Levert, Gerald - Funny Lyrics

Huh, it's gonna be one of them days
I can feel it, uh

[Verse 1]
On a day, like today
I got out of bed, upped and went my way
Tryin' to find some peace within
But here ain't no rest for a weary man

Everything seemed to get me down
Looking everywhere just to find a smile
Then the phone rings and an angel sings
"Hello (Hello)"

And it's funny you should call today
It's been too long, thought you just moved on
And it's funny you should call today
You always found a way to make my day

[Verse 2]
Girl, tell me how is your family
I can't believe that you thought of me, baby
Baby, my heart is beating fast
You don't know how much I missed our past, mmm, yeah

Seen a friend of mine a month or so
She said you're doin' well, you've got it going on
Then the phone rings and an angel sings
"Hello (Hello)"

[repeat chorus]

Baby,it's like you know when I wa down and out (down and out)
Like in the past when you would bail me out(bail me out) baby baby
And I just want to wanna thank you girl
Just to hear your voice girl, it changed my world

And ain't it funny you should call today
It's been too long, thought you just moved on
And it's funny you should call today
We can just be friends, babe, ain't got to be your man
No way, no way......

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Levert, Gerald Funny Comments
  1. Vince Rhett

    My all-time favorite!! So sad God called him home so soon. This brother made some TRUE love songs. RIP Gerald! Gone but never forgotten. Your music and spirit still lives and will forever live through your music.

  2. wr513


  3. Taja Chandler


  4. Reneiloe Songo

    My song ❤️

  5. Shaasia Goss


  6. Gamer Madden07

    Rip to One Of The Greatest Voices and Entertainers In
    R and B Music History

  7. A Castro

    Before bluetooth. People use your bluebooth. Safety first. Miss your Gerald Levert You are brilliant songwriter.

  8. Jennifer Robinson



    This video was deep... people didn't expect that ending.

  10. Jay H5656


  11. Vigilante Salazar

    I wish someone would have stopped him from doing this video. It’s not ever good to play in a movie, story or video where you die or get killed or even almost killed because you curse yourself when you do that. Some Hollywood actors refuse certain roles in movies because they aware of curses and jinxing yourself. Then the crazy thing is I think they made this in his hometown of philly. R.I.P. big bro but I wish you would have never done this video like this. Maybe a different storyline because I hate remembering your death by watching it with that accident scene I prefer to remember your life.

  12. Tracy Knowles

    Selah prey to busy slow ride wake release angles mercy me thanks Godtrue humble amen hello. ffree💕

  13. Nina Biniji

    Damn I miss my Big teddy bear Gerald.😭😭😭 Forever in our hearts..Rest easy .

  14. Metro Philly

    Rip too a legend never forgiven big. Guy love u forever and always 😢😢😍💗💔😇😇😇

  15. Rickey Gee TV

    Karrine Steffans was in this video! She looks good!

  16. DeMay Fox

    Tiktok brought me here 🤯🤧💀

  17. Denise Moore

    November 9, 2019 it’s still the Jam,

  18. David Jackson

    This song hits different as a grown man! No better feeling than getting that unexpected text or call

  19. protected BLESSINGSTOALL

    I miss him he was one of THE GREATS.. RIP GERALD❤🙌THANK GOD FOR ALL YOU GAVE US❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  20. christian6455

    Gerald Levert Kill it with that Hello hook

  21. Duane Rogers

    😭 call me Ciara ... I miss you girl.

  22. Anray McNeil

    It’s funny you should call
    I’m driving all alone
    And you’re waiting at home
    It’s good to hear from you
    Is everything cool, what’s new?
    I’m having one of them days
    Worried those days were gonna slip away
    After what happened
    You are my only aim
    I am your big fire
    Stronger than satire
    Thank God he spared me
    He gave me another chance

  23. defboka907

    Wow! I love Gerald but I never saw this video 😞😞😞😞😞 rest easy king your music will live on.

  24. Kimberly aka Kimmiekoo Austin

    Funny you should call today

  25. Caramel Diva

    I was pregnant with my son when this song came out and I used to keep my 1 year old niece. I played this song so much my niece would even sing this song in church!! 😂 Thank you for the great memories! Continue to rest peacefully Gerald.

  26. Brandale Carter

    I forgot this video was TO BE COUNTIUED

  27. Brandale Carter

    Man .... Make me miss BET midnight love

  28. Fernando Howard

    Funny 2019?

  29. April Fox Western- N'guessan

    A good singer and he was so fine.
    Always thinking him and his music.
    RIP Gerald Levert.
    I learned my lesson about driving and cell phones.

  30. L C

    I will never forget the news that day😢

  31. Armoni Q Fields

    No Bullshit....Left 1 Behind...Street Life Took Me Away.. In a Moment I can't Describe...I got a Out of the Blue Call from 1 that Really had My Love.....It waz funny how She Called that Day....#OaklandCa

  32. Elizabeth Williams

    My Heart is beating

  33. Michelle Moore

    This was the hint to stay away from Karrine aka Superhead

  34. Tiffany Parnell

    Love this song .. it alway came across like suicide letter to me RIH ...

