Letter Black, The - Moving On Lyrics

I don't care about you
I don't care about you, anymore

You hurt me
Lied to me
You earned my trust but then you
Betrayed me
My family
You wanted all control so
You cut down
Who ever stepped in your way
But I'm moving on

I don't care about you
I don't care about you
No, I don't care about you anymore
I forgive you, now I'm moving on
Moving on, moving on

Consumed by
You wanted nothing less than
To see me
Leave because
I ruined all your plans so
You spread lies
Me and my family's very lives
But I'm done with you

You're left in the past
But I'm not looking back

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Letter Black, The Moving On Comments
  1. Serhat Murat Asbit

    Reminds me to *Take it out on me's chorus* by *Thousant Foot Krutch*

  2. Miss54321GOOO

    This is pretty good:) heard this on my dad's iPod and I liiikeee ittt

  3. Jon Frink

    Love this song!! Heard it for the first time at a concert at McCoy stadium. Got the band to sign my T-shirt too!!

  4. Samantha of Vengerberg

    Who dislike this? The Devil?

  5. Cristina Noxf

    I feel this song in my bones...It´s so touching.

  6. Falenfire

    ok, while I do agree The Letter Black is an amazing band... you can't say Skillet sucks. All of those bands are incredible :D

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    *Love Skillet*

  7. Fillet1000

    .... lol
    they are both good but TLB is better :D

  8. annihlator

    @PrivetKaboose Congratulations.
    Why would you expect anyone that reads comments on this music video to give a flying fuck that youve got banned from xbox-live?
    Go whine on the XBL forums... ohwait.

  9. pfftwhoopiedoo1

    so for she the samthing of my ex girlfriend but she aint a virgine anymore ; )

  10. HirilElfwraith

    Hardcore lyrics+deliciously and obviously Christian themes=pure awesome.

  11. Dreginy Let's Plays

    @PrivetKaboose What?
    Can you try speaking English?

  12. Dreginy Let's Plays

    @PrivetKaboose What?
    Can you try speaking english?

  13. Juha Nurmenniemi

    I just love this girl and this music <3 (ok she is good at singing also)

  14. Rossco139

    I can't get enough! They blend Evanescence's vocals, Skillets classical bits, and a blend of Three Days Grace and Skillets heavy style. The result is astounding!

  15. Lionwolf0777

    Great message, great music, great band.

  16. MuffinHunt!

    I heard this song live this summer. Amazing. I love this song, and they made it even more real for me.
    thanks for uploading :)