Levellers - Battle Of The Beanfield Lyrics

I thought I heard someone calling me
I've seen the pictures on TV
And I made up my mind that I'd go and see
With my own eyes

It didn't take too long to hitch a ride
With a guy going south to start a new life
Past the place where my friend died
Two years ago

Down the 303 at the end of the road
Flashing lights - exclusion zones
And it made me think it's not just the stones
That they're guarding

Hey hey, can't you see
There's nothing here that you could call free
They're getting their kicks
Laughing at you and me

As the sun rose on the beanfield
They came like wolf on the fold
And no they didn't give a warning
They took their bloody toll

I see a pregnant woman
Lying in blood of her own
I see her children crying
As the police tore apart her home

And no they didn't need a reason
It's what your votes condone
It seems they were committing treason
By trying to live on the road

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Levellers Battle Of The Beanfield Comments
  1. Tina Armitage

    Tory scum wont be getting my vote today. I remember 🖤

  2. E C

    Those pigs kids will get their karma ✌️

  3. budha tony bodhisatva

    Long live Happy heart hippies! Peace and love

  4. Denise Boyd

    moved out britain just after that time, been living a very quiet and hassle-free life since then, in asia, does anyone know where welsh dave is, with the tear drop tattoo?

  5. son of the soil

    The tears of  our sorrow will become the fire of our ANGER . Make your stand and don't back down keep the faith of freedom for free born men.

  6. gtown gtown

    The time is coming. We need to reclaim this land.

  7. MagicMinner


  8. A. Cat

    If THIS didn’t wake up the great unwashed as evidence of a police state then you are my enemy and a traitor to liberty.

  9. Pretends Oresome

    Haha I was there it was brutal!!!

  10. Tobi Cribbett

    Thatchers Army cunts

  11. Six-String Steve

    There was no 'Battle' of the Beanfield. It was a Massacre. The travellers had no chance against the Military Police who'd been ordered by Thatcher's government to break them. Thatcher succeeded sadly. Dark days.

  12. ..bones!!

    bear in mind when considering the sheer brutaity of what the filth did to the traellers the miners strike was in fulll swin and had tested the plod and thatchers overnment to the limits...the poor travellers gathered around the beanfields were bearing the brunt of thatcjers hatred and ended up feeling the full force of police brutaity after battling the miners...the travelllers were not prepared and despite promises from the miners for support it never materalised....thatchers britain was a fucking rotten load of bollox....the traellerswere doing no harm and just partying and celebratin solstace!!....fuck the pigs and fuck the tories...if peoplle choose to live on the road its their buissness and ovt has no buissness hammering those who want to live free!!....

  13. Jeremy Merrifield

    Was this the last true protest song ?

  14. Cobley's Vlogs

    seeing stuff like this as me being a copper myself makes me sick how they treat the traveling like all they want is peace and stuff but the cops come in and ruin what they have coz if i was in that position id help as many people i can get away from the violence and stuff

  15. Cynical Syndicalist


  16. John Woods

    at least we tried dont think it will ever happen again too many too busy chasing pokermen ? god help us all if no one ever makes a stand

    Matt Hopkins

    some of us are still trying to live a lifestyle of choice...........

    "I know someday I will be,
    Everything that I dreamed I'd be.
    And when I live the life I please,
    Then, I will be a freeman"


    im still striving to be free, but the world leans more to the right every day

    Sean Nolan

    John Woods I'll stand with you brother. Never shall the government take our given right.

  17. marijo brkan

    Fuck the system..

  18. graham simmons


  19. Richard

    30 years ago ,,,,Fuck The Police

  20. Daniel Green

    ..and you all just voted back in the exact same bullshit political party that resided over this.

    Bussarin Boi

    Like it makes any differance, no offence, but the govenment always seem get elected. Peace

    John Monk

    +Daniel Green Most of us didn't vote for shit like that.

    GK triforce

    +John Monk yeah

    john andrew

    unfortunately im sure in the uk, all the people who actually care and are good human beings have stopped voting years ago as they have no faith in the two party system in the uk, lets hope the woman who is in charge now does a better job than the last one but im not holding up my hopes.


    john andr


  21. milo b

    pile of shit wankers

  22. Nixuebrig


  23. Iain Smith

    An excellent reason to the leave the country tbh. I did and I have never looked back. I'm using this and the documentaries to show my kids that England is not as pretty as their friends seem to think.

