Level 42 - I Sleep On My Heart Lyrics

The time has come for dreaming
Don't be tired, but I feel a need to sleep
Cause my life takes on you meaning
When I close my eyes and you reveal yourself to me
That's our time, time for changes
A time for reason
Something only you can see
All my life I have waited
For a chance to give a love
Only you demand of me

Fame and success are poor relations
The more I get the less I need it
Happiness is an unknown sensation
My heart has a hunger and only you can feed it

Come on in my dreams tonight
Show me where to start
Come on I need to shed some light
I want to sleep on my heart

In the past for protection
When someone got too close
Yet another bridge would burn
But I can find no connection
Between the love that you propose and the lessons I have learned

I want to hear your explanations
You'll never know how much I need it
I want my tears to pay your reflexion
Cause my heart has a hunger and only you can feed it


I'm sitting here surrounded my possessions
Objects that confront me night and day
The fruits of my material obsession
But it seems the more I earn the more I have to pay

You've made it clear that blind ambition
Leads nowhere and I don't need it
I've lost all my fear
All my inhibitions my heart has hunger but I know you can feed it....

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Level 42 I Sleep On My Heart Comments
  1. Lucio Buttino

    Best bass player in the world!

  2. Diesel Estate

    World Machine is their seminal work. Far, far, better than Running in the Family.
    RIP Boon Gould. Some may find it difficult to understand but, holding out for 64 years, while struggling with the burden of Bipolar and possibly other comorbidity - most likely clinical depression, is an achievement in itself. It was a testament of his strength to fight and his sense of altruism towards his family and friends.

  3. Fenando Brito relampago

    tambem curto muito

  4. JA Krul

    Deadly fever funk !!!

  5. Fernando Riley


  6. Pierre Lyons

    Level 42 a journey and still going.


    RIP Boon

  8. Pablo Luvs Lanza

    If anyone asked me to play one classically 80s song, that is sharp, arresting and funky, this would be it! Amazing track, like so many others from Level 42!

  9. Fenando Brito relampago

    fantastico grande

  10. Fenando Brito relampago

    favorita songs

  11. Stephen Hillis

    loved this album....

  12. Гиоргий Орвелашвили

    Sounds like some classic OST of Gran Turismo:D

  13. anofi berry

    So pissed that this track wasn't on the cassette back in the day...
    But So Happy I Found it NOW !

  14. Patricio Garrao

    Level 42 my favorite band of all time, remenber my young time, the best the house and funk music, with english sound Of course

  15. Leah's Prayer Closet

    There are 2 different versions of World Machine The US version and UK version. This song is on the UK version. This is the version I got in 85'. It's the better version. There are some UK sellers of this version on Amazon. Link below. https://www.amazon.com/World-Machine-Level-42/dp/B0000071KS/ref=pd_sbs_15_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0000071KS&pd_rd_r=9745e3e6-cd14-11e8-9a8b-017d633f01ef&pd_rd_w=dgRlU&pd_rd_wg=fFY5d&pf_rd_i=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=7d5d9c3c-5e01-44ac-97fd-261afd40b865&pf_rd_r=95WMZAK69AVSQ5GXP5ZV&pf_rd_s=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_t=40701&psc=1&refRID=95WMZAK69AVSQ5GXP5ZV

  16. milan mernjik

    one of my favourite Level 42 song Keyboards are great also Mike singing Brother Gould should never left the band

  17. Terrence Bowden

    Level 42 will always be my favorite band of all time.😎🙌👍👍

    Pete Hotton

    And mine mark king the best bassist in the world 👍👍👍👍

  18. Terrence Bowden

    Another gem from the mighty World Machine Album

  19. Kenton Clarke

    Forgot how good this album was !!!

  20. Col Basscab2

    Top b line.
    I used to be in a level 42 tribe act.
    We were called level 4by2

  21. Hulk2k6

    You, there's like 5 minutes of DEAD AIR/Silence!


    I know... I didn't notice at the time of uploading! I could replace it I guess... I was a youtube-noob

  22. Hulk2k6

    Probably the LAST "real" Jazz-Funk song they got before they apparently "Sold Out"


    Yeah man, I get that. Thing is, as far as "selling out" is concerned, these guys still produced really quality music. Even their most pop-cheese tracks are mostly great!


    So they supposedly “soul out?” Hmmmm…let’s see. At least they stayed true musicians & gave their all in concerts and stayed devoted to their true fans. Also, if they didn’t “sell out”, we the masses might not be familiar with them at all. Maybe their followers from the early days might be familiar with their music, but the major of the public would not. So if selling out is what it took for them to become popular & put out great records that we are still enjoying & buying over 30+ years later, then so be it. I don’t believe they sold out, I think they just conformed to gain a bigger fan base, and of course more money. I mean, if you’re an entertainer, who wouldn’t?


