Levert, Gerald - Closure Lyrics

Oh, babe
Oh, babe
Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby

When did you stop lovin’ me
What did I do so wrong
That you had to leave
When did you stop wantin’ me
No letters, no call
Girl, you know I’m needy

Baby, this thing has to get told
On my mind, my body, and soul, baby

Can’t get you out of system
Out of my head
Out of my future
Out of my bed

I hear your name
I see your face
I lose all composure
I need to see you one more time
I need closure

Hoo...ooh... (Hoo, baby, baby)

Can we go somewhere, baby
And talk about
All the things I did to stress you out (Hoo...hoo...)
I won’t be satisfied (No way)
Till I understand why
Why you ain’t here in my life

Can you just give me that much (Yeah)
Don’t leave me hanging without a crutch

Can’t get you out of system (Can’t get you out)
Out of my head (Out of my head)
Out of my future (My future)
Out of my bed (My bed)

I hear your name (Hear your name)

I see your face (See your face, babe)
I lose all composure (Hoo, baby)
I need to see you one more time
I need closure (Ooh...closure)

Hoo...ooh...ooh...closure (Closure)

Why, that is the question
Every day I ask myself
Since you went away, baby (Hoo, baby)
I wasn’t perfect (No way)
Tell me were you (Were you, babe)
You said everyday I love you (You said, you said)

Can’t get you out of system (Ooh...hoo...)
Out of my head
Out of my future (No way)
Out of my bed (No way, baby)

I hear your name (I hear your name)
I see your face (I see your face, babe)
I lose all composure (I get all chocked up inside)
I need to see you one more time
I need closure (Closure)

Hoo...ooh...ooh...closure (I need to know why did you
leave me, baby)
Hoo...ooh...ooh...closure (Why did you go away, baby)
Hoo...ooh...ooh...closure (Why did you pick up and
leave me)
I need to see you one more time (Na-na-na-na-na-na)
I need closure

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Levert, Gerald Closure Comments
  1. Tricia Avery

    I absolutely fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it. 🙏🙌❤

  2. Anna Nasario

    Baby I just want more from you and Everything is irritating me!

  3. Deanna Stuckey

    I love this song. Gerald Levert was gone too soon. I still enjoy his music. Who else listens in 2019?

  4. Felicia Walker

    This is one of the best song he could have ever wrote this song means so much to me miss u teddy bear RIH ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Cassondra Colar

    I absolutely love all of Gerald Levert music, such a great loss to the R&B Music world😥

  6. Paul Grier

    I can really relate. RIP my brother.

  7. Eric Rampa

    One of my favourites 💞

  8. JyustMi

    I will never fully understand the WHY! But I am content with knowing the truth. Confused, Sad, Disappointed, Lonely, Afraid, Depressed, Indifferent and Inquisitive, Shattered ! All the emotions I felt 💔. Then finally Acceptance. #CLOSURE!

  9. Miriam Hartzenberg

    He was a legend awesome personality and person inside and out

  10. Eva Stallings

    I swear I didn't even know it was over it was just something I had to come to terms with no closure no nothing... Next time I saw him he was married

  11. Debbie Rivera

    oooo love it love it love it man i miss him!!!!!!!

  12. Elizabeth Williams


    Elizabeth Williams


  13. Marlena Anderson

    Still love this 💞💞💞💞

  14. Jonathan Harris

    2019..and this song still has so much meaning..!!!

  15. Renee Mitchell

    How can anyone that LOVES GERALD LEVERT AKA TEDDYBEAR not LOVE .....C L O S U R E

  16. Jasmine Chardai

    2019. 😍😍😍

  17. Lee Johnson

    I was not a gerald levert fan but i love this song

  18. Brenda Sibley

    Beautiful Music--RIH

  19. Autumn Rain

    He earned the name "Teddy Bear"...RIP Gerald Levert 😘

  20. Kelli Elaine

    Written By: Kelli Elaine?

    When we leave things unsaid
    Not only does it go to my heart
    It goes to my head
    We're so busy pointing fingers
    We're so self absorbed in hurt and pain
    We say things we don't mean
    Oh, what misery that brings
    To look at you and know that you were my heart
    How did we get here
    How did this start
    It is in anger and pain that I give
    The greatest speeches I live to regret
    Do we walk away from this love
    Do we just leave it where it's at
    I love you
    God knows I do
    But you say you're good and say to me...
    Do you!
    How did something that was so strong
    Go so wrong
    I need closure
    I need to say the things that need to be said
    I need to get this off of my heart and out of my head
    I will cherish what we had
    What we shared
    As we say goodbye to what we had....