    Si Y

    It's not like it used to be for sure. Too much neo con media demonising everyone

  24. Janet James

    In loving memory KJT 1969-2014

  25. Jay-Jay69

    The list goes on with our "Boys in Blue", the BBC & the pedophiles, 96 Liverpool fans that died(Y.N.W.A) & god knows what else they got away with...Think i said enough..

    Largactyl Kid

    @Max wall Bradford fans weren't falsely accused of terrible things like stealing from the dead, splashed over The SCUM 'newspaper'. Oh no , I'm NOT a Scouser, in fact I'm a poncey Southern Seasider!


    Whatever ponce

    Largactyl Kid

    @Max wall  Oh did I upset you? Poor kid.


    lol errr no.

    Philly B

    @Mark twat!!!!

  26. Marie Smith

    My son Stak was beaten by the police at the Battle of the beanfield he went to Glastonbury every year after that and never paid to get in the last time he went was 1999 where his son was conceived Stak died 2002

    Sheila cox

    Bless you hun may he rest in peace ✌ x

  27. David Pallant

    Dare to be different!!!!!!

  28. barn567

    those of us who were not present still remember the sorrow of that bright day.so last century, but we might forgive we will NEVER FORGET He who holds the power burnest slowest  IN HELL

  29. Dave Hopwood

    As they did sow, also shall they reap.
    Wiltshire seems to have been establishing its reputation for police brutality quite effectively of late.
     As a particularly determined Tory Englishman, I cannot but loathe and despise them for their cowardice and dishonour.

    Dr J Reefer

    You're batting for the wrong team 

    Dave Hopwood

    No, I'm batting bloody hard for to save the other useless batsmen in my team, the rotten useless bastards !


    @Dr J Reefer the other team are worse, they pretend to be on your your side while they stamp on your neck.

    Dr J Reefer

    I can relate to that. "the left" spend most of their time catfighting each other over trivia.

  30. bob staines

    oh, and the miners  thatchers boot boys

  31. bob staines

    aint they the same c#nts that were at hillsboro same cover ups?

    Dr J Reefer

    No. That was South Yorkshire.

    They just presided over rampant paedophillia.

  32. Crestfallen


    Bastards, i was there the year before, thatcher nazis.


    Bloody awful. They'll stop at nothing. I fear there's worse to come in the future. God that's a depressing memory and wake-up call at the same time. 


    it was an outrage

    Cyrille Cyrille

    From france i' m agry with you ....and now we have the same thing in france

  34. We Live In A Zoo

    Now we have Cameron & Co. At least this was on the news to some extent. The Anti Austerity march? Nothing. News blackout. Fucking Country run by Tories makes me sick.

  35. merriltheperil

    We nearly went to stonehenge that year but changed minds at last minute, thank god, I would have been scarred by it! Caught a bit of news earlier, not sure where the protest was but a copper was trying to move somebody having a sit-in, pressing hard on a spot on the guys neck (trigger point for nerves?), must have been painful - I don't know how he didn't retaliate! So shows that brutality can still happen - though my limited experience has been of them helping and being very professional.

  36. purplefurball

    freedom is a dying art

  37. mary O' Brien

    thank fuck bing bong the wicked witch is finally dead!

  38. George Thomas

    That is awful

  39. GMcC.Still I Rise

    Thanks for posting this Ive shared this needs to be seen this is the way the counrty is heading again,blessings x

  40. Alison Brown

    If it was not for video john no one would have seen this. The levellers were years later, little upstarts full of crap little boys. they were not there. they were babies when this happened but good on them for bringing it to the forefront again. please remember the miners as well, it was the same time, thatcher.

    Charlie Smith

    Alison Brown They were all around 18 or 20 years old in 1985, so hardly babies. The band started in 1988 and their music was very likely shaped in part by Beanfield. They are still out there gigging the same message 30 years later.

  41. Alison Brown

    legalized bullying, I was at the beanfield it was actually 1985, My friend decca lynn is the woman who was pulled through the window, good friend video John filmed it. this is the footage you see today. sadly video john died a few years ago, he is in an unmarked grave in buckfastleigh, his girlfriend alona didnt give a shit.


    I'm from near Buckfastleigh. Any more info on John or where his grave is.

  42. Daniel Nickson

    Any police officer who carries out orders like these does not belong in the service, they belong in a prison cell because THEY are violent criminals.

  43. Paul Hadfield

    ding dong

  44. Thor OfAsgard

    And from the ashes we will rise. The tyrant has gone!

