Level 42 - Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? Lyrics

Life is a game where nothing is real
only you, only me
Right from the start we chase an ideal
fooling you, fooling me

Are you hearing what I hear
Are you feeling what I feel

You're still no. 1 but they're coming up to get you
Young eyes burning bright they can see a better way
You won't sleep tonight but that's the price you pay

Out of the past the words to a song
calling you, calling me
Hope it will last but time pushes on
pulling you, pulling me

Are you hearing what I hear
Are you feeling what I feel

Every dream you had like balloons they burst around you
so you're on the phone trying to conjure up your past
But the damage has been done
We're too far apart and strangers we've become

And I wonder if it's true
Is the world a different place for me and you

Are you hearing what I hear
Are you feeling what I feel

In out hearts we're still the same
But the worlds we chose to live
In may have changed
And the damage has been done we trust no-one
We're too far apart and strangers we've become

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Level 42 Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? Comments
  1. John Clarke

    this track has a bassline( i know these things )!

  2. David Hargreaves

    Ive got this crispy clean vinyl 12 inch album...brand spanking new!!...God it sounds great on a turntable.........

  3. Owen McGee

    l42's drummer's managed to play an unvarying beat with a musical instinct...I mean the Gould guy, not Gary Husband, who I remember seeing play with John McLaughlin once and falls into the fusion busy-for-the-sake-of-being-busy drum style, as if would die of boredom if there was an unvarying beat. is that a jazz legacy? maybe only in the world of vibes, which is all I think when I hear...something.

    David Hargreaves

    say that again in English Owen?........

  4. crozwayne

    Oh take me back! Please! 😥
    I'm sixty next weekend and it's downhill all the way now ☹️
    Still, what memories.......😁

  5. MephistoBelek

    remind some steve hillage's stuffs, really niceeeee

  6. JA Krul

    Great fucking funk!

  7. David Hargreaves

    this is actually quite good..................

  8. 150 limited

    Memeulous is 5"2

  9. John Clarke


  10. milan mernjik

    level 42 songs make me fell so good

  11. caleb rush

    gets me every time.

  12. Cliff Carr

    Thanks...a super cool track by an awsome band, love love love it

  13. caleb rush

    Bloody brilliant.

  14. 寺岸 新作

    This song makes me fine!

  15. 寺岸 新作

    I listen to this song every day.

  16. Marco Laghi

    I was a bass player...and level 42 always super difficult to play!

  17. George Douglas

    is it jazz funk or fuckin awsome

  18. kaylor bum

    best ever level 42 for me

    Karina Lubyte


  19. skintrade

    reminds me of my first week at university, sat in that empty room

    Learning It Quietly

    Duran Duran playing too?

  20. snakehips16

    First 23 seconds - Classic 42 intro!

  21. Everhard Dorgelo

    Level at their best!