  21. Lusanda Tembani

    broke up with my girl last week..and this is exactly what I need - Closure, so I can move on

  22. Anthony Garriett

    I use to love this song

  23. Kelli Elaine

    This is my song. 🧡👄🧡👄
    Can't get you out of my system...
    I hear your name
    I see your face
    I lose all composure
    I need to see you one more
    I need closure.....🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    I'm not perfect,
    Were you?
    That drop in the beat and bass at 3:51 gets me every time.....
    Mr. G. Levert

  24. quaqua ellington

    I need to know why did you leave me?? Why did you go away?? Why did u just pick up n leave me???

  25. MAW Wright

    Great song! G never got the recognition he deserved. Everybody must have been SLEEP!

  26. Suzykae K

    If they don't give it to you, then you do it. This way, the story always ends in your favor.

  27. Hail Hopes

    This song expresses the love I feel and the pain of you Adreinne leaving. I miss you so much. Huggy bear is the only voice that tells you how I feel. Adreinne Thomas I miss you I cannot believe why your gone but I miss you terribly.

  28. some1

    Some years back. My husband was sleeping w/ another woman. We had two kids, 3 & 2. I was devastated. I use to cry & lay on the floor & wonder how, why? Now he is getting divorced from his whore. & even though Im successful & have the same guy I met after. I still from time to time like to listen to this song

    Genetta Lacey

    some1, WOW!!!!!!

  29. melissa MessiahAj

    My favorite from Gerald & I love all of this songs. Happy Earthday

  30. Eva Stallings

    He made pain so worth it, Lord I miss this man😟😭💙💙

  31. C.Orelia Harris

    You are truly missed!

  32. Lonnie 1Love

    My baby

  33. Perry old school Crumbley

    Time of night lady I love u all from Perry old school

  34. Renee Roberson

    My teddy bear with all my heart RIP love you always a beautiful soul missed so much....


    Eddie Levert please, please, please make another Gerald Levert!!! Jesus.......


    "Can't get you out of my system/ out of my head/out of my future/ out of head/I see your name/ I see your face/I lose all composer/ I need to see you one more time/ I need closure". I love this man!!!


    I love this man!!! "When did you stop loving me/ what did I do so wrong that you had to leave/ when did you stop loving me/ no letter no calls". Ladies how many times have we thought this when a relationship ended and we didn't get closure. That damn Gerald boy I would have loved to be your lady.

  38. Don Mcdonald

    There will never be another Gerald he made you feel his songs

  39. Tiffany Barber

    I miss you💔

  40. Antoinette B

    I love u one of my favorite singers

  41. Veronica ReNa

    I miss Marlon so much, he just wanted space no reason as to why, I just wanted to know what I did wrong. I love you so much, I feel like I can't breathe without you.

    Taiwanda Thornton

    Girl i so understand 😢😰💔

    quaqua ellington

    Girl I know you pain

  42. felicia haris

    I need to see you one more time I need closure

  43. Nicholas McCrary

    Crying 😭😭😭😭

  44. Marrco Johnson

    da Great

  45. lenora welsh

    this song touch so many places in my life I'm still listening to this song now and forever I love this I need this song right now.. Gerald you are truly missed R. I. H

  46. Djyellaboi Porter

    Still playing your tracks in 2017 R.I.P.

  47. lorree robinson

    I grew up in Cleveland not very far from the Levert's ! I feel like we grew up together .. there many songs and so many artist that are from our beloved city gives me very special treasure memories that will be in my heart foreverrrrr!!

  48. P BROWN

    This my Sh**

  49. Lakesha Sikini


  50. Brenda Camp

    Continue to rest Teddy bear.Happy belated birthday.

  51. shaundaboo

    Can't say that I  need closure, but I do need healing. My King and I have been through the fire and still come out unburnt(thank you Jesus) but many things have taken place....yet I still need healing from all the residue it left. In time, broken spiritual wounds does heal..

    Marcus Handy

    Whenever you or your family need healing speak we are healed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen ...

    LaShondell Gillespie

    With the blood of Jesus I pray that you get healed and closure

  52. missrob3137

    🎶Can we go somewhere baby, and talk about All the things I did to stress you out..🎶

  53. Temika Wharton

    When did you stop loving me???

  54. Lora Lawson


  55. Lora Lawson

    Rip... Teddy Bear ur music touches my soul...🎶🎶🎶🎶🎹🎤love you

  56. Sharon Moore


  57. Eva Stallings

    I can't I listen to this song I Just Need Some Closure, RIP Teddy Bear YOU Are Truly Missed

    Eva Stallings


  58. Thomas Nowlin

    by creed ft

  59. Naptural Goddess

    One of my favorites! G-Bear missing you in 2017

  60. Lando Clarkson

    This Brotha taught me everything I know about how too "Love, Honor, & Respect" our Beautiful, Black, ♛Queen's♛ through his music & I'm proud too say that I'm A better man today because of listing too his wisdom... #Thanks 4 Every Album That You Ever Put Out & Rest.In.Paradise My Teacher!!!✊💞✊💞✊💞

  61. Yolanda Houston

    l so miss this beautiful soulful voice!!

