Levert, Gerald - Dream With No Love Lyrics

I've been up, I've been down
Been through changes and turned around
Chasing my dreams I reall need y'all (necessary)
Wanna come wanna go, it's just a house when your all alone
Did I get my wish?
Is this what will wished?
I don't want it then, tell me

What do you do with a dream and no love
It's lonely to bed lonely waking up
That's not enough
That's not what I want
What do you do
What do with a dream and no one to share it with (naw, naw)
It's lonely to bed lonely getting up
That's not enough (naw)
That's not what I want

See, see

My friends think I've changed but my heart and my soul is the same
They just can't see (naw)
I'm a man that's in need
Oh, I can't fake (fake)
And I can't front (front)
Really need me a woman to love
But she never come
Dreams unfulfilled with no love

What do you do?

What do with a dream and no love (with a dream, with a dream)
It's lonely to bed lonely waking up
And that's not enough, no baby that's not what I want

No, no, no, no, no

See I'm calling (I'm calling) for someone (for someone)
To fill my emptiness
Can you hear me (hear me)
Well I'm sending out an S.O.S.
I'm in distress (yes I am)

Now what do you do
What do you do with a dream and no love

It's lonely at the top when you ain't got nobody
Nobody to love (naw naw naw naw)
That's not what I want
That's not what I want
I betcha my family share my dream with me
Have a little wine with me
Picture that baby
I don't want to be alone (no no no no no no)
What do you want
What do you do with a dream, a dream and no love
It's lonely to bed, it's lonely when you wake up
No one to keep you warm...[fade]

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Levert, Gerald Dream With No Love Comments
  1. Leslie Thurman

    Love this song. Miss you Gerald.

  2. Lynne G.

    My boy! Gerald🌹

  3. Pat Parker

    This young man..may his soul rest in peace..cant tell the diff from him or his dad.. And I'm from his dad's era. ❤

  4. The Urban Photographer

    One of the most personable songs of man's quest to be loved ever written. We are literally inside Gerald's head on this one. Great song.

  5. nino Brown6550

    One of them songs that's modern, yet, got you feeling like you riding in your uncles Oldsmobile. Just classic throwback.

  6. DearMsFabulous

    This song brings tears to my eyes. Im a woman and I can relate and feel what he is saying. RIH Prince Gerald! You are truly missed.

  7. Krissy G

    I danced with my first love to this song, at 16 years old in 2000. Loved this song ever since. Will never forget.

  8. Franciaca Oduwa

    I really missed this man and his song. Priceless amazing man. Rest In Peace

  9. edward speed

    Well put together ❤ the music , lyrics off chang .

  10. Johnny Parker

    Chicago Steppin. It's Madness. lol... Love it.

  11. Al Gibbs

    A better recording of the King

  12. LayLay_1990_TruthSeeker

    I miss this man's voice

  13. Jimmy Walker

    I'm dealing with this right now.

    Summer Breeze

    Jimmy Walker , me too.

  14. Barry Stephens

    lonely at the top when you 8nt got nobody.... You have to experience the inner depthness of what he's imploring... if you don't or experience life never will you understand

  15. Donna W.

    Love this song!!

  16. Anthony Thompson

    Soul Music, Greatest Gener, hands down...

  17. A. S

    i love this man. i miss his music!! beautiful song.

  18. curtain1100

    I'm a man that's in need........

  19. curtain1100

    that's not enough...

  20. Catherine Taylor

    Classic as only Gerald can be!!! Truly one of the BEST‼️Miss you so so much‼. Rest on Gerald. Your music is my therapy.

  21. Alma Crum

    I just can't help myself his music warms my soul

  22. Renee Smith

    My one and only love Gerald Levert. God took you to soon but I felt honored to meet and speak with you briefly when you did a concert for us in Chicago along with the O'Jays at the race track here. You had just debut with Casanova. R.I.P. sweet Prince. Your music will live on forever in our hearts!!!!!

    Darius Green

    Renee Smith I'm from Chicago too

  23. Sheronda Gross

    One of my favorite songs in life. What do you do with a dream with no love?

    Barry Stephens

    Sheronda Gross you dream of an Everlasting Love

  24. Tee Smooth

    One of his best in my opinion .... I was freshmen in college when this used to play on 106.5 in Baton Rouge , It came out way before the album and couldn't find this song no where

  25. Mary Taylor

    Rip Sir Gerald I love all your love Ballard your songs make appreciate what kind of man have and more after 21years later I love him dearly. god put us 2gether okay smile..

  26. Erika Jones

    yes it is a classic I love this song to an I agree that he was taken too soon....

  27. Toye Nicole Gunn

    I love this song!

  28. Dorethea Williams

    love love love this song

  29. Pamela Clark

    love all his songs

  30. Alma Crum

    all I can say is Gerald levert was taken from us to early he is greatly missed

  31. Aylessa Burg

    Those lyrics are so true. What do you do with a dream and no love

    Barry Stephens

    Elesa Burgess song is so deep

  32. Brandi Moore

    Yesssss Gerald!!! Sang it!!!


    One of my favorite songs!  LOOOOOOVE  HIM 


    nicest tune

  35. james drummond