Lewis, Aaron - Endless Summer Lyrics

In the mornin' on a Saturday
I got my girls and we're skippin' town
In my '67 442 got the rag top down
Aldean's on the radio
Ain't it funny how they sing along
Makes me smile just a little bit because it's not a Miley Cyrus song

These are the moments we can share
Come on let me take you there

Loaded up and living right
Fast cars on a summer night
Breeze is warm and the moon is bright
This endless summer

Boogie boards and diggin' holes
Sand castles and fishin' poles
What a way to save my soul
This endless summer.

Now we're at our little getaway
Zoe go and grab the fishin' poles
I can't think of any better way for us to cleanse our souls
Fresh striper on the grill tonight
Cherrystones straight out the shell
Just another day in paradise, another story I can tell

These are the moments we can share
Come on let me take you there

Loaded up and living right
Fast cars on a summer night
Breeze is warm and the moon is bright
This endless summer

Boogie boards and diggin' holes
Sand castles and fishin' poles
What a way to save our souls
This endless summer.

Monday morning and it's gettin' late
There's no traffic at the tollbooth line
Aldean's on the radio and my three girls know every line

These are the moments we can share
Come on let me take you there

Loaded up and living right
Fast cars on a summer night
Breeze is warm and the music's right
This endless summer

Boogie boards and diggin' holes
Sand castles and fishin' poles
What a way to save our souls
These endless summer nights.

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Lewis, Aaron Endless Summer Comments
  1. van shaddinger

    I just wanna say I was never a fan of country music until I discovered Aaron lewis music. Its so good it makes my soul feel so good.

  2. Ann Me

    Loved it

  3. Ryan

    Can't get enough of country summer anthems, I'm a total sucker!

  4. Melissa Jackowski

    Great song. Been in my head


    It's a 68 but non the less, my favorite singer, with my favorite car, just like mine.

  6. snowboarder201128

    I love you

  7. Stevie B

    Beautiful song ✌️

  8. Angelaml222

    Best days of life! Memories. Happy to say my husband and I share an amazing summer memory meeting you this summer 19. In your home state and mine. ❤️ Amazing concert.

  9. Joshua Reiter

    Great album, couldn't have came at a better time! You nailed the tune of the year!

  10. little442

    That is not a 67 442 ragtop?  It is a nice example of a 1968 442 ragtop though.

  11. Albert L

    This song could be Luke Bryan. Not expected from Aaron Lewis.

  12. Tony Fitty

    Hey y'all
    As a gearhead I gotta declare that the beautiful 442 ragtop is a 1968...!
    Awesome song

  13. Yolanda Parker

    My favorite song💋💕💖💖💖💖

  14. Joseph Williams

    I feel like Aaron Lewis is amazing when it comes to country. I first found about him about 10 years ago in a staind song

    Mike Cook

    Been around for like 23 years lol look up all his stuff it alsome

  15. nopi98

    Country lyrical genius

  16. redneckwormfarm

    4 speed 4 barrel duel exhaust = 442

    Melissa Jackowski

    redneckwormfarm thanks

  17. Mordion

    Love it! Fuck Miley Cyrus LOL!

  18. huntguy454 nation

    I'm pretty sure he's being a smart ass with this song.

  19. Benjamin Lubenow

    Who are the 636 morons who thumbs down'd this!?!?

  20. Joel Escamilla

    Is that Drew Brees at 2:26?

  21. Joatham Junior


  22. Dylan Mills

    It’s crazy that a guy who used to sing about how much life sucks and how depressed he was is now like, “haha yeah summertime with the kids!” Wild.

  23. Julius Peralta

    Real country music from a legend

  24. Donald lee Bevers Jr

    Love it my brother from another mother ♥ it's about dam time you come back to the life light forces..you did it ♥

  25. Stevie B

    Awesome song ✌️

  26. m d

    Aaron Lewis is a living legend, pretty much all his stuff are bangers

  27. MEX_cuz_I_CAN

    hussies are not hard to find, I'm glad I didn't chase crabs when I was young and stupid, people that want to defend wack days will comment

  28. Jennifer Taschek

    I really think you are a great singer

  29. Tim Johnson

    Perfect! !!

