Level 42 - A Physical Presence Lyrics

I leave as I enter
Another boy caught in-between
Now all I can muster
Are whispers to your screams
Don't you remember
How you eased my disgrace
Don't you remember
The love you saw in my face

Perfected in silence
A physical presence
Perfected in silence
A physical presence

I sought affection
But now I realize
A cold rejection
The movement in your eyes
But I can remember
When you shook against me
I can remember
When I saw what love could be

Perfected in silence
A physical presence
Perfected in silence

A physical presence

Ain't what she did
It's the way that she did it
When I couldn't give
Only she could forgive it
Ain't what she did
It's the way that she did it
As long as I live
It's for me to re-live it ...
Silence ...

Part of the answer
Is that there's really no escape
Part of the answer
Is that life can have such perfect shape
Don't you remember
All the nights you shared in my disgrace
Don't you remember
That the love that filled this empty space was ...

... perfected in silence
A physical presence
Perfected in silence
A physical presence

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Level 42 A Physical Presence Comments
  1. milan mernjik

    Fogy song,great,sofisticated sound

  2. Alessio Compagni


  3. Moon Hendrix

    Sexy Rhythm....👄
    They Have Soul...
    Sexy & AMAZING Flow

  4. Sy Munir

    Great remastering job. Thank you. This was a fav track in college.

  5. Achenar Myst

    Very tasteful key inserts by Mike Lindup.

  6. Peter Espersen

    actually im coming to like this remaster....


    Thanks ;)

  7. Achenar Myst

    Mark‘s voice is well recognisable but, other than his bass style, it‘s not iconic, preventing the ultimate success that many of the 42 songs should have deserved.

  8. David Winthrop

    The most tasteful drum intro ever from Phil Gould.

  9. Jez I AM


    I found this on YouTube as it’s one of my favourite Level 42 tracks. I am completely ignorant regarding remastering and not clear what that entails or even why it’s needed. Please could you explain or point me in the right direction to learn ? Love this track so much (particularly Phil’s drumming) and it sounds just like I’d expect it (not sure if that’s an insult but it’s meant as a compliment :) )


    By definition :

    Remaster (also digital remastering and digitally remastered) refers to changing the quality of the sound or of the image, or both, of previously created recordings, either audiophonic, cinematic, or videographic.
    To make a new master audio recording, now usually digital, from (an earlier recording), to produce (compact discs or stereo records) with improved sound reproduction

    A master recording is the first recording of a song or other sound, from which all the later copies are made. Master recordings (usually called just "masters") can be made on discs, tapes, and computer data storage formats.

    A multitrack master is an original multitrack recording, which may be worked on over time. This may have four, eight, sixteen or more tracks. Such a recording cannot be played on an ordinary machine, and needs a special machine to be played or recorded.
    Multitrack recordings are mixed when they are finished, into a mono (monaural), stereo, or Surround Sound recording. This is called a "mixed master". Copies of the mixed master can be played on an ordinary machine.

    The master is the finalised version of a song / album. This is what is manufactured for the public on CD, DVD, BluRay, LP, Cassette etc. This version is as close to the actual recordings and sound quality that was produced in the studio when the song / album was made. It is the source for all copies of that song / album that are made.

    Now traditionally, any REMASTER is taken from that source. By those who have access to the original recordings to do so. But by definition "To make a new master audio recording, now usually digital, from (an earlier recording), to produce (compact discs or stereo records) with improved sound reproduction" is essentially what I'm doing. I just don't have access to the original recording(s). I have a COPY of that original master coming from its manufactured versions (ie CD / DVD / BluRay / LP / Cassette etc.) and I'm HOPING to "improve sound reproduction" and " change the quality of the sound or of the image." I'm HOPING to do that with anything I upload. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It can be dependent on the source material (those CD / DVD etc materials) but more importantly it can be dependent on how well it was recorded in the first place.

    I cannot change the MIX of any of these. It's a fixed mix. So if a cymbal appears on the right, I cannot REMIX it to appear in the centre, or to the left. But what I CAN DO is change the quality of that cymbal, so that some of the frequencies it produces (usually in the mid to treble bandwidths) are heightened or lowered. And in doing so, some of those frequency enhancements can make that cymbal (or instrument) MOVE in the final stereo image. It's bringing out what may be missing from that mastered recording manufactured for mass production is what I'm trying to bring out. CDs discard much of this information, but has a wider dynamic range than LPs.

    dynamic range
    the range of acceptable or possible volumes of sound occurring in the course of a piece of music or a performance.
    the ratio of the largest to the smallest intensity of sound that can be reliably transmitted or reproduced by a particular sound system, measured in decibels.

    But in my mind, LPs GET what those recordings actually sounded like with better definition. CDs have always sounded FLAT to me. Where an LP is like a mirror of the sound recorded, CDs are like a photograph of it. So achieving a "panoramic" view of what you're "viewing" (the complete stereo image) is more achievable and representative coming from an LP in my opinion. But that all depends on how well it was recorded in the first place, and how well it was MASTERED to that media format. Because if it wasn't mastered well to that LP (or even that CD) there is nothing I can do to make it much better.

    I hope that provided some explanation. Many times I get people on YOUTUBE irritated that I use the term REMASTERED, because of that traditional view of the practice. But what I'm doing by DEFINITION is exactly that, it has just removed the original master source, because simply, I ain't got access to that. But in some instances, and quite frequently, I show that I don't need them.

  10. Agnes Soberano

    Level Best!!! Thanks for the upload. Luv it!!!!


    The brilliant chops of Level 42 married to Wally Badarou’s arrangement skills equals great music. This album is like something from another dimension.

    Alessio Compagni

    Yesss, wally badarou's black music with the best bass-player of the world.... But not for all people

  12. Segun Aigoro

    Great song! Probably my favourite Level 42 song!

    James Onorato

    me too!

  13. Kyle Williams

    Fraggle. !

  14. Stiffd1

    Sound man!

  15. Renzo Forti

    Wow! Magic sound!

  16. YouraWildman George

    "Doctor in the Hoouuse!"
    Great job, Dr. Tomoculus!
    Always my favorite Level 42 cut!


    Thanks ;) do check out the full album remaster in recent uploads.

  17. Gregory Russ ell

    Magical Music Ministry.. A Whole another Level.

  18. Jecko Bandit

    A bit too much compression with a useless and annoying boost on the med-high frequencies

    Kyle Williams

    Muppet. !

    Peter Espersen

    @Jecko Bandit good points ...well said

    Phil McCarthy

    Blah blah blah , yawn. ENJOY the music and spare us your pseudo techie waffle !

    Maggie Loughran

    Ah stfu

    Maggie Loughran

    @Phil McCarthy yep

  19. ohh

    man do I love this song.. thank you!!

  20. leadvillejim

    Judgin from my air drums, you did a great job. Thank you


    Thanks :)

  21. Corporate Cannibal

    Thank you for uploading this gem :)


    You're welcome.