Levert, Gerald - No Man's Land Lyrics

What happened to the old records
when it sounded like this
what happened to the old records
when it was strictly classics


What's going on is what he once said
guess nobody heard him
and it's no better as days go by
I'm gettin' fed up
pain and misery is taking over me
hungry babies unemployment lines people
steady dying
I'm getttin' my bags and I'm goning
to the place that is no where

I'm going going packin' my bags
and going to no man's land
I'm going going packin' my bags
I'm going to no man's land

Catching cases and during time I'm getting
my baby's mama making me loose my mind
gotta keep my head up
the divorce rates running high ain't no
family ties
where's our future, chruches burning down,
disease is spreading around
I'm gettin' my bags and I'm going to a place
where no man's land


Sign of the times staring you in your face
I must go on try to find a better place

Repeat Chorus five times


Gotta get away find here go far from here
fly away from here
Gotta get away find here go far from here


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Levert, Gerald No Man's Land Comments
  1. Ms Anti Ppl !

    I got the album and this track stayed on 🔄 This was a nice homage to Marvin Gaye's "What's going on". 90s I miss you.

    Eman 08

    I work closely with the original members of Dark Blu as Nicarlo Williams is one of the lead singers of the group that contributed as the Co-Writer of this song. Not sure if you are familiar with Dark Blu as the group was originally put together by Gerald Levert.

    Ms Anti Ppl !

    @Eman 08 No, I'm not familiar with that group. Thanks for sharing. They made magic then.

    Eman 08

    @Ms Anti Ppl ! Yeah I'm one of Record Producer's of the group as we are in the works on a new forth comming album continue on Gerald Levert legacy.

  2. RJ Renee

    This should've been on the radio. His was a great talent and is deeply missed.

    I'm literally doing what he said. I'm @ a cheating fucker who gave me the key to his place weathering hurricane Florence & this mofo texting bitches....BYE

  3. Asaur Re

    I finally found this song. Man is a genius.

  4. Delvecchio Gilliard

    "what's going on" thats what he once said, I guess nobody heard em🤦🏾🤷🏾 He was talking about Marvin Gaye🎙🎼🔊

  5. Tiffany Haynes

    Love this song

  6. Ayesha Richardson

    i love this whole album

  7. El Patton

    This was his hardest hitting album to me, a must have.

  8. Danielle M

    Miss this talent