  30. Peter Conlan

    Aaron's bloody awesome country is his thang

  31. Denise Hedden

    🥀I love this song amazing lyrics and amazing vocals and amazing music amazing music fantasy Man🥀👍🥀

  32. Ryan Dubois

    I love you Aaron

  33. Eric Hiscock

    Aaron is awesome a truly great musician


    Should we ask Ryan how he's doing?

  35. sherrie reichert

    Wish he would come to where I could see him

  36. sherrie reichert

    My daughter got me hooked on staind loved when he went country

  37. Cowboy Outdoor

    Does anyone know the song that this is wrote to?

  38. Chicago Street Vloger

    Aaron Lewis is the best. Always relate to his music. Who agrees

  39. collin babcock

    I wish I could meet Aaron Lewis face to face

  40. Tonia Rose

    😀 that car!
    Muscle cars & trucks are the best 😍

  41. Randy Lee

    I have no problem with this.

  42. Ethan K.

    Summer 2k18 where ya at???

  43. Gage Harness

    anyone know the strumming pattern?

  44. Emmanuel Navarro

    Could it be sarcastic but somebody remember Aaron Lewis walking in the beach? This is a new version of Believe video from Staind

  45. Riley Houghton

    hey arron if read this thank you .my three girls love this song, I do too . thank you for finding your way

  46. Trinity Hartwig

    We love you

  47. Cass Spass

    Arron I believe you're filled that dark hole with the wings of your angels.yur awsume .PS thanks for saving my soal when I couldn't do it buy my self

  48. Josh Asberry

    True country that relates to life. When an artist such as AARON LEWIS sings about their life and their own feelings and personal demons you feel it deep down in the core of your soul

  49. Mecha Maiden

    When I met my husband we shared a huge love for staind... never imagined 12 years later Aaron Lewis would be our 2 girls favorite artist & of course they know every line!

  50. More Live

    Im usually hip-hop, found this on accident writing poetry but I love this song!

  51. ScottR Video & Photography

    ISO of this Endless Summer

  52. Rob Giles

    Love this song and video but there 1 problem between the song and video he talks about his 67 442 but in the video they use a 68 442 which is my favorite year

  53. Kennethleejohn Harris

    you know where the same sex cohert with each other rather than a likeness to the opposition.

  54. Kennethleejohn Harris

    hell he needs eh old lady,or old man could be he might be of the other sort of likness.

  55. J. Davis

    Don't matter but it's a 68, 67 was the long body style,2 tail light's on top each other, not side by side.... my brother wants one bad!

  56. Gunkfunkulous Munktrunkulous

    Lowkey Diss Track to Miley Clitoris... Nice

  57. eric hariyanto

    lagu mantap jiwa ni 😉😉😉

  58. jproots_

    How can anyone dislike this song/video....

  59. wishinifishin517

    you know one of those songs that you sing along to while smiling and kinda crying at the same time. that's this song

  60. river young

    him and Chris Stapleton need to get together and make an album

  61. David Malone

    keep doing ur thang mr.lewis

  62. keith

    one day

  63. Jenna Faith

    My dad made me listen to this song when I was 7 i didn't know what it meant but at age 16 i get it💙

  64. JP Auto

    Excuse me Mr. Lewis, but you said 67 442 and showed a 68. Just sayin.

  65. Gage Wells

    to think.. this is kinda inspired by a 60s documentary....



  67. Joe Harris

    well zlp.

  68. Jesus Christ

    life's looking good

  69. Ray Clark

    need to do some more country outlaw tracks something like "Country Boy".

  70. Tyler Schaaf

    Jesus Fucking Christ

  71. metal god kk

    beautiful song I love it

  72. Cody Dotson

    some of u have that in good music

  73. Scott Guzan

    great song by Aaron Lewis. country done right

  74. Ak i aint yo boy

    This shit sounds like the pop stuff he complains about in "that aint country". Fuckin clown

    James Greer

    pussinboots he actually didn't like making this song very much

  75. gerard way

    all well in the town.

  76. dan mitchell

    That is not a 67 442 it's either 68 or 69

    Steve Harbuck

    oh shit. he's a fraud.