    It's just World Machine and Running in the Family were a bit hard to swallow for older 42 listeners.

    I personally *like* the output from those albums, Mark/Mike/The Lads were at their Zenith creatively there, IMO.

    Diesel Estate

    Hulk 2k6,

    You think Level 42 sold out? Regardless of that, Level 42 were still the most talented band of hard working professional musicians that the eighties produced. Each band member was a real musician. Exploring different avenues of music to survive and make creative products which, are not just marketable but, highly desirable to the majority, is not selling out.

  23. Steve Chambers

    Bump ..Gotta say this is quality song stuff these days does not compare

  24. drums oclock

    For all you music lovers

  25. drums oclock

    Deep song writings Deep Musicianship

  26. Truth Reveals

    When basslines tight its tight😍

  27. sg2massive

    Come on in my dreams tonight.

  28. Nasran Salleh

    battlemode Thanks for uploading this masterpiece :D
    This music is timeless classic

  29. Darek 72

    Great song .I love Level 42 !

  30. thesoledad25

    My sister bought the World Machine Album or tape back in 85 and this track was on it then along with Coup D'etat. It still remains one of the best (now CD mp3) that I still have. there is so much that any bass player can learn from this. I have seen them live, even met and spoke to Mike Lindup and Mark King.Amazing and humble people they are and inspiring too.

  31. John Clarke

    mark king is god he should change his name to RA then we could worship him from sunrise to sundown

  32. Marisol Music

    One of my fav songs of my fav band!!

  33. Nicola Moran

    I just LOVE Level 42, I only know literally ONE other person who feels the same.

    Josh Lawrence

    well now u know another now

    Julian Hall

    @Comedy Gumball Machine™ Where you been?

    Julian Hall

    There's loads of us out there. 5200 turned up to see them at the Royal Albert Hall at the end of October. I've posted 5 tracks from the gig.

    Paul Gaudion

    And another, from Melbourne, Australia, since 1983

    Ron Sumsion

    Count me as number three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Dancing With Alpacas

    To me, Level 42 and Style Council brought such a unique sound to the 80s and on. Fantastic stuff!

  35. tindog


  36. Mark M.

    Level 42 is by far one of the top music bands of all time. This is a mega jam that I enjoy playing along on bass.

  37. hernacello1

    One of my favourite tracks of this wonderfull álbum. Thanks for uploading

  38. Charles Carr

    San Diego in 1985, Level 42, rag-top oldsmobile.....magic time!!! Thank you for posting this Battlemode!

  39. kedst2000

    Man am I late to the party on this! These guys are my favorite group and I've never heard this. I can't say enough about this jam! The whole thing speaks to why these guys were so amazing. I was loving what I was listening to but that stretch that starts at 2:38 almost made me lose my mind! Wonderful! Hits me right where I live.

    Monty Dodge

    +kedst2000 If you like L42 check out my music channel

    Black Romulan

    I think this track was included on the US version of World Machine, not the UK version. I remember thinking I had missed the party on this song, too, when I came across the CD with the track on it in the early 90s (along with Coup D'état and Dream Crazy). Still good music today, though!


    My sister bought the World Machine Album or tape back in 85 and this track was on it then along with Coup D'etat. It still remains one of the best (now CD mp3) that I still have. there is so much that any bass player can learn from this. I have seen them live, even met and spoke to Mike Lindup and Mark King.Amazing and humble people they are and inspiring too.


    It's never too late to love Level 42. I didn't appreciate them until I was 19 (2003). Something About You still sounds timeless now.

    Stormy Rae-Dawn

    kedst2000 level 42 is amazing and if I could love your comment I would !!!!

  40. Michael Cruise

    Level 42 really had some phenomenal bass lines.  Total groove!


    HAD? Mark's still got it and gives it all in every show!

  41. Ann Thorpe

    Very Scritti Politti like. A good thing in my opinion. Some of the tracks from World Machine and Scritti's Cupid and Psyche 85 sound interchangeable.


    I didn't checked myself, but maybe the answer should be Wally Badarou producing all of them?

  42. Fabien ROBERT

    Oh la la great !!!!

  43. Mandosami

    bass line in the bridge is so original! How does someone come up with a line like that!

  44. aaron rojas

    Changed my World when I was growing up listening to them. Still Great Music!

    just Me

    aaron rojas me too .... .and Ultravox 👍

  45. rudolph blackman

    I sleep on my heart such a song of epic proportions

  46. Luisa Ricci

    In Usa the World Machine album was released shorter.

