Levert, Gerald - Oh What A Night Lyrics

Oh babe
Tell me you don't have to go
Tell me you can stay
That you'll do it another night
Another night, you see

I never thought that you
Could do the things you do
To make my nature rise through the wee hours of the night
You got me all shook up thinking I'm in love
I'm usually the one making my lover grind
When I'm inside
But you brought tears to my eyes
Surprise surprise

Oh, what a night we had, girl
Ooh, you're bad, girl
Didn't know you'd do that, girl

Oh, what a night we had girl
Ooh, you're so fast girl
Didn't know you'd do that, girl
Oh what a night

Do you have to go
Girl I need you so
Cuz baby if you leave
I'll be incomplete
But baby if you stay
Make it your whole work day
Cuz all work and no play
It won't satisfy me and your needs
I'll get down on my knees
Baby please, baby please

[Repeat 1]

Ooh, I've been missing this, never thought I'd fien'
Cuz it come and go, in and out my door
But you fulfill my dreams, ooh
Baby, the way you put that thing on me
It should be a crime, girl I need more time

Oh what a night, what a night
Doesn't have to end, baby
Ooh and I don't wanna stop it baby
I wanna keep going and going and going and going
Keep the juices flowing and flowing and flowing and flowing
Like it is baby
Square biz baby

[Ad libs]

[Repeat 1 with ad libs until fade]

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Levert, Gerald Oh What A Night Comments
  1. Angela


  2. Nina Catherine Willmon

    RIP to the velvet teddy bear himself and my hometown brother :') <3.

  3. Trey Jackson

    Man I love this album

  4. Avah Davis

    I simply love this album!!!💞

  5. Terrance Gilliard

    Klassik shit.....and now you wanna come back💯💯💯💯

    John Galt Dough

    ...LMBAO so i can't give you that...you can call me on my service line. #realtalk 100!! Rest in harmony big boy!

  6. William Gregory


  7. William Gregory


  8. William Gregory


  9. William Gregory