Letters To Cleo - Never Tell Lyrics

Well I stepped off the train just the other day
I swore that I saw you
A younger man, a stronger man, but certainly the man
That you were at one time

He stepped out of the station and into the sun
Thought that for sure
He would be meeting someone he would be meeting someone
Possibly the girl that he'd marry

I thought at the time that I'd warn him
Of all that was to come
Since he'd commit the damage he'd do
And all along he was out on
Didn't do it but I wanted to
It's time once again to revive some old some new
If you don't mind that it's all the same
I'll never tell you

If seem to to fade in, if you seem to fade out
Take no mind, I don't mind

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Letters To Cleo Never Tell Comments
  1. Dave Kinzer

    Love the countermelody.

  2. Dreadgirl9

    i had this record....a life time ago....have not heard it in ages and ages
    i cover it all the time....but man thanks for posting!!!

  3. Mattitronus Pax Tyrannis

    this is a really obscure song from this album, and I love it, its perfect for break ups and it was "someone like you" by adelle, years before she wrote that, and encompasses the same vibe

  4. Charles S

    It has literally been years since I have heard this song. It was in a now-ex's car, driving to a beach near our houses. The whole ride was in silence, aside from the music, as we had just had a huge fight the night before and things were still very raw. Thank you for posting this. It remains one of my favorites by Letters, even if it does hold bittersweet sentiment for me.

  5. nelson montez

    i have the complete discografy....but u can easyly find it on the web...try some 2p2 program

  6. 2irfir3

    Devias de por todas as musicas deles *.*