Less Than Jake - Channel 7 Lyrics

You can do it, do it, do do do it

You can do it
you can do the Pac Man
Pac Man Cereal, do the Pac Man
with Pac Man marshamallows, you can open wide
gobble up the ghosts that are hiding inside

Marshmallow orange, red, pink and blue
gobble up good cause they might chomp you

You can do it
you can do the Pac Man

Packed with marshmallows and corn pops
Pac Man Cereal is part of a well balanced breakfast

You can do it
you can do the Pac Man

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Less Than Jake Channel 7 Comments
  1. Creative Videos 13

    4:26 Pac-Man ceral

  2. robin vanrietvelde

    dat descendents reference tho

  3. Sandra Blamires

    no Ducktales?

  4. Super25Smasher

    This is great!

  5. claykid12345

    i love this album

  6. Super прикольное TV

    что за дерьмовый

  7. mrhicks957


    O N

    mrhicks957 you spelled educated wrong you daft fuck😂

  8. candycigaddict

    Well...its meh. The first album I heard from these guys set my standards too high. I still want Losing Streak LTJ back lol.

  9. Peter Nunez

    totally sell outs

    Hawnix Artistry

    you're a sell out


    who do you think you are? Johnny Quest?

    Hawnix Artistry

    Johnny? Yeah?

    Peter Nunez

    Dayum diz is old

    Dani Kimbrell

    And you have shitty grammar. Your point?

  10. AAA BBB

    This made me very happy.

  11. Emanuele Sana

    Fucking awesome!!

  12. dumb lottella

    oh man this is frickin' beautiful

  13. MrAngryTV1

    i thought 90's :/

  14. eddie seefried

    this is funny!!

  15. frenchi

    in the 80's

  16. Lucas Hutchinson

    Less than jake doing TMBG?

  17. Gaylord Butts

    Holy fuck.

  18. Danilo Santos Vieira


  19. Kayofex

    Glob, what I wouldn't give for Less Than Jake to do a full cover of Boss of Me.....

  20. Emma Sanchez

    1- ICarly
    2- Hungry Hungry Hippos
    3- Animaniacs
    4- Big Mac Burger
    5- Different Strokes
    6- Malcom in the Middle
    7- Pac-Man Cereal
    8- Scooby Doo
    9- Kit Kat Candy Bar
    10- SpongeBob SquarePants
    11- That 70's Show
    12- Oscar Meyer Weiners
    13- Married With Children
    14- Toys R' Us
    15- Laverne and Shirley
    16- Free Credit Report.com song (Pirate Waiter)

  21. Zoidd

    Less Than Jake.... Gawd, I love this

  22. CaptainMcAnus

    thenk god for less than jake

  23. TheMedinaProject

    Lol wut. This is awesome

  24. BigPoppaPunk

    this/...... this.... is just crazy! fkn love it!

  25. Goku SSB Kaioken

    I thought it was really funny so thats why i did this. Thx for responding so I can enjoy it again

  26. thijsbults

    so you are either a really good troll for rusling my jimmies like this
    or you just fail to get the concept of trolling
    know what it means before saying it

  27. thijsbults

    you don't seem to get the concept of trolling
    this is not a place to say trololo

    Trolling is trying to get a rise out of someone. Forcing them to respond to you, either through wise-crackery, posting incorrect information, asking blatantly stupid questions, or other foolishness. However, trolling statements are never true or are ever meant to be construed as such. Nearly all trolled statements are meant to be funny to some people, so it does have some social/entertainment value.

  28. thijsbults

    the level of win is too fucking high on this

  29. Goku SSB Kaioken

    TROLOLOLOL XDD Awesomeeeehh

  30. Philo88IT

    omfg this is amazing! back to their talent finally !

  31. Patrick4966534

    Rofl they did spongebob

  32. Sophie Mavrolas

    I love them for doing Animaniacs.

  33. FadiWhiskeyHands

    i saw this live at warped tour

  34. albertassociate

    FREE CREDIT REPORT DOT COM!!!!!!!!!!! (8) hahaha i remember that commercial. i love that song

  35. Mateo Ortiz

    Ufffff Excelente!

  36. Juanjochee

    muy bueno <3

  37. Forbidden Cargo

    who knew Laverne and Shirley could be so kickass...

  38. Squab777

    oh my god this is incredible

  39. BreeChedder

    LTJ LTJ LTJ LTJ!!!!!

  40. Boxhead_Revival

    I love this album

  41. beththursby

    thanks for uploading!

  42. kintaro5000

    This is amazing! Thanks for putting this up