    John Micheau

    why do I want to punch you in that thing you call a face.


    he is driving a 67 ford fairlane

  77. The Renegade J

    I actually heard he didn't like doing this song very much. I love his work though and "Sinner" is gold to me.

  78. George E

    hey is aaron lewis Negan in walking dead? lol

    Joel Escamilla

    No that's his father lol

  79. David martinez

    This is real country ! that crap they play now a days is not country !

    Gunkfunkulous Munktrunkulous

    David martinez This kind of country music I'm good with

    Sphinx Rising

    Actually Country has went back to it's roots, Rock-A-Billy. You would now that if you knew enough about music.

    That gamer Colton

    David martinez shut up haters you are just jealous

  80. Michael Thornton

    The versatility of this guy is silly.

    gerard way

    Michael Thornton pretty cool, huh

  81. tyler mastello

    Love the Holyoke soldiers home hoodie

  82. p e

    I'm 23 and only listen to older country besides that i listen to 90's rock/alternative music.....this dude is the only artist i will listen to in modern country....great music if you work outside allot

    Chad Puttonen

    Cody jinks


    Try Chris Stapleton


    try hellbound glory


    preston emmons Try Midland

  83. Jamie Hoath

    All those thumbs down must love Sam Hunt

    Sam Alvey

    or Staind

    Yardbreather Outdoors

    most likely 'disgruntled' Staind fans.

  84. Gun-nut R

    get to see him the 19th!

  85. deathman 158

    i love staind's music but aaron lewis is meant to b a country singer

    Dalton Bozarth

    deathman 158 damn right he is

    Will Powers

    I couldn't agree more man

    Sphinx Rising

    Says who?

    David Kent

    everyone besides you

  86. Don Broach v8sten

    Aaron this is a real good song, but as a previous owner of a 67 Cutlass, thats a 68 in the video.

    Cheeky Cob

    I was all excited in showing hubby this (We are '69 H/O and '70 442
    W-30 owners) His balloon was popped when he called the '68 here a '67 lol.

    Lance Nicol

    who fuckin cares man just enjoy the words of the song

    Shane Hendry

    could be going off the VIN plate. Might have rolled off the line in '67 for '68 model year.

    Dana Montgomery

    i had a '72. i want a convertible '71 or '72. price has gone up a bit....


    Would still make it a '68 regardless what month it was produced. VIN would call it a "68.

  87. Simonas Koira

    a very good god song ")

  88. Kennith Hudson

    that car...

  89. Sarah Teasley

    Aaron is an awesome artist, from Staind which my nephew turned me onto, or I never would have listened to. Now to Country music which the old rockers such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger, and more are now considered. He is just too good to be true. Keeps his Rock True Rock, and his Country True Country! Good for you. In a long ago comment I called him Chris, my boyfriend at the time...his name was Chris and we were arguing. Sorry. I then started listening to Aaron. My Bad!

    gerard way

    Sarah Teasley everyone should enjoy a lil' fantasy from time to time.

    Sarah Teasley

    spielmeover steve. Go figure, the world would be a better place perhaps if they did! Thanks for the positive comment. Others can take a typo so seriously. Geez! You'd think we were in school and being graded! I had fun with it though. 😂😎 I'm not goin' to let someone with a keypad irk me.


    thsts a 68 ..

  91. Star Lord

    He needs to do a new country album soon


    +david Hofflinger Just saw him last week, comes out in September


    i think he has one in the works

    Jimmy Berry

    Star Lord 1

  92. Taylor Foltz

    Love it!! Real music, real lyrics, real life!! Beats any rapper makin money rhyming about 9mms, weed and a ridiculous dance move lol


    Actually he has a song to thats about 9s and weed

  93. Tony Hitchcock

    good shit... but nothing like staind. I'm in shock

  94. Johan

    oh why aren't your songs on spotify!?!?!?!?!

  95. Jody Nichols

    living and loving life.. love you Darlene..

  96. Javi Garcia

    Great Music! And that 4-4-2!

  97. chad town

    J Gomez knows shit about music

  98. John Gacy

    this is fucking horrible