Levellers - Sell Out Lyrics

The year is 1991, it seems that freedom's dead and gone
The power of the rich is held by few
Keep the young ones paralized, educated by your lies
Keep the old ones happy with the news
Tell the singer not to sing this song
Tell the poet that she's wrong
And in the courts you'll win the case with lies
'Cause you sold them down the river-o

Do I belong to some ancient race
I like to walk in ancient places
These are the things that I can understand
I don't believe in your modern way
Don't care about the things you say
Your policies have failed the test of time
'Cause you sold them down the river-o

Now in a land not far away, there's men in prison because they say
The colour of your skin is not a question
Did you rally to their side?
No, you sat back and let them die
I don't know how you get to sleep at night

Your money market goes round and round
The pound goes up, the dollar goes down
Another South American forest cut down
You need the power for your new towns
'Cause you get scared when the night comes down
Won't you tell me where it is that we are bound?

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