Levert, Gerald - Smile For Me Lyrics

Now we're looking face to face
and eye to eye
baby I can feel your pain,
he ain't doing you right.
Think of all the time you waste
you tried and tried
he never really knew your worth
but you don't have to cry

and whenever he won't do you the way you want him to
don't cry
(I'll be there no more hurt, no more pain)
baby you're the air I breath
and I give the world to see you smile
(all I want is to see you smile for me)

now you open up your eyes to see
he's not the one
let him go just like a stormy haze
I'll bring out your sun
now your pain is in the past
dry your eyes
and all I ask just one more thing
let me see you smile

[chorus x2]

when your all alone - smile
waiting by the phone - smile
and he don't call - smile for me
I'll be by your side - smile
no more lonely nights - smile, smile for me
baby won't you smile for me

[chorus x2]

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Levert, Gerald Smile For Me Comments
  1. Dee Battle


  2. Menen love


  3. somno sultanate


    RaeRae Jeru

    I'm guessing u meant ' SOO SMOOTH '

  4. Quinton Turner

    "Now we're looking face to face and eye to eye. Baby I can feel your pain. "The most ultimate form of intimacy. It's amazing how one can de drawn to another. A love stronger shared between two souls, more closer than a sibling to his/her brother. I amongst others, will protest that this song is captivating, inviting and comforting in a time of pouring rain. This life is like a train consisting of many stops, bumps,blows and even sometimes shows. When your heart is feeling low, take a listen to this song. Before long you will be revived one more time. Now smile!

  5. jd wil

    when you know your worth and decide to leave, this is the song to get you through :)!

  6. Gwendella J

    This is my song.