Level 42 - The Sleepwalkers Lyrics

I wear my ray-bans, driving in the car
even on a cloudy day
she always says "Man!, who d'you think you are?"
'cause she don't see it my way
we are all sleepwalkers
we only see the things we wanna see
tunnel visions
and there's no end in sight

But after all we've been through
I know this much to be true
though I don't think like you do
don't you know that after all
all I really need is you

I have a game plan, but my love is in a jar
it don't come into play
she always says "Man!, no matter where we are,
you're always miles away!"
we are all sleepwalkers
we don't see nothing we don't wanna see
we dream in color
we paint each other black and white

Let's take one step at a time (at a time)
let's take each day as we find (as we find)
give me the chance to speak my mind
don't you know that after all
that's all I really need to cross that line

We give - the impression that all is well
trying to live - all of the lies we tell
we cry - when there's no one near
we don't know why - there just ain't enough love
in these alien years

I wear my ray-bans, driving in the car
on a cloudy day
the wheel in one hand, the other on my heart
I'm trying to see it her way
though we are all sleepwalkers
we only see the things we wanna see
I get the feeling
maybe there's an end in sight

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Level 42 The Sleepwalkers Comments
  1. Adam Holdsworth

    Anyone know from what or where the synth harp like sound originates? Sounds FM, but what instrument or preset? Class sound indeed.

  2. Andy Sun

    Love in

  3. Renegade Douglas

    Simple yet awesome bass track. Greatest band.

  4. Doctor Brown

    Believe it or not, this is an old school roller skating jam in Washington DC and Chicago.. We skate James Brown style skating. And this was definitely a hot skate jam for us.

  5. Armando Set músico

    elegant guitar

  6. Leighton Watkins

    phil gould understands "space"

  7. Fabián Martínez

    Los escucho desde los ochentas y no me canso de escucharlos es una perdida muy grande aver perdido al guitarrista !!!

  8. Kevin Owens


  9. Sony Co

    Level 42 is one of the greatest bands ever!

    Ron Sumsion

    I disagree! They are by far the best band ever!!!

  10. Andrew McGregor

    phil gould!

  11. Doug L.64

    Coolest groove ever.

  12. mariposamichelleable

    Music always stellar, but the lyrics were always poetic also.

  13. Matthew Libbis

    they should never been allowed to leave the Isle of Wight

  14. Brian McBride

    Thanks for posting. Brings back so memories!

  15. santiago seoane

    My favorite song of all times. Sounds like Skin Trade of Duran Duran, but the style is so great!

    peter hotton

    Yes another great album

  16. Red & White

    i never really liked this track.. but after 16 years i love it ;)

  17. Yvette Rodriguez

    This song is so deep.....if you are truly honest with yourself. Tunnel vision.



  19. Vassilis Petropoulos

    Oh the memories! Thanks for this!

  20. daphoenixto

    Mark was the killer Bass dude of my yout ! :)