  35. yuh_yuh_yuh_wdw leoni

    This was my uncles ringtone and me and my sister would get so lit when somebody would call him🤣❤️

  36. Leyla0791

    Hello in heaven 🕊💞

  37. Youngbaby Tj

    He is u real😏 he was singing under water

  38. Sheila Keyes


  39. shawn joseph

    This song just popped in my head...RIP bruh!!!

  40. william ray

    I wished he was able to make the second part of this video. R.I.P. gerald

  41. Chris Pace

    My mans Rest up baby big Gerald

  42. Ruth mcqueen

    My favorite Gerald levert song . R.I.P .

  43. Jasmine Philips

    2019 anyone rip Gerald 😘

  44. Diana Mcclendon


  45. dakara williams

    Art of storytelling!

  46. Carlette Karim

    I'm digging this music video it's bad to the bone!!😍

  47. karriem reed

    And it's funny haha the best besides his daddy who school him

  48. Adrienne Riggins

    This my mom favorite song and my to

  49. Jai Norman

    Real music!

  50. Miss Black San Antonio Co Ed 2017

    I was really looking forward to the continuation . to this video . Strange how he died right after this video

  51. Kay Gee

    I miss him...

  52. Jason Wilson

    RIP Gerald

  53. The Hustler

    To be continued...

  54. Ayanni Everett

    🎶 phone rings ☎️📞

  55. Yul Jones

    Hello what up people Classic Great Music Never Dies. This That Real Shit Not That Bullshit RIP G.L.!!! 🎧💯🎧

  56. Kathrina Hall- Williams

    I see you Karrine aka SUPERHEAD RIP GERALD LEVERT!


    Wow, this video runs parallel to my real life experience, unfortunately I never saw him again!! RIH, Verg & Gerald💔💔💔💔💔💔

  58. Wolokoso

    2019 we can't use phones while driving

  59. Dro Got Biscuits

    Just noticed Karrine in this video.

  60. Dro Got Biscuits

    RIP to one of Cleveland’s finest. I almost forgot about this song until I heard it today on 93.1. Got my whole life.

  61. Queen Zyonna X

    Kenny Hello, Hello

  62. Mo Jesus


  63. johnathan Dagreat

    I had one of those days today SMH.

  64. Jalin ReallyThrusted

    my jam fav love his voice so Real

  65. Hope Burks

    Levert was a great singer, writer, rest in peace fine angle

  66. Amanda Herminstyne

    I mis his music and voice so much. Love, love, love him!!!💋💋

  67. Nieesha Kemp

    Damn I love this song. But I never realized how dark the video is. It's kinda eery and distracts me from the actual melody and song lol but such a good song

  68. HotInEER

    RIP.....really missin you and your music.

  69. Hope Burks

    I missed, loves Gerald music always

  70. Darryl Hamilton

    What was the song in the beginning??

  71. Genetta Lacey

    My personal teddy bear, missing you, deeply. Rest in peace.

  72. Sweet Savage Nails

    This song is a must play for me, if I havent heard it in a while, I always gotta hear it..its funny how this song sticks around in my life..

  73. Siya Monakali

    🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 RIP Gerald Levert 💛

  74. Jai Norman

    Real music!!

  75. UnicorNugget86 __

    Damn, I miss music like this.

  76. Mz.Shara86

    My song 2018 vibing

  77. Ms. Dani

    This video is so hard to watch! 😢😭😭

  78. Ms. Dani

    This song has made me cry since he died-- yet I'm here. Sometimes it's okay to have a good cry....

  79. Charles Butler

    I remember when he sung a snippet of this song before the album dropped in a concert with him and Luther Vandross. Best concert ever

  80. Monica R

    Wow, i didnt realize the woman is superhead 😜

  81. Joseph Dale

    Just like when I heard the awful news of Marvin Gaye's untimely death, I knew another irreplaceable star was just extenquished at the news of Gerld Levert's much too soon passing.... Music took a loss on these two !

  82. Carlo J. Morisset III

    *Gerald Levert*
    The G-Spot
    Elektra Entertainment [CC]
    Director: Bryan Barber

  83. rachael bay

    He is SO FINE!!!

  84. Dee Williams

    RIP Suki

  85. Marsellus Wallace

    Supa Head !!

  86. Blue 100s

    That's How Amazing "SUPER Head's Head game" is She Got Him Singing While he's Drowning.

  87. Guccio Gucci

    Gerald, as a person, was as beautiful as his voice. Miss being around him and Sean. Good memories and real music ended with the passing of both.

  88. i slapped your momma

    Is this how he died tell Mee please anyone???!

  89. Hope Burks

    I was watching MTV, Levert said" everything not paid, had a Rover his water

  90. Utha smith

    The jam

  91. Barbara Montgomery

    Was there a part 2 if he made it? Let us fans know Anyone?

  92. Donna Young

    Wish I could have seen this talent in person before his home going.

  93. TLC

    A sad premonition. Just makes me wonder. The music industry is so filled with darkness! RIP Teddy Bear. So loved this song until...

  94. Trenishia Donson


  95. CoCoCure34

    I love you Gerald! RIP baby...

  96. Dante Del Valle

    R.I.P. Gerald Levert

  97. Faith YOUNG

    Wowwwwww I never saw the video its sooooooo bomb.com RIP GERALD LEVERT I ♡THIS SONG