Levert, Gerald - You're A Keeper Lyrics

The G Spot CD
Gerald Levert

Uhh oh yea
well well well well well well well
uhh oh baby
listen to me
oh huh
Just got laid off from work today
I can't go home
What am I gonna say
Guess I'll go to the local bar toss up a few
Tell the bartender what I'm going thru
He said if you got a good woman
She gon catch you when you fall
So instead of giving me an earful
here's a quarter you need to call her
So here I am baby

If tonight I cry (oh baby)
I need you to be strong
Will you be my shoulder (oh baby)
Girl you are my backbone (my backbone)
And I'm falling apart

My little boy birthday is coming (yeah)
And he want that playstation too (yes he do)
What am I gonna tell him
Gotta save cause the rent is due the rent is due
You say you'll get another job (yes you do girl)
But I won't put you thru that
Just hold me close tonight
Say everything will be alright
I just need to know I need to know you got my back

So If tonight I cry (oh I cry)
I need you to be strong
Will you be my shoulder (my shoulder)
Girl you are my backbone my backbone
And I'm falling apart

Girl I know it's really messed up
I think the Lord is trying to test us (yes he is)
Better half never meant so much to me
Like any real man
I want my family to have everything and anything
But I'm struggling to get on my feet

If tonight I cry oh baby
I need you to be strong baby
Girl you're my shoulder
Baby you're my backbone my backbone
And this man is falling apart (ooh)

I don't wanna cry (ooh) so I need you to be strong
For the kids and the family
Can't let'em see us down
Cause you know they gon kick ya
when ya down and out (backbone backbone)
See nobody wants you nobody even cares

(If tonight I cry)

If tonight If tonight If tonight If tonight I cry
Baby wont you be strong ooh ooh
Cause you are, will you be, you need to be, you gotta be my shoulde

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Levert, Gerald You're A Keeper Comments
  1. Hope Burks

    Brother you was one of kind, good in what you do. R.I.P Gerald Levert

  2. Sojuicy Colyar

    Love this man❤️❤️❤️


    Still fire at its best won't die down

  4. frostysnow w

    REAL MUSIC 💜💜💜💜

    Kimberly Chapman

    missing you G.

  5. Menen love



    Now this one is a undescribable one it's just very catchy this one I can sing all day .

  7. Janiece Grier

    4:01 that part 😒

  8. Lyann Harp

    he was sprung...Stalker lol

    Janiece Grier

    Lyann Harp trus 😂😂😂

  9. James Jones

    I remember when I first heard dis song I couldn't listen to the whole song because I kept rewinding it wooow!

    diane brown

    LMFAO!!! I did the same thing 🤣

  10. Michelle Dodson

    😜😝👏love this

  11. Michelle Dodson


  12. Michelle Dodson


  13. Gwendolyn Page

    this song is off the hook...I love it

  14. Rosalyn Dorden

    This song make me think about my days as a COUGAR!!!Ray where you at????

    Janiece Grier

    Rosalyn Dorden this song reminds me of my ol man who's name is also Ray 💦💦💦