Level 42 - Sandstorm Lyrics

I've got a sandstorm blowin' in my head,
I'm seein' many colours but the only one
That's coming through is red,
And it's stoppin' me dead tryin' to make some tracks
But my feet are feeling like lead,
Stop being blead, stop being blead

Oh my things aren't the same,
Anyone could see that if I stayed much longer,
I'd be tamed
We stopped playing games
I'm not pointing fingers but I'm not gonna take the blame
Playin' all your games, taking all your blames

I said oh no, I don't even care,
I guess I'll be seein' you,
I guess I'll be leaving you today,
We're just not a pair,
I know you've been trying but I just can't bear to tell a lie'
Stop tellin' me all your lies
Stop tellin' me all your lies

Let me take you by the hand,
Try to understand, walk me to a land,
Try to understand,
But I ain't nothing but a man

I've got a sandstorm blowin' in my head,
I'm seein' many colours but the only one
That's coming through Is red,

You know how we feel, we can't go on pretending,
And we've just got to fix the deal,
Gotta make it real
Gotta make it real

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Level 42 Sandstorm Comments
  1. cs f

    Zseniális muzsika !

  2. Yves Caron

    compare to prince jazz sessions 1977 ?

    Angela Kendall

    Yves Caron Yes! The Loring Park Sessions.

  3. milan mernjik

    outerspace music so gooood

  4. and321now

    Best bass tone Mark King has ever had... with loads of bottom. After this, his tone went all trebly, glass-jar, parpy shit....

  5. David Hargreaves

    This was the ACTUAL REAL LEVEL 42?...they were fighting this internally until the break up...this is real genuine Level 42 British Jazz Funk.....but Mark wanted more?............shame really...'Pursuit of Accidents' was classy but that was it really for me.....

  6. jdubhman

    RIP Boon Gould, speechless.

  7. Chema Peral

    RIP Boon Gould

  8. Krister Nielsen

    This sounds like 90's video game music from Japan

  9. YouTube Is An Influencer

    Yep definitely faster & the audio is out of whack also but it still doesn't stop this track from showing the potential that this band had at such a young age & who went on to conquer & play all over the world...

    They're still one of hardest touring bands on the Live circuit & it's great to know there are still great bands out their from a time when music along single & album sales had to be earned the hard way & not by selling only a few thousand on online website downloads...

    I still prefer this, which is the early & original set up with the Bros Gould, Phil on Drums & Boon on Lead,/Rythmn Guitar & let not forget the unofficial 5thember of Level 42 Wally Badarou, who went on to produce & play on all of their brilliant song's...

    There was another percussion session player who's name escapes at the moment who toured with them quite alot in the early years as there was alot of drum & extra percussive elements adding in to certain tracks that needed a session player to do the live versions any justice...

    I just wish Mark would go back to play his Jaydee aka John Diggins Supernatural Series Bass Guitars as the Status one's he's been using for a few decades now just don't cut it especially Live...


  10. thesun collective147

    Amazing production the guy who recorded this knew his sh*t Andy I think was his name

  11. 佐藤通孝


  12. Jeff Keith

    Mark King,,, what a player!!

  13. Pavel Damu

    Special band Very gooddddddd

  14. graemonza1

    Yeah, agree it sounds fast though haven't compared it directly to the original. Remember, cassettes and turntables that DON'T have a strobe on them could always be out, no matter now expensive. Not sure if this was ever on CD, that would also play at the right speed (though I suppose even that could have been mastered at the wrong speed!). Anyone got it on CD? Still a great CD, much appreciated for uploading it


    its as fast as you can go babe
    Mark is faster

  15. Biank


  16. Bkkersey93

    This is DEFINITELY a bit faster/sharper than the original. Anyone who says it's not is either deaf or has not heard or doesnt remember the way it's supposed to sound.


    yes...too fast by 10% or even 20%

    Ramon on bass

    It sucks all the album versions on youtube are to fast... the rest is deleted for copyright stuff.

    Mick DeBergerac

    Way faster

    Black Romulan

    I doubted you, but in doing a listen comparison between the original and this, sure enough, you're right.

  17. Russco

    Its ok for us to disagree brother :)

  18. boomfield

    i compared this one, played the vinyl (Early Tunes ) on a 1210 mk II and and i still think it's a bit too fast. I might be wrong, sorry.
    Thanks for the upload, peace

    -TRIPLE A-

    it is a tiny bit fast, I agree

  19. Russco

    Just listened to the original on tape and vinyl and it sounds fine to me :/

  20. sainclair1972

    Mark King's Bass playing is drive me crazy !!

  21. Simon Holcroft

    See my post to Over18start100. Just a fraction of a semitone higher, therefore a fraction faster. Machines back then were not always accurate!!

  22. Simon Holcroft

    I don't think it is so much faster than intended. To my ear it still begins in E minor although a little sharp (I am a musician also, but have lost my original cassette of The Early Tapes.) I agree with the mind-blowing, however. I think I am possibly a similar age to yourself!! =)

  23. Angelika Lattner

    How I missed that tune!
    The Vinyl sits in the corner for a 100 thousand years...that's how it feels!

  24. boomfield

    it is way to bs fast, thanx
    Listen to the orig. version, this sounds like trampolina fastend

  25. Jack Williams

    Love it

  26. Ralph Jones

    One of the albums i had. The first level 42 album in my collection was the persuit of accidents.

  27. yt7954

    I have this tape from the early 80's - this sounds the same as mine - although I must admit it does sound slightly faster, not much though

  28. Gius Auri

    fucking good