Level 42 - World Machine Lyrics

Some folks try
To multiply
From sunrise to sunset
Leave behind
More of their kind
So no one will forget
But that ain't where I'm coming from - today
Those easy girls don't turn me on - anyway
I wanna know where my pride has gone
The party's over
Caught in a dream
Inside this world machine

Teachers teach
And preachers preach
Of spiritual evolution
But this big I am
From uncle sham
Just adds to my confusion
I've seen his face, I've heard his song - before
But I don't care what time he's on - anymore
I must have been on the streets too long
The party's over
Caught in a dream
Inside this world machine

I find myself outside your door
Trying to make it like before
But you don't follow what I say
And I can tell by your smile
You're no longer a child
That part of you was buried yesterday ...
... who knows
Why they come and where they go
In this world machine?

It's the chosen fools
Who make the rules
That don't apply to me
With their fast-car games
And counter claims
Not my reality

And I don't know if I belong - today
I don't know why my friends have gone - away
I must have been on the streets too long
The party's over
Caught in a dream
Inside this world machine

(don't knock the system - we'll knock some sense in you
Don't beat the system - there's nothing you can do)

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Level 42 World Machine Comments
  1. taoufik kourghi

    L un des meilleures groupe de jazz funk. Faut il encore si connaitre en bonne mus

  2. Diesel Estate

    Level 42 World Machine

    Edu Vadner
    376 subscribers
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    Diesel Estate
    I just had a thought. Listening to this... (which I had on vinyl back then before my dad threw my entire collection away so his tnuc of a girlfriend could have my old bedroom - yeah, I know. I'm OK though, thanks - you know, Therapy) must have spirited me through a relative axiom of nostalgia, to 1985. My question is: Do Russians still wear mullets, en masse? No offence, my Russian Chums but, to be fair, whenever film of the USSR was shown, it depicted many citizens favouring one of the most de rigeur hairstyles of the era. I am most curious.

  3. Une Afv

    Mixes with Paula C by Ruben Blades

  4. Dickie Larue

    R.I.P. Boon...One Of My Favorite Bands...

  5. Being Heard Media

    LOVE World Machine but Coup d'etat is even better. Truth 😎

    Leon Straatman

    Yes indeed....my way of thinkin' ..... cheers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  6. horst baur

    An absolute classic.

  7. Gary Pownall

    F****g fab!!

  8. Mikhail Eufusia

    This sounds like something that would play in the background of a Sonic level. I wonder if any of the games soundtracks were inspired by level 42.

  9. Sean Sherrod


  10. Mr Maxxx

    Level 42 always been bad and they can groove

  11. Midwin Harris

    I used to have this on repeat while trucking down the freeway. Perfect driving song. Funky and Jazzy driven at full force!

  12. Margit Ouma

    I bought this album as a teen. I have great taste in music😁

    Being Heard Media

    Yes you do!!👍

  13. Manny Pintado

    Another Favorite Classic. One pf the Classics that you heard at The Loft, Garage , Area and you could not help but to get down.

  14. Charles R Berry

    Great tunes. Real funky

  15. Col Basscab2

    The 16’s bass solo in the mid is pretty special too
    I’ll give u that.
    But COME ON!!!!!!!

  16. Col Basscab2

    Favourite? Really. Great blend of real and synth bass but jeeze Louise
    Listen to more king brother.

  17. pablo morales

    Powerful sound


    pablo morales Enveloped in an abundance of warm synths care of Wally..

  18. mark ruthel

    What a power song!!! Fusion jazz at its best!

  19. Patrik Dulík

    this is some deep shit, took me some time to comprehend


    Patrik Dulík Depth from where you've been to where you stand now. Kudos!

  20. InflatablePlane

    Absolute jazz funk awesomeness. Really showcases the groups jazz fusion origins. THIS should’ve have been the hit single!

  21. Javier Lerner

    MAKE IT FUNK FUNKY !!! Una Belleza"

  22. Gregory Russ ell

    I Gotta Thank My CUZ for turning me on to LEVEL 42. Game Changer.

  23. Jeremy Truscello

    song is the bomb!!!! Takes me back to 1986 whenever my mom got this album!

  24. j8464m

    This song and album totally rocked!!

  25. Fabien méca Cyclo-scooter

    Best album in the world with Wally Badarou

  26. ronnie doorzon

    i'm just back fro a level 42 concert in my own home town! And theywere fantastic, so i had the time of my life!

  27. EroomYrrah

    As close to disco as I'd get.

  28. Alexander Blazic

    World machine 85 same year I was born .

  29. belinda mcdowell

    Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

  30. おむ


  31. Fabien ROBERT

    Best album in 1985

    Jeremy Truscello

    My Mom bought it whenever in mid/late 1986 whenever/right before I started second grade at age 7 and remember it like yesterday. :) :)

  32. elena makarkina

    звук  прекрасный

  33. Laurent Pastor

    Brilliant song. Still rings true today. My favorite Level 42 song (and I have all their albums). Thank you for uploading it.

    David Brown

    Laurent Pastor This is my 2nd favorite behind STARCHILD 🎼🏠👌🏾😎