  45. Phil Good

    Rest In Hell Thatcher..your GOvernment was responsible for this lawlessness.

  46. Mark Cundy

    Fuck Maggie and fuck any other blue tie wearing bastard, ive fought in 2 wars for this country and im 22 years of age and all i have seen is a goverment who has turned its back on a thin, exhausted and unhappy British Army! Im leaving the forces because of this goverment! Because they have no guilt for the young men and women who have died in 2 unjust wars of recent times. Mr Cameron you will have put the headstone upon this counties grave by the time you have finished. Conservative turncoats!

  47. 2resist36

    Something makes me think that this piece of state totalitarianism and the later Criminal Justice Act killed off the last bit of real freedom anybody ever had in this country. But looking at it in a cynical way I'm not sure anyone really ever had it anyway. This always has been and always will be THEIR reaction to people not working for THEIR interests.

  48. Sapa Holliday

    On the way back hitching along the MW we walked to a shop to find something to eat, when we went back to the road everyone had disappeared, there was no traffic it was eerily silent, then a fkoff great double wheeled army contraption came past taking up all the lanes around the roundabout under the flyover. It was carrying a huge intercontinental ballistic missile. I flagged them and nasty looking men leaned out and shouted at us.

  49. Sapa Holliday

    reminded me ty - I went to the white horse when I heard some had gone there, had to walk a very long way to get back home, and hitched. People were warned not to pick up hitchers. A journalist took us up we were searched for campin gear, noone had any room an we slept in the rain.

  50. 2leighthurlow

    won t be long to wait now until we are celebrating that witches funeral. She is the reason todays working classes are in the mess today. Smashed the unions ..thus pensions, and fair wages etc. May she rot in hell

  51. bluedistortions

    don't disguise your hatred as some kind of grand and rational philosophy.

  52. Lucky Seb Donovan

    by the way i was only having a laugh!!! but i re read my first post and i stand by what i said originally. bring back maggie!!! stop sending me negative messages 1. i do not read newspapers 2. i do not have a mortgage. 3. levellers were my first favourite band until i grew up+they turned rubbish+in my opinion sold out. ;)

  53. Lucky Seb Donovan

    stop fighting the system and conform. its a waste of energy. go away and wake up to reality. do something creative instead!!!! by the way stop sending me negative messages because of my views about a social gathering that turned nasty.

  54. james edwards

    we came over from Germany throughAmsterdam to go to Stonehenge for the solstice, we got god knows how many miles away and the police were stopping everyone from getting there and searching all the cars. l we all had short hair so all they did was turn us away. little did we know they were destroying ''the hippy convoy'' just down the road, cunts.

  55. bezale

    Brings a tear to the eye...we need to organise....

  56. Dan B

    i agree apart from the kids with cancer bit.
    i have pleanty of friends who's parents are faciest cunts but they are great good people. :)

  57. 0bananaskin0

    The prophecy is being fulfilled... :(

  58. 0bananaskin0

    Thanks for this upload. It made my blood boil, but that's not a bad thing.

  59. BlackTarRivers

    Go fuck yourself. You're the only parasite spreading filth.

  60. Lucky Seb Donovan

    weve all got our opinions+views...its nothing like dale farm i agree!!! other than it is a gathering of people in one place for too long that the government find a threat..thats why they go in heavy....nothing about coin..(lack of) ...maybe power! who cares?

  61. Aaron50001

    @MerlinWarhand2012 "You Bastards !"

  62. 80thou

    Screw that crap about Dale Farm - that was an illegal occupation of land in breach of planning permission and as such should have been removed, as it rightly was.

    Stonehenge was a legal free festival being held under the auspices of common law - totally different scenario. Still Thatchers private pig army trashed it to gain more votes. Then changed centuries-old common law to prevent it happening again - then introduced the Criminal justice Act - worse. Scum.

  63. Richard Mac Dougall

    Pig bastards

  64. Adrienne Kate

    @markw143 definitely not.

  65. Adrienne Kate

    @rorschac0112 five months ago you said this. extreme police brutality at dale farm. now rubber bullets pre approved for peaceful demo. more than fucking unfortunate/

  66. SuperOxton

    Freedom does not exist in England only the Idea does :)

  67. reiver97

    Battle of the Beanfield -1985.