  47. Jiri Polyak

    Reminds me of Summer of '08 in Lanzarote. Lots of memories on beach near Puerto Del Carmen:) Love You Lanzarote!!

    Pablo Luvs Lanza

    Level 42 is always listenable, in Lanzarote especially! Next time you visit Timanfaya national Park play Mark King's 'The Essential' ;)



  49. YouTube Is An Influencer

    As i recall, as a bonus certain artist would put extra tracks on cassette versions of their album to bolster sales of (at the time a farely new medium) & im sure this song was a bonus track that wasnt on the vinyl but was on the cassette tape version.. A great track all the same..

  50. Mekisha

    This group has a sound is increditable what is even more interesting is the music isn't out of time it's in time with the where music at this point was at. The 1980's were a complex and very experiencing with other forms of music mixing it with other forms of jazz and elements of soul of sort. Great to listen to there other songs then just what was popular.

  51. trevor james

    love this song as i do all of world machine though lying still is my favorite song from it .
    looking forward to october to see them live again


    @Futurist1972 My thoughts exactly! I like most of their work although I think the later albums have weaker tracks, for the kind of thing I'm into. I particularly like "Overtime" though, that was a late tune and one of my favorites :) As for the esoteric feel, I'm certain that someone in the band was really into some interesting stuff when they wrote those lyrics. I was listening to "Almost There" the other day... early tune but very valid concepts in today's world

  53. Futurist1972

    Lifer Level 42 fan, their best album imo. I personally prefer all their early stuff. After this I think they changed musically and gained greater 'pop' chart success. Even though I have a soft spot for certain later album tracks, World Machine and the earlier albums were classics and had an esoteric feel to parts of them.


    World Machine and Running in the Family still had relatable stuff to Joe Everyman and his dog on the street , difference is compared to the earlier albums is the guys had finally MADE IT

  54. 76alembic

    @tonyifitgoovesfunkit ;phils groove is like no other!

  55. tmrvfr

    @TheBMW320cabrio YES !!!!

  56. maria rosaria Muscariello


  57. MrRedrocket42

    The bass used on this track was a Status Graphite series 2000 I believe.

  58. arceliamozee

    This song wasn't on the US release of "World Machine". I wish it was, however, because I love it.

  59. Anni Tait

    I love this Band....The bass on this track is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet!

  60. victor perez

    Geniales Level 42...

  61. MoviesTubeYou0675

    Such a very cool and smooth jam this is!

  62. Joe Howie

    "...and the lessons I have learned..." = the precursor to lessons in love.

  63. Cezar Santana

    Definitely one of my favorite songs by L42! Tks for the upload!! I used to live in Europe (Spain) back in the 80's...memories, memoirs, memórias...what a groove!!!

  64. tmrvfr

    @namco21gamefreak Shit hurry up to get one :-)

  65. Sanford Felton

    @TheBMW320cabrio I live in the US. I have both the album and CD of "World Machine." It is not on the album, so maybe it's on the UK version. It's a great song, for sure.

  66. littlenige

    (Dream Crazy)

  67. littlenige

    That pumping snare drum and gorgeous status bass sound increidble - my fave track from that album along with the bonus track on the CD album.

  68. namco21gamefreak

    have this vinyl but no turntable to play it on :(

  69. Chris Bobbitt

    @TheBMW320cabrio i do notice that if you were able to find the UK releases on cd or vinyl or cassette, you were able to get the hidden tracks that they didnt put out in the US

  70. Chris Bobbitt

    i do notice that if you were able to find the UK releases on cd or vinyl or cassette, you were able to get the hidden tracks that they didnt put out in the US

  71. 88SCV89

    This being my all-time favorite Level 42 song they did not play this when I seen them two weeks ago in Los Angeles. Was happy they finally made it back to the USA after like 23-24 years?... Awesome live act!.. can’t wait for them to come back to the USA next year!

  72. asyyz

    Man...this is by far, their best stuff!


    I don't think this was a single, it's track 5 from the album World Machine. I think it's one of their best songs!

    According to wikipedia the singles from that were Physical Presence, Something About You, and Leaving Me Now, in that order.

  74. kumasuke1

    Pure Class! Love this song. Great memories from the 80s!

  75. TheBMW320cabrio

    wooooah never heard this sinlge of level 42 before!!!
    are there so many so hidden?

  76. G W

    it's an exceptional head


    Me too, I think it's the highlight of the album (and that's saying a lot because the whole album is great!)

  78. wjfox2006

    I utterly love this song... brings back some great memories.