Level 42 - A Kinder Eye Lyrics

In his widowed years of longing, in his windowed room of light
he lay the oil upon the canvas, brought sweet memory to life
his speckled beard a brush of colour, his spotted hands both grace and speed
I was the boy who came with evening, to sweep his floors and bring his tea

To the world he was the Master, his landscapes filled the gallery halls
but now he painted only portraits, unframed upon his private walls
subjects sitting-walking-laughing in playful flight or soft refrain
a thousand forms and colours, but every face the same

Across the page (across the ages) the moving hand of history bleeds
... for a kinder eye to see us, not as we are, but as we dream

A winter's night when I arrived there, he looked so tired and near the end
and as I cleaned his bench and brushes, I wished out loud to be like him
he said that art was only longing, trying to do what can't be done
and though he'd signed a thousand paintings, still he'd never finished one

As I finished up my sweeping, in his sleep he spoke her name
I looked again at all the portraits, each and every face the same
not as she was in pain or sorrow, but in timeless beauty seen
as she served his noble dream

Across the page (across the ages) the moving hand of history bleeds
... for a kinder eye to see us, not as we are, but as we dream

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Level 42 A Kinder Eye Comments
  1. Roberto Bignotti

    Quality song, possibly the best of the album

  2. PYT 777

    Was blessed to meet Allan Holdsworth backstage at Hammersmith Odeon Dec 90, one heck of a lovely guy, not to mention a brilliant musician!
    RIP ALLAN, thank you!



  4. giuseppe previti

    Mark King: voce, basso
    Mike Lindup: voce, tastiere Jakko Jakszyk: chitarra Gary Husband: batteria

  5. Ron Milner Jr

    In memory of Rowland Charles "Boon" Gould. (1955-2019).you will be sadly missed

  6. A fera interior

    guys this is so strange when i was a little kid this album was one of the most common LP which you can find in a LP STORE in brazil...i think i still have it but as i was iron maiden fan i never gave attention to this... now as i'm a crazy allan fan i'll get it again ...things change

  7. Luis Luis

    Best guitar solo ever in a pop song. Not of this earth.

  8. Mj Jones

    This was Definitely a Grower album for me I did actually consider throwing it away when I heard it after 3 times . I liked 2 songs I thought the rest were very mediocre so I stuck it on a a shelf . About 10 years later I had another listen with older ears . this album was very different from levels 42 early stuff and now I like every track you figure it out because I can’t if there’s a lesson here . it’s hang onto music play it five or 10 years later if you still hate it then chuck it 😁👋

  9. 寺岸 新作

    めっちゃええ歌や! ギターとベースがええ感じに響きあってるで。みなきかなあかんで。

  10. tpmbe

    when music was music ...... and Allan Holdsworth on guitar what more could you want ....

  11. Fenando Brito relampago

    Level 42 forever

  12. Jason Lefler

    This needs to be on iTunes...
    a deeply soulful piece of work.

  13. Fenando Brito relampago

    Fernando 2018

  14. Fenando Brito relampago

    Fantastico som

  15. Fenando Brito relampago

    Gostosa de ouvir que viagem

  16. Lee Seaman

    What a beautiful song and so overlooked and underrated! Allan Holdsworth's contribution is sublime! He seemed to fit into Level 42's spirit so well with those guitar solos.

    Ricardo Ellison

    The multi-part vocal harmonies also give this song a great depth...

  17. 寺岸 新作

    fantastic song

    Fenando Brito relampago

    新作 寺岸  fantastico

    寺岸 新作


  18. simon lloyd

    Holdsworth was only 5 tracks unfortunately...Level 42 is too saccharine, too vanilla, too lame...

    Pablo Luvs Lanza

    Too good, too diverse, too detailed and too melodic, that's why we love them!!

  19. NorthstarV8HR

    One of my favorite Holdsworth solos

  20. nagz-youtube

    ha i made a vaporwave song out of this. thanks L42!


    Do you have a link to your vaporwave version?

  21. Bethan Hughes

    Bless you wherever you are Allan Holdsworth, the greatest electric guitarist of all time

  22. Alê

    R.I.P great Holdsworth!

  23. cemegonuts

    RIP Allan Holdsworth. Nobody like you. Ever!

  24. neilomac

    RIP Allan Holdsworth. One of the greats, and this song's end solo is right up there as one of his best moments, for me.

  25. Great Music

    for any hard core fans of ALLAN HOLDSWORTH out there... check this out, the guitar solo on A KINDER EYE
    seems a lot like the tone and major scale phrasing of his guitar work on Tony Williams (Lifetime) (Believe It)
    WILDLIFE .. yes? ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWo3gyPW324

  26. MJ FAN

    Mark king gave me this album a year before it was released, when I played it in the car I was blown away by it, especially If You Were Mine, My Father's Shoes & A Kinder Eye -for me their best album-Forever Now worst.

  27. Andrew Flood

    awesome song by level 42 !!!

  28. shaman5150

    Level 42 es una buena banda, y de Alien Holdsworth,¿Que más se puede decir?. Que honor tuvieron estos tipos.

    Carlos Iván Sáa

    Y hay que notar también la colaboración de Husband; uno de aquellos que colaboró magníficamente con Holdsworth en otros proyectos.

  29. Mark Reilly

    Holdsworth blistering solo

  30. Francis Antonio Gilberto

    A great album but not the best album of Level 42,but Allan's solo is simply 100 Years ahead.....!!!

  31. Joan Grados

    allan holdsworth is for me the better guitar player in the world, that killer legatto, unique style and complexity on hi's solos is the "one" for me!!!! greetings!!!

  32. Shreekant Pawar

    Holdsworth gave this album a whole new level!

    Jeff Warner

    Shreekant Pawar Level 43? 😉


    Great point.

    Pete Hotton

    Whole new level.... Do you get it.. Level 😂

    Xavi Martinez

    To be fair, Level 42 was never your typical pop band for teenagers....... the proof is that Holdsworth playing doesn't sound off, but it rather contributes to make it even better. I can imagine for Holdsworth it was a huge challenge in terms of self control :)

  33. Happy Me

    Go Holdsworth!!