Levert, Gerald - Your Smile Lyrics

[Background Vocals: Tommy "Zero" Johnson]

Oh, yo, ha
You remember this one from way back, huh?
Make ya wanna stomp your feet
Or snap your fingers
Like this
Young man dropped a little ditty on me
One of Clevland's finest
We call him Zero
Song goes like this here
Check it out

Here I am sittin' here
Watching everything you do
I block everything out of my mind
So my attention's all on you
Your body's tight, your skin tone nice
These feelings I'm not gonna fight
You got me hypnotized girl, yeah
You make me wanna get inside girl

Your eyes (Your eyes)
Your smile (Your smile)
Makes me (Makes me)
Want you (Want you baby)
Your eyes (Girl, your eyes)
Your smile (Makes me)
Makes me (Want you baby)
Want you (Sing the song)

Tell me how you like it and I'll try my best
To pelase you girl
Here's our chance to explore
Each other's world
Let me hold you
Gonna put this on everything
I'm gonna show you
Gonna show you, I would do anything
To see

Your eyes (Your eyes)
Your smile (Makes me)
Makes me (Want you)
Want you (Zero, help me sing)
Your eyes (Your smile)
Your smile (Makes me, come on)
Makes me (Want you baby)
Want you (Everytime I see ya)

Your eyes (Everytime I see ya, I get so excited)
Your smile (Yes I do)
Makes me (Baby)
Want you (The way you walk)
Your eyes (The way you talk)
Your smile (The way you move)
Makes me (Baby)
Want you

I wanna be huggin' and kissin'
And sqeezin' and squeezin' you
Doin' the things that a man is suppose to do
Stormy weather girl, we'll be together
Forever and ever and ever and ever

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
From now on (Now on)
From now on, yeah (This day on, till infinity)

[Repeat 1 with ad libs]

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Levert, Gerald Your Smile Comments
  1. Annette B

    Oh yess!💋

  2. Maurice Frison

    when I hear this song I see you. makes me want you. doing the things man should.

  3. Maurice Frison

    this song say what I want to say. You know who are.

  4. JrGONGdah3RD !!!

    Still lovin "Your Smile" baby girl in 2019!!!

  5. Hope Burks

    Levert songs always made me fill like young lady in out. R.I.P Teddy Bear

  6. George Finley

    Still listening to this & its 2019


    Still beautiful song😊

  8. Neekie MoDu

    Taken back to the truth of love through a song

  9. Chuckz Timoteo-Tauanuu

    KAM.IV anthem👌🏽

  10. Dee Exx

    I absolutely ADORE thiis song.   thanks coaster380.  I miss GL


    +Dee Exx  My pleasure,glad you enjoyed. :)

    Tammy Ward Eberhart

    Dee Exx I swear its one of my FAVORITES!!!!

  11. Sandra. Bass

    Your Smile***So Beautiful Gerald~ I love this song!!!

  12. Barb Lewis

    "I will do anything to see your smile!"  And then he said "from NOW ON, NOW ON!
    Levert KNOW he sang this song!  My Boy!  Miss him.

  13. Duce Duce

    rest in peace G.L. We miss you but we all know you are in a better place but you are truly miss

  14. omoniyikaye

    Gerald LeVert!!!!

  15. Barb Lewis

    says all those things a lady wants to hear.  he's not talking ugly or trashy - just saying he loves her smile, her eyes...makes him want her.  You was really "sangin"  Gerald.


    He get into a woman, in her eyes,you can see ,and her smile you can tell.