Level 42 - Heaven In My Hands Lyrics

I'm going nowhere
Gotta face up to it
Gotta wake up to it
I feel so guilty
Killing time is a sin
A dam burst of dreams flows thru' me
They show me where I could be
Flash point feelings flow
Thru' my mind moving

When my friends tell me
You just can't connect
You ain't got no respect
They tell me nothing
'Cos I know about that
Yes I know about that
I'm not gonna take what people say
Don't feel that I belong today
Sense of freedom and
Sense of pride

From the mountains to the sea
I'll run across this land
Looking out for strength and beauty
A diamond in the sand
And I will chase the four winds over
Trying to understand
And I won't stop until I'm holding
Heaven in my hands

I won't let nobody
Turn me off the track
Now there's no turning back
Won't let no worries
Turn my inside down
Now there's no room for doubt
I'm heading for my destiny
And it feels electric to me
Flash point feelings flow
Thru' my mind

I was lonely going nowhere
Drowning on dry land
I was almost stranded there a
Shipwreck on the sand
But now I'll chase the whole world over
Making my demands
And I won't stop until I'm holding
Heaven in my hands

From the mountains to the sea
I'll run across this land
Looking out for strength and beauty
A diamond in the sand
And I will chase the four winds over
Trying to understand
And I won't stop until I'm holding
Heaven in my hands
I was lonely going nowhere
Drowning on dry land
I was almost stranded there a
Shipwreck on the sand
But now I'll chase the whole world over
Making my demands
And I won't stop until I'm holding
Heaven in my hands


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Level 42 Heaven In My Hands Comments
  1. The Last Guitar Hero

    I saw Level 42 on this tour with the new line up. I remember saying Alan Murphy looked ill... Sadly I was right

  2. Ed Mouk

    The end of Summer 1988... So many memories !

  3. Fabien ROBERT

    Princes trust

  4. John McLelland

    Kickin' ! Love the positive energy here - absolutely great song by a great band in full drive ! 😎

  5. Fabrício Assis MG

    This great song still reminds me from the commercial of Olympic Stadium in Seoul, in 1988, made here in Brazil, specially on the keyboard riff!
    I'll never forget!

  6. Maz 1973

    And it only got to #12 in the UK charts. It should have got at least top ten. And why it didn’t do anything in the US, only god knows. Fabulous song and great lyrics by the late great Boon Gould.

    Lastly, I think this particular song of theirs doesn’t actually sound particularly like an 80s song. It’s pretty timeless and could easily be a song released now. Even the graphics of the sleeve with the satellite dishes look pretty much of this decade.

  7. Ian Holmes

    Great band done some brilliant tracks.

  8. Svk2907

    Heaven In My Hands (1988)

  9. Trevor Wright


  10. George St. Louis

    I had this 12" cassette single its very hard to find the remixes

  11. xxx yyy -zzz


  12. Alex W

    This is the perfect combination of funk and rock. A simply perfect positive and brilliantly constructed song right during the golden period of late 80s and early 90s. One of level 42’s very best.

  13. vetalm

    This is why modern music sucks. Feel the soul, emotion, rhythm, complexity.

  14. Mario D.

    One of my alltime favourite !!!



  16. Monkey Marc

    My brother brought me here I would play this at my Party

  17. Chris Troy

    Saw this band 3 times live absolutley loved them Mark king .on bass guitar totally brilliant sadly these good days have gine now its total shite
    & drugs.

  18. Blastfrom thepast

    The only Level 42 single that I ever bought. 30 years ago!! Where does all the time go?

  19. Robert Jones

    Anyone else hear the opening riff from Groovy Train in there somewhere?? Also why can't we have proper music made by real musicians these days?

  20. MC5 FC

    As good as it gets...

  21. Marilu Leon

    Maravilloso tema en su letra y música. Me encanta como cuando era adolescente. <3

  22. Gali Nuva

    This might sound strange, but this song makes me think of the game Divinity Original Sin II.

  23. Jul MacFarlaine

    I challenge you to listen to this song and not feel incredible afterwards! :)

  24. Fabien ROBERT

    Princess here !!!

  25. SCOOBY WAG_07

    I love this tune. So upbeat and a fantastic driving tune. Motorway. Sunshine. Nice sound system in the car. And this on. Loud. Awesome. 🤘🤘🤘👍👍

  26. Joe Camp

    To listen before leaving home.

