Leontiou, Kristian - Shining Lyrics

Call it over
Call it gone
Call it nothing
See what you've gone and done
Call it stupid
Call it wrong
Call it reckless
See what we've gone and done

Who am I to break this young girl's heart
How the mighty rise and fall
I will not be beaten
You have yet to see me shining, shining
I will not be beaten
You have yet to see me shining, shining
I wont take this lying down

Call me Sunday
Call me soon
Call me heartless
Call me to your room
Call me lonely
Call me lame
Call me blind and foolish just to spare you from the pain

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Leontiou, Kristian Shining Comments
  1. Fahim Khan

    why doesn't this have 100 billion views? so effing good

  2. Amy Forgacs

    Who's here in 2019? Such a beautiful song and I get so fed up when I hear it on the radio just before the news starts and they don't play the whole song. It deserves to be played all the way through!

  3. pete hamilton


  4. Simon Archer

    Tune 👌

  5. Neil MacMillan

    One best singers and Albums superb voice

  6. Jenny Peasland

    Have loved this song forever. Even now halfway through 2019 it still tugs at me. Yeah lyrics don't make sense but I guess you'll have to speak to him to know what it's about.

  7. oyinade84

    Still rocking this in 2019 loved listening to this song almost daily back in 2006❤️❤️❤️

  8. Денис Медведев

    Твоя вещь уже 10 лет продолжает остоватся в моем топе!

  9. xNoFear 24

    This is no joke but I heard this song in the background of a porn video I was watching and I couldn’t concentrate on the video at all when this banger of a song was playing so that’s how I found this beautiful song and I felt I should tell you this cause it’s funny

  10. Sam

    Something serious must have happened to Kristian to stop him making music like this. My daughter bought the Some Day Soon album for my birthday years ago. It’s still in my top ten of all time (and I’m 65). Wonderful music and lyrics and that voice, smooth as silk. Please please come back and make more, Kristian.

  11. INet Building

    2019 and u r still in my top 100

    Phil Durham

    Same Absolutely love this song bromgs back so many memories

  12. سيف الدين

    Even for 2020 xD <3

  13. S Brown


  14. cansu Keskin


  15. Alexandria Smith

    Here I am in 2019 listing to this songs God I feel old

  16. ARTA Tuk

    А теперь 2019

  17. JJ Williams 1984

    Guess this guy does not need the money as this is one album I listen to over and over again


    Kristian Leoniou shining 2004 VIVA TV

  19. Alexandra Oprisan

    cool movie

  20. Nika Abdul

    His songs bring back so many memories... good old times....nostalgia.....

    Stephanie Spragg

    Nika Abdul I loved this song when I was just shy of 13, it’s a shame his solo career never took off

  21. Steve Hill

    Great melody and voice

  22. Peter Esposito

    Super talent
    Just faded away

  23. Randomly Randomizes

    Such a great find!! This song...oh MY gosh!!! Glad I found it. Movie was eh?! Octavia Spencer, Kathryn "Hawn?" ..Win a date w/Tad Hamilton movie..oh well still like song! 2018😉

  24. Lily Val

    Love it From the film Win A Date With Tod Hamilton.

  25. nina alfa

    Every couple of years I come back to this song for therapeutic purposes ... miss the old days when music used to really be music ❤️❤️❤️

    Colin Forrest


  26. p1nkn0va

    Such a fab song.

  27. Phil Durham

    WHOS HERE IN 2018

    nicola simpkins

    Yes love this song


    Me. Had this album back in 04 or maybe 05. Gave it to charity but thinking I need to buy it again

    Jacqueline Firkins

    Me 2019 love this guy he was amazing 😁

  28. Alex Coolicove

    Love it!

  29. Cherry Bea Indonto

    Win A Date With Tad Hamilton <3

    Rishi Tutu

    Can you tell me the name of the song that plays when Tad is about to make love to Rosalee but his manager interrupts them?

  30. jenn love.

    God love this song!!! I was looking for it forever!!!!😍

  31. Drew B

    gorgeous person and beautiful soul! I remember this album i got it when i was 16! this man was turned down so many times!! and he made it!! then decided to do one eskimo!! he's amazing and I thank him for his solo album! It got me thru some really shit times when i was 16! and i connected so much to his lyrics <3

  32. Sandra Hopwood

    Please come and gig in the uk, preferably in the Magic Midlands xx

  33. Sandra Hopwood

    I cannot believe that this guy just disappeared. He melts my heart...... where are you!!

    Василий Рощин


  34. SweetPinx

    i cant believe i found it ! iv been searching it for so long

  35. Pav L.

    love u Kristian!! x

  36. Pav L.

    awesome song <3 xxxx

  37. Manny A

    love the beats

  38. paul horton

    he helped form one eskimo heather camball

  39. Itsafreecountry

    He disappeared

    X file?

  40. Heather Camball

    Fabulous song where did kristian go he just disappeared from sight

    Nadia Echelon

    As far as I know he is in One Eskimo band.

  41. Amelia Diane

    Found this song on Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. The beat is amazing, but I agree, the lyrics dont make much sense and dont seem to fit :/

    Ahmed Abdelmohsen

    The lyrics makes perfect sense for someone who pushed to leave by his partner acts but still find it hard to do so and he is making lame excuses not to. but he still have to leave.
    mind and heart battle if u know what i mean!

  42. CoolKooper

    the melody is awesome, the lyrics don't really make sