Levert, Gerald - G Spot Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Well here we are; just me and you
Just you; just us and the bedroom
Here’s a robe; take off your clothes, hmmmmmm
Take my hand the waters running baby in the bubble bath, candles everywhere
Relax and unwind. I’m a wash your back while you take a sip of this red wine


Welcome to my lair, lair, lair, lair, this is where we play girl
It’s on baby, promise you we won’t stop no, no. Till you know your G Spot.
It aint nothing but love for you baby; My lair, this is where we play baby,
It’s my playground. We’ll be getting down

[Verse 2]

Rub your shoulders, kiss your neck;
Roll my tongue down your back
Pick you up. Oooo you’re all wet. Lay your sexy body on the bed
Now close your eyes cause this is where our lips collide baby.
Are you ready yet? Baby can I slip inside?

[Verse 3]

Welcome to my Lair, baby, Oooo, Oooo, Oooo, Oooo, baby, baby, baby
I aint gonna stop, I aint gonna stop. Oooo can you feel me
It’s getting hard baby, it’s getting had baby to hold back, to hold back baby
Oh baby, oh you feel so good uh, so wet. Ahhh can you feel me?
You like it like that huh? Ahhh keep it steady baby, rock it steady baby
Ahhh, ahh, ahh, I won’t stop. I don’t want to stop. Ummmm, oooooooo, ahhhh
I’m about to go their baby; I’m about to go their baby
Oooooooooooooooooooooo, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby, oooooooo
Ah, I aint gonna stop it baby; I aint gonna stop baby,
I aint gonna stop girl till your there
Till you say G, what’s my name? Tell me what’s my name?
What’s my name baby?What’s my name girl?
Won’t stop, won’t stop till you know your G Spot, your G Spot

[Verse 4]

Ready to start up again, ahhhh baby you feel it?
It’s coming back, it’s coming back
Ha, ha, ha. Ahhh yeah I love it baby, I love it baby uh, ooowe, your still so wet
How you keep it like that? Uh Ohhhhhhh
Got me screaming like a little girl

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Levert, Gerald G Spot Comments
  1. Nikki Spicer

    Baby let me see your resume...

  2. Melly

    I'm looking in 2020 RIP gerald levert

  3. LET_ME_IN


  4. Clifton Allison

    So On Point...*I NEED NOT SAY MORE*
    (rih) Mr.Gerald Levert!!

  5. Ayo Kei

    I wish it was a video to for this song

  6. Michelle More

    I love this song. My mom would always play this song ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Mel Jr

    Right here

  8. Mel Jr

    Taking applications ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  9. Sweet Deva

    You will find one.


    Well it's Official, all over with the OLD ... Now I'm Looking for a New Love; Submit your Application, A Woman with no children, a Job, Also with long term loyalty values, and no malicious intent!!!


    Also GL said you need to be legal...

  11. #1NATUREVERSE {ME_Rambo Inner GorillaYoda_365dayz}

    2019/2020And On Let' Go🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪☑️

  12. Ashley Harris

    2019 and this still my song

  13. bmw575

    Omg I can’t recall.. but I don’t ever remember hearing this 😳😳

  14. Ayanna Harris

    I am so missing this man, not that I knew him personally but I think about him often and his great music RIP to the American Teddy Bear.

  15. Ron Harrison

    Gerald, Heavy D are amazing R.I.P. 🙏🏽🙏🏽


    I still feel in love this song!💖❤️ R.I.P. Gerald 😇

  17. pamelaeleby3

    I could listen to this man all day and night . Never gets old .

  18. Tabbatha Woods

    Im so feeling this song...oooooohhh good love

  19. Judy Schenk

    this was and still is my favorite CD ...so happy to hear these songs again!

  20. Wallace Flagg

    2018 G can STILL HELP ME...

  21. Smoody Lady

    the only group that could do this song justice would be silk

    James Dane

    There's one more group

  22. Smoody Lady

    Miss your music your smile and humility GL


    Greatest song ever written. ..

  24. Will Powell

    I wish bad luck to Jonathan craig I wish he was dead

  25. Nicholas McCrary

    Submitting my application across the nation

    Will Powell

    Nicholas McCrary I'll accept yo application

  26. Truman Gibson

    Just gay, be real.

  27. Realtor Ebony

    Keep it steppin like Martin 😂

    Will Powell

    Ebony smilez be my girl

    Martina Battle

    Ebony smilez and I am not able to do it is a good idea of the day I was just thinking about it is a bit of the time to time and I am a bit more about your order is as well as a result the time to do it in the same as a result the time of year again I would like this one and I will have to go to last post time to get the best regards David I am a bit too much to do the same thing as I have to be able to get the best way to do it is a bit more about this and the other hand I am not able to make sure that you can see it as a lot of time in the future of the same as last year and the other day and the other side of my resume for you to be in a few months ago when I get the chance to look at this point in the future of our games and more about the other side is that you are doing well as the same as a result the time and consideration for the use a different one and the other hand if you want to be in a few months and the rest are not able to make sure that the morning to you and your company and the other hand I am not a problem in the same as last year we are going through a lot to me and the

  28. Erick L Williams

    I Know you feel all of this V2DK

    Dale Savage the My products 7

    Big "G"..

  29. Will Powell

    My damn mother trying to tell me I need to go back to my ex girlfriend I said to her I wanna deal wit someone else I'm gonna like who I wanna like I hate my mother she screwed up my life.

    Rona Love

    Will Powell Never give Up... You will know THAT One Love when you meet her!

    But lil word of advice... Live your Life until you Do... Just like women sometimes you gotta Bob a few apples before you grasp the right one... Your fit!

    Sounds like you need to experience life a bit more...

    No grown woman wants a man with mommie issues!

    And if you hate your mother!?😲 Then you definitely have mommie issues!😱

    If you hate your Mom then you hate yourself! She is the reason... in part that you Live... breathe and want to Love? Eh?😳😘


    Life is Love...
    Allah is Love!

    Honor your Mother and Father!😇😂

    Will Powell

    Rona Kidd I hate that guy my mom married he screwed my life they took something from me

    Rona Love

    Will Powell That's Life sweetie! Just at least you learned something about this instance... You surely are not likely to repeat...

    Move on or else you will never be able to move forward...

    What's for you is for you... The rest is what you make IT!

    As long as you are holding on to the angst of Injustices... You won't be able to grow!

    Don't no woman want to hear the negatives... Don't worry be happy Guy.... OK!

    Chuck it up as a Loss! It's a big world out here and surely their will be other disappointment!

    Learn from IT... Everyone is a blessing in disguise!

    Get yours! Get your own!


    Complaining about this doesn't cure anything!

    It manifests...

    Why let IT take control of your life?

    It izzza what it izzza!

    Will Powell

    Rona Kidd she hate my friend from Philly and never met him

  30. gigi love

    sing it

  31. Will Powell

    Winter, spring, summer, fall come 1 come all doesn't matter the size or the color.

  32. Samantha Dennis

    There will never be another Teddy Bear like GL

    Agon Leed

    Samantha Dennis word. Imcan sing all his songs in my deep voice and sound good as fuck. And my woman LOVES it. He was my inspiration to write poems and songs back in high school while every other guy wasntrying to be rappers

    Will Powell

    Samantha Dennis u could sign up right here

  33. ABRNB

    So I'm sending out this application all across the nation!! Get 'em Gerald!!!!!!! R.I.P to the greatest!!

    Kevin Mansell

    this song was in a coma never released From R&B Radio World

    Kevin Mansell

    my favorite new classic song Gerald Levert im looking for a new Love the year is 2000 release date

  34. Francine Polk

    oh my God this song is so nice and so real exactly what I'm looking for it's old but it's real and that's what I like and that's what I'm looking for

  35. Anthony Jones

    I was sining this to my future wife and she got the job she keeps me happy

  36. MrBlactye

    No one can't do it like GL . Man This is an pioneer of our generation. I just love all of his music.

  37. Blessed One

    I'm sending the application across the nation's. Gerald is singing the truth to a new love with some everlasting love.

  38. Ebony Campbell

    this song sounds so good to me ..oldie but goodie

  39. Will Powell

    dam Yalisha I hate that girl sorry ass beotch

  40. Mykim Austin

    I love application that song tells the truth🙌

  41. Mykim Austin

    I love application that song tells the truth🙌


    Love this song

  43. Will Powell

    my mother know she is wrong for what she did screwed me over back in 2007 I was supposed to been married my mother is not my not mother when she is on bs

    Brian Olds

    Will Powell u trynna marry your mother

    Charlene Turner

    Aren't you your own man,not mamas

  44. Rhonda Coleman

    I LOVE YOU 💜💜💜
    R I P MY TEDDYBEAR 💋 💋 💋

  45. juceehot24


  46. Sandra. Bass

    Gerald Levert.....#TEDDYBEAR~MISSING U!!!♥♥♥

    Will Powell

    u wanna hook up

    Will Powell

    +Sandra. Bass summit yo application

    Dee Perry

    took the words out of my mouth.

    Diedre Smith

    I need woman with a job, I need her own crib I need a woman with a ride I need a woman No Kids!!!! RIP GERALD LEVERT!!!