Level 42 - Guaranteed Lyrics

Don't play this game with me
you know you came to be my world
when times were bad enough
seems I was good enough
you run out my door
you come back, and beg for more and more
just like the times before
you'll always be

Guaranteed a place inside my heart
I would never forget a single thing
always be a martyr to your heart
then you'll never regret a single thing

You think I just don't care (just don't care)
the fact is, I could not bear (could not bear)
to lose this kind of loving touch (I love your touch)
would you be bothered much?
you had so much planned (so much planned)
so take time to understand (understand)
my reasons for pulling you back to me (back to me)
you'll always be

Guaranteed a place inside my heart
I would never forget a single thing
always be a martyr to your heart
then you'll never regret a single thing

You hide so many years
(hide away)
you cried so many tears
(cried away your tears)
you think I just don't realise
(now I realise)
one thing I've come to know
(if you stay)
this pain will surely go
(all the way with me)
so soon before your very eyes

Guaranteed a place inside my heart
I would never forget a single thing
always be a martyr to your heart
then you'll never regret a single thing

Guaranteed a place inside my heart
I would never forget a single thing
always be a martyr to your heart
then you'll never regret a single thing

Guaranteed ...

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Level 42 Guaranteed Comments
  1. Dave Moishe

    Excellent song - the best bit is the middle eight, so melodic with the Mike Lindup vocals.

  2. jovan blacevic

    2019 n forever Level 42

  3. Manuel Santiago Vivas Cortes

    Tengo 9 y me encanta level 42, gracias a mi padre

  4. jos van der Sligte

    beste music ever




  6. alan fox

    there are two different versions of the song in video form.

    Deb E

    Is the song/ Music different or is it the video? Thanks a lot!

  7. Sharon Hirons

    I was an 80s girl, my favourite band of that decade was LEVEL 42, plus i had a big crush on MARK KING & they made great music, they deserved more credit than what they got, most of their songs should have gone 2 no.1.

  8. Skoti1974

    30 years and they are still honey for my ears and medicine on my soul. 🎼❤️

  9. Françoise Lesage

    Waowwww, i love Level 42.....

  10. Rubén Martínez Hernández

    Chingonsísima rola y mi favorita de Level 42, pasa el tiempo y la sigo oyendo como cuando mas chavo.

  11. Agnes Soberano

    Par Excellence. Level 42. I Luv it!!!

  12. Fenando Brito relampago


  13. elmengh

    everytime i hear this song i ended up yelling, cant sing this song in a low voice, gotta yell it out GUARANTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED

  14. Petr Hajek

    1991remember ,way from london,my,...

  15. Anon Frank

    At first i was sceptical . Then i looked up some photos of the Isle of Wight . They do have some awesome cliffs and rock formations near the coast . So good chance they did shoot some of this video on Level 42's home ground so to speak .

  16. Anon Frank

    1:14 and here and there in this video . Of course silhouettes can be quite nice but they are an overdone, cliche imo . The video director should have had supplemental lighting on the band balanced with the natural on location dusk sky in background . Not just to show the band members faces but to give that surreal wonderful balance of artificial light with sky light . my bona fides - nationally published photographer and art director , location finder , composed shots or views for cinematographers and videographers . I have retired early due to a disabling injury . Its not expensive to set up continuous artificial lighting on location . all you have to do is rent a gas driven electrical generator to plug the lights in . preferably also use light diffusers like photo studio white "umbrellas" or "soft boxes" or just shoot through large banner paper(make sure it is not to close to the hot lights) to point lights through or bounce the light off . lighting without diffusion causes ugly hard shadows . Its even easier for still photos with the much cooler modeling lights to show how the flash will look in final image . It may seem tricky at first to get the flash or continuous lighting not to be too dark or too light on the foreground, or two light or too dark background exposure . but its easy after practicing it .....etc


    Anon Frank Really..? You’re criticising, with in-depth precision, a music video from almost 30 years ago..?!

    Anon Frank

    @steviemusic1 they have been making films and later videos since the silent film era with fill in supplemental lighting on location .

  17. milan mernjik

    good song good video clip

  18. Anon Frank

    I haven't a true friend on earth, nor in heaven or hell

  19. Anon Frank

    Anyone with even just half a "heart" , could not dislike this song .

  20. dunboozin

    Love the phased drumming.

    Elvino Tomo

    So do I. The galloping beat is what I like the most.

  21. TheMailManNeverSmilesOn Tuesdays

    One of the Most underrated groups ever! Us who appreciate them get it. My guys deserve better than constantly being played at the grocery store! And they have a million other good songs other than something about you!

  22. joseph reese

    Back then we didn't had the technology but we had better music today we have the technology but what's coming out of our ear buds is nothing but crap.👎

  23. ばあこん

    Your groove is forever !!!!!! I miss you.mark.

  24. Phil Raines

    Great harmony john lindup mark king

    Gervan Simon

    Phil Raines
    MIKE Lindup! 🙄

    Patrick But-Not-A-Saint

    @Gervan Simon but Phil is right. Great harmonies. It made the band.

  25. Sylvester Hoffmann

    short cut sheets in levels welcome

  26. Carmen Quintana Avalos

    Me encanta esta canción no paro de escucharla pero me gustaria verla traducida al español.

    Johny Gonzales Herrera

    lo mejor es escucharla en formato original

    Johny Gonzales Herrera

    pero esta música es solo para aquellos que no les gusta el regueeton y les gusta la verdadera música como la de este grupo

  27. HSN W

    Still listening in 2018

  28. sandra torrez


  29. Luana Fernanda de Lima Silva

    ❤❤❤❤Level 42❤❤

  30. Jakub Pomorski

    Bardzo dziękuję za tę piosenkę, uśpiła moją córeczkę 20-miesięczną :) Pozdro z PL - Poland :)

  31. KowalskyLeon

    Level 42 - what a fantastic band and fantastic legacy.

  32. KowalskyLeon

    what can I write about the song: guaranteed a place inside my heart!!!

  33. jinglebells capaldi

    Think it was filmed on isle of wight

  34. Brian May

    o my god, just guarantee!!!

  35. Mack Sarnie

    Damn the charts are full of such shit these days

  36. veronika lope oviedo

    level 42 a su esilo

  37. Yves LLOUBES

    Mark King ...comme on l'a aimé...avant qu'il tourne sur lui-même...sans avancer vraiment !

  38. Kelly MacKenzie

    Thanks! So great. 😎

  39. Àlvar Coma

    Thanks for uploading this, Morgan.

    veronika lope oviedo

    buen grupo de los 80s en su gebero funk pop