  62. Satavia Dunn

    cant get chu outta my system!

  63. Colleen Battle

    I miss this man's voice, smile, and creativity. Their will NEVER be another like him. God bless Gerald Levert!! 😙💯🙏

  64. Brenda Sibley

    My Favorite Song!!!! 💖 RIP G.

  65. Ayana Wheat-Douggans

    when did you stop love me?....when you did you stop wanting me?.... I need to see you one more time, I need closure

  66. Juanita Rodgets

    love this song the whole. album is awesome

  67. Latasha Davenport

    ❤ this song!!!
    Rip 🐻🙏🙏🙏That's a shame that he die he was talented you got to take care of your body

  68. Gene Hall

    my home my friend,you never knew how you touched my life with strength and courage to move on with my life r i p

  69. donna marks

    I miss you,when did u stop,and leave,miss u forever

  70. Vincent Ruff

    still in heavy rotation in 2037

  71. natashachange67

    Dammmm i love this song...RIP MY LOVE GERALD 💖💖💖💖💖👑😙😙




    I Hear 👂🏽 Your Name...I See Your Face...I Lose All Composure..I Need To See You One ☝️More Time..I Need Closure... 😔😔

  74. Blessed One

    I will never get you out of my system. My closure is loving you G.L.

  75. Kimberly Seaborn

    Love love this song too! It's hard to believe it's been ten years he's been gone. Gone way too soon. Miss you so much Gerald.

  76. Karrieo Stewart

    still my jam

    Melissa Sample

    Karrieo Stewart I love All his music and I need closure on a lot of

  77. Chandra Thomas

    He had such a beautiful voice and I really miss Gerald RIP Angel

    The crazy family yay

    Stacey jackson. MY Favorite Male Singer. Have to listen to Closure every day.

  78. Laverne Chisholm

    I listen to this song everyday. no lie. I have been in 💘 with this romantic ass man right here since day one. I still am. Missing you G.

  79. Lajill Jones

    This is that music make you fall in love and you with that special one

  80. Charzetta Upchurch

    legend neva be another that can come close

  81. Valerie Taylor

    I lost my brother last month and this month I'm going through a break up. I'm thinking listening to this song was a bad idea. I still love it though. R.I.P. Gerald

  82. AmaliaR8


  83. Ladi Bias

    Just one of those things.

  84. Lori Miller

    I miss you Gerald...God Bless😙

    Elizabeth Williams

    Lori....I am with you

  85. Paulisha Bell

    rip too my stepdadd may22nd 😢😢😢😢😢🙌

  86. Melodie Henderson

    I love every song this man made❤️❤️❤️❤️ R.i.p my teddy bear🐻🐻🐻🐻

    Elizabeth Williams

    Melodie...I hear you..

  87. Nicsha Mcdonald

    I just need closure.

  88. Sandra Bass

    Gerald ❤I CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY SYSTEM....❤💚💜


    Sandra Bass ikr.. miss him so. there will never be another

    Elizabeth Williams


  89. Jacqueline Moore

    Very beautiful song awesome singer. Rip teddy bear

  90. Shonda Mitchell

    Gerald Levert, definitely one of the best singers, just give you chills.

    Marcus Handy

    I agree

    Cassondra Colar


  91. Lashaunda Hawkins

    When did you stop loving me???💔 #ClosureWellDeserved✌🏽️ My fav song!

  92. ruledbythesun

    I wonder if he's singing about Miki Howard.

    Oh thats Lauren

    ruledbythesun no he's singing about my mom caused they used to date before he passed

    Oh thats Lauren

    Lol but seriously they did but idk if it's about her

  93. karen wright

    I miss you in my bed a and mostly when we would fall asleep together see you soon my love

  94. karen wright

    I never stop loving you GL I will never stop wanting for eternity. Baby

  95. Teddy C

    I'm 24 years old, and this is truly my favorite singer! I wanna be just like him! His music has a heavy influence on mine! Wish I could have met him..

  96. Robyn Rochelle Davidson

    This song is so beautiful. I fell in love with this song at 14! He music reached everyone.. Love you Gerald

    Elizabeth Williams

    Robyn.....SO RIGHT

  97. Calvin Hurst

    my song heart to my heart love this song

  98. Lotus Flower

    I need closure NKF