  27. Kai Lüth


  28. GC Ymous

    The very best version of this song was live at the 1989 Prince's Trust concert . But some mother fuckers who say they own it took it down . i bet its one of those mother fucking middlemen and no royalties go to Level 42 anyway .

  29. Anon Frank

    utube took down the live Heaven in my Hands/Lessons in Love 11 minute video from the 1989 Prince's trust . bummer .

  30. Shaunmark Campbell

    I've been listening to this song for three combat tours, in different continent.and in different time zone. And it still sounds new every time I hear it...RIP SILVERAN MONROE.

  31. Anon Frank

    This song always makes me think of Lichtenbourgwaynesiaicaland . I've no idea why, since I've never been there.

  32. VixPSP

    2:48 - that bit has always made me lose my mind! Love Level 42 and this was a gem of theirs! Thank you for sharing

  33. Joe Fitzpatrick

    ABC Australia TV soccer theme 1991

  34. stevemrmusic9

    My favourite Level 42 Song..

    richard braithwaite

    And mine.

  35. dawn clarke

    Should re-release this gem

  36. Stephen Swan

    banging tune

  37. Mike Burns

    simply superb

  38. Cathy Borek

    Didn't used to like this track but I'm giving it another go and I do! Uplifting, great lyrics

  39. Marco Bos

    Krijg zin om te dansen.
    Lekker nummer uit 1988.

  40. fervincent boxeur

    Thank you for all Mr. Alan Murphy! .... R.I.P. ....

  41. Karen Dryden

    19/5/2018 🙌💃🎶💝

  42. Sean Donnelly

    As good as Level 42 is on recordings, they are even better live. Mark King is one of the best Bass players in the world. One word. Awesome!

  43. Paul Seward

    Have seen them twice at The Winter gardens Margate on the two "Sirens" tours over the last three years and absolutely adore this song especially with the Thunderbirds intro

  44. Aldo Forstbach

    Over the TOP!!!

  45. JeoffB

    In the stadium of soccer team MVV Maastricht they play the opening trumpet tune of this song every time they score a goal during home games. Been like that since I can remember!


    Wow! I find out I’m part Dutch recently ,and my fave song from Level 42 is being used over there lol.

  46. Dr Drumbeat

    Damn good track, shame .. it came little late back in he day :(

  47. Robert McShane

    Your right m8

  48. dancinboy100

    Absolute class!!!!

  49. Vanessa phyllali

    one of the super hits in all times

  50. Philip Smith

    Now That's What I Call Music! XIII

  51. hikmat nazim

    the solo guitar !!!!





  54. Bello Aus Herne

    Heard a different song today at McD and went like: huh.... I remember this band... but what was their name?!? Google’d it and immediately had to seek out this video. Ahhhhh.... so beautiful, this song. I actually owned ths as a record and the cover looked just like the thumbnail. I wonder what happened to it and my record player... (lost in time)

  55. Ana Maria Quiroga

    My youth is back with this song! Love it!

  56. jonsilence

    Even when the late great and singularly gifted Alan Murphy plays just a few notes or bars, he always makes an absolutely compelling statement...

  57. Beel Bug

    was the 80s just a different time than today all 80s people out there who lived it?

    Project DeLorean

    Beel Bug yes it was

  58. Tony M

    Regardless of what genre of music you like, you cant deny this song is just simply amazing - Mark King and the boys never made a bad record. Wish we had stuff like this today rather the bland, boring Ed Sheeran and his ilk that appeal to today's dumbed-down, I-phone obsessed masses. I am so glad I grew up in the 70s and 80s.

  59. william mcmonagle

    Still fucking rocks the house down, mega loud big bass fantastic track , has not aged a bit still relevant and on the money

  60. Paul Mcdonough

    admit it BRITISH pop music in the 80s was fantastic

    Damien Benn

    It certainly was

  61. Mark Brolly


  62. lynne spooner

    hot water and lying still in your arms

  63. Colum Nolan


  64. victor chavez fuenzalida

    que buen concierto el de casa piedra,de los mejores que he ido...son musicos fabulosos

  65. Jose Mario Toro

    Con este tema abrieron el show hace 4 horas !!!! unos genios !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Joaquin






  69. gwangi64

    Great uplifting track. It's a shame they didn't use this on the Eddie the Eagle movie with all the other 80s music, it would have been perfect for the film's message.

