the place I call home sung by a fellow masshole you can't get better than that

    Garrett Allain

    Amen. Although I live 3,000 miles away now, it's always going to be 'home'. Too many bad memories though, my life fell apart there. Starting over in Cali now.


    lmao, coyldnt said it any bettet,...:)

    right is right

    Didnt know Aaron Lewis had a country career! LOVE the sound!as a fellow Nee Englander , love the song!
    And a conservative Republican too!! Yeah!

    Tanya Bee

    I'm a masshole born and raised 34yrs miss it back home now in Arizona

  48. Andrew Warren

    Greater Boston!

  49. Derek Taylor

    YANKEES hat

    Chris Deschenes

    You go to hell


    +Chris Deschenes He's a Yankees fan so he's already IN Hell ;)

  50. The longest username you will ever see from the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

    Wicked awesome song

  51. rwjr98tj

    Feels good that such a talented musician is from my home state.. Worcester Ma born and raised.

  52. Samantha Jacob

    Talking about the hilltowns!!! <3 the hilltowns!

  53. Tex

    Sounds alot better than most pop country we hear on fm. Mass and N.E. would be alot better without Liberals driving everyone out

    Celtic_Cracker 1

    Damn straight..... I mean im in the new generation, only being 17, but I would choose this kind of music of most of the trash they call country that they are putting on the air every day....


    Hell ya!!

    Celtic_Cracker 1

    I mean, if you call yourself country and cant relate to a single one of his songs, then you are nothin of the sort

    Anthony Di Paolo

    @Timothy Perkins

    Im from leominster. always thought it was funny seeing people driving around blasting 102.5..... we are new englanders...not southerners...lol just giving you a hard time. i love this song, thought it was cheesy but it makes me cry, ive been away from home on the west coast for 2 years...

  54. Josie Stone

    love the back woods towns of Mass.,Huntington,middlefield,Chester,Russell/Woronoco,my home town,now just about a ghost town, Worthington.Love riding the dirt roads,smelling the fresh mowed fields and looking for wildlife. Aaron Lewis puts his heart and soul into his music and the love of his community. God bless all that you and your wife do for the Worthington community, a great big thank you.

  55. BRows413

    yes, this song is just so awesome

  56. Chris Johnston

    I like Aaron Lewis but the sounds like some James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet shit from 1981!!!!

  57. zxgriffin1

    Chicago is one of my favorite cities....I was born and raised in MA.. but.... people who Hate on Massachusetts don't realize they are hating on the actual ground the UNITED STATES was historically built on.... Ya ok the westcoast is Hollywood and fun... Massachusetts is the mother State of America. You can't deny it because the pilgrims landed here... and pls dont get into us killing the natives...


    zxgriffin1 Virginia is where shit really got rolling

  58. blakedavis0723

    I didn't know that Aaron Lewis was a Masshole.. Shit -.-' lol

  59. Jon207

    They must be from new york.

  60. Nathaniel Snow

    From the 508 to the 818, Salem to Burbank... Aaron and Staind will always be my music to live by!

  61. GhostGaming

    If I were to move up north, it be Penn

  62. FarmallBoy101

    You and me both brother. Country isn't about where your from, its what you are.

  63. michael gatsby


  64. whitedovegrl66

    Them two dislikers i bet you really made your daddy want to Cry!

  65. whitedovegrl66

    I think this is my favorite country song right here....

  66. NayburhoodSnipa

    oh god lol

  67. Jordan Wilson

    I miss this state so much :( this is my song it always will be till I'm dead. Trust me, I got accepted into UMass-Amherst. I'm on my way :') and when I graduate, I'm not leaving

  68. Austin m

    Good song

  69. Charlez Rector

    texas for me

  70. Justin Dennis

    i don't see how anyone from mass can be proud to live here i want to move once i have the chance

    Hunter Montgomery

    Its because you may hate the state, like I do, but its where we were born and raised. To us it is home, nowhere else will feel right. You take a home from a boy, but not a boy from his home.

    Michelle Nys

    Justin Dennis Because they have and provide the best education and healthcare in the entire United States. I’m pretty proud of that!

    Michelle Nys

    Justin Dennis And let’s not forget it’s the birthplace of the chocolate chip cookie!!

  71. Em Pressler

    connecticut right here. xP

  72. Fábio Pereira

    Perfect this tune! Great Aaron! Its simplicity, the attitude on stage, his voice ...
    Great artist! :)

  73. k2parkstar160

    so do i pal

  74. Victor Creed

    well my neck aint red, I can actually get a tan...

  75. k2parkstar160

    your the fuck up that commented on this so kick rocks bitch

  76. Victor Creed

    @k2parkstar160 exactly so shut up

  77. k2parkstar160

    @jcroproductionscom good for you..

  78. Victor Creed

    @k2parkstar160 I listen to rap and hip hop in my jacked up truck in Massachusetts..

  79. Victor Creed

    Big ups to Massachusetts!!

  80. icychillgrill3

    I just found out that this guy and staind are the same thing. I have always loved staind and "this guy" who sings country boy. Now that I know they are the same thing I could not be happier. Best of both worlds

  81. G Hale

    I really love this new sound for you!! (still love your older stuff! duh :) ) but I love country music! great addition! thank you

  82. 4653Mary

    i used to listed to staind when i was younger and i recently started having a real ear for country and about a year after that aaron came out with town line so awesome

  83. nate mar

    arons voice is a lullaby


    Beautiful song, aaron is the best! My hero!