    Battle of Dale Farm - 2011

  68. seaniekay

    Fucking Government just proves they have always been cunts

  69. Lucky Seb Donovan

    kentfreedommovement....i can speak out for myself lol i was only having the crack....deep down i believe in what i believe in. everyone is fake. the worlds fake. i do not need unity to speak out. i have been a traveller, not that i believe in labels. lived in kent too, sick of parasites, there is a small few GENUINE people out there! now just purchased a cottage in the middle of nowhere, peace, atlast! thats my FREEDOM!!! nice bit of land too ;) get a few buses up there,roundhouse etc if wished!

  70. bristolcityifcation


  71. ToAd_The Duck Lord

    Alot of people got their views from the media coverage only seeing 1 side of the story.. as people still do today, their knowledge and life comes from the tv! i wasnt there but ive met a few people on the convoy, they have a great way to live and hate haters, but theres some that treat everyone like they are shit on their shoes thinking im better than u because i think im free and they are the same people that just did it cus it was cool and all the real nice people off the convoy suffered!

  72. Thor OfAsgard

    @berniebaby6 Brave people. Never give in!

  73. berniebaby6

    I was there... I want to catch up with some good friends, if your reading this peeps... get in touch .

  74. Jez Cuthbert

    @rubyhorse66 they went straight from you to us, Thatcher's Britain, and we're still waiting for the celebratory wake!

  75. rorschac0112

    Thatcher's Britain in all its glory, soon unfortunately to be Cameron's .

  76. morkthehat

    26 years on and these pics still make me so angry.

  77. freefoodification

    facist bastards.... been at war with them ever since this day and will continue to be so till the day i die

  78. Nate James


    They still are...

  79. ClintDuza

    and the police wonder why the public don't trust them and fucking hate them... Only recently got into the levellers when my tutor recommended them and I have to say they are fucking brilliant!

  80. Trevor Bennett

    Never gave the Levellers much time until i saw them last night at the o2 academy in Brum (17-3 2011)----ladies and gents ---i am soooo fukin converted---wot a night,supported by the wonderstuff---great night all round

  81. maskiflynn

    no one gives a fuck about the cja anymore because the anti-cja at the time had no progress today is the edl read and weep

  82. Wally

    @acidtwist Free Festivals yeah ... I was one of the hardcore, no not everyone was like that but a lot were, and a lot more were the smiling encouraging masses that adulated the extreme in some. I could tell you stories tat would make your toes curl,, Anarchy , Acid, and unwashed hairy women,,recipe for aggression I'm afraid .

  83. Wally

    @bekyteckno Yeah if you cant take it dont give it, the masses went back to their home lives with mummy and never done anything wrong again, thats the trouble with masses, the little person can hide in the masses, it was OUR fault, for example we was taking sites for festivals and robbing everything in site, abusing people, Burning police vans, stealing buses and burning them, obnoxious anarchy was the flavour, it was pathetic really.

  84. Wally

    @SkyBluPinked That's the way it was, Anarchy

  85. thepmiester


  86. peter walker

    lmao you are a joke

  87. peter walker

    @Richmond1966 lmao you are a joke

  88. Wally

    I was a part of the convoy but left prior to the battle of the beanfield because I knew it would end badly, preceeding this event we were total animals , attacking police, burning their vehicles, taking over service stations and climbing on families tables and eating their food, it was anarchy and time and time again the police stood by and let us, it was disgusting, yes innocent people were brutilised at the Beanfield, but ieven I accept it had to be stopped.

  89. Richmond1966

    Beating up hippies.

    Is there a greater or more noble sport?

  90. steve staple


  91. debbzev

    twat thats no excuse!

  92. debbzev

    makes me sick everytime!

  93. Kayleigh Chief

    I wonder if the 2 dislikes are from police officers who were there...

    Still, great video & love The Levellers...

  94. DSXmachine

    Do everything in your power to put an end to police unions. These people don't deserve lobbying power.

  95. neil warburton

    just the start of nwo on public freedom!!weakened by the supermarket lifestyle the natzi reigime is a work making slaves for the future taking your cash to pave the way !

  96. Spraycando

    The Earl of Marlborough was really sound about it. He was on our side.So were the majority of the locals. Blah blah I wuz there etc. Blah blah.

  97. FMTCH

    Good to see a great British institution from the fields of Wiltshire to the streets of London during ths Stormont demo sad inadequate men bullying attacking and killing members of the public

  98. cruyffianslip

    Life on the road.... under the last Tory government!
    New Labour wasn't big on returning people's rights to live an alternative lifestyle..
    The next Labour administration should commit to allowing folks to live the peaceful life they choose......