  70. The Funkateer

    Wow .... I'd forgotten about this one! Fab

  71. enigma 1982

    Best tune from them, in one word great!!

  72. Sue Daniels

    Wish they would come back in the charts top group loved them xx

  73. Sue Daniels

    fantastic tune from level42 one of there best tunes 🎵🎶

  74. tusheschannel

    Glorious, such a positive, uplifting song, that manages to really drive home its message of keep fighting, keep trying without ever sounding naïve or insipid.

    Just wonderful.

  75. Gerry Kulpa

    Simply put this band rocks Bloody hard funk and can sing their asses off as well.All those unaware of the GIFT of their music .I humbly submit

  76. ian raeburn

    Guaranteed to lift the mood every single time.


    ian raeburn - Good one! GUARANTEED!

    Maz 1973

    SSR you know how to live it up!

  77. Jeff Bold

    One the many gems from Level 42 Always be one of Favs

  78. Martyn M

    One of the best Level 42 songs in my opinion, along with Hot Water


    completely agree

    Ethan Bennett

    Martyn M yeah it's a good one

    Ian Holmes

    Mine are this one and Leaving me now.

  79. Lee Brown

    This song always makes me think of Australia.  I've no idea why, since I've never been there.

    Josh Lawrence

    Lee Brown same tbh. makes me think of summer

    Remalc Esam

    Haha strange ... I have the same feeling !

    Joe Fitzpatrick

    It was their TV football theme in 1991


    Lee Brown maybe you’re destined to go there. Even live there. You could even be there now. Blessings.

    STUDIO five8

    I live there and you are dead right. Yet another incredible song from the Level42

  80. David McGuinness

    I have been after this for years ever since I first heard it s a kid....had that synthy trumpet hook in my head for decades...now I've found it :)

  81. Profile p

    what  a tune one of my favs of all time

  82. Scott Phillips

    This band has been such a part of my life! i cant imagine what it would have been like without them! Oh that's right Elvis pres afkingly! LOL. Love the band, always will.


    Scott Phillips I remember listening to my friend’s hifi with Level 42 Album playing most the time.

  83. John McLelland

    * Great song by a great band !  :)

    Rich Green

    Your right about that, John Mclelland!  I am a fan of yours by the way.  Good to see you!

    John McLelland

    * Hey Rich - just getting to your comment now ( sorry - it only took about a year and a half ! ) - thanks man - glad you're a Level 42 fan too ! :)

    Rich Green

    @John Mclelland Nice to meet you my friend!

  84. Christopher Howe

    god bless alan murphy


    Esta me gusta mas, es una rolona.

  86. Ivar Hole Aksnes


  87. Gaborsky96

    The beginning was used as theme song for the Croatian (Kolo Sreće, 1993-2002) and Slovakian (Koleso šťastia, 1994-1997) versions of Wheel of Fortune in the late '90s-early 2000s...


    I remmber that ! :D

  88. TheDreReichDude

    One of my all-times favs by this band!

  89. Mabel Villegas

    My favorite part from this inspiring song: 
    "I was lonely going nowhere
    Drowning on dry land
    I was almost stranded there a
    Shipwreck on the sand
    But now I'll chase the whole world over
    Making my demands
    And I won't stop until I'm holding
    Heaven in my hands"

  90. hanslesolo

    so right!

  91. hanslesolo

    Absolutely right!

  92. Ragnar Karlsson

    Great song

  93. InTRudER VI

    well I already buy their greatest hits . pretty good band.. and songs

  94. Bowie Alexander

    Grew up on this. Just awesome.

  95. Tom Smith

    Im 21, and I love this tune? what's going on..

    Simon wadsley

    Tom Smith You have good taste dude, lots of great music was from the 80s and 90s :)

  96. Andrew Flood

    I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!!

  97. machash25

    Just saw em live in Copenhagen, God danm they are amazing musicians =) awsom show

  98. Horváth Zsófi

    real music from the 80'... as I hear the music from today, I would not have belived that after 25 years this music could be so excellent....

  99. Rip Cruncher

    Heard it as the backing track to the Rams v Patriots NFL game at Wembley the other day, intercut with images of both teams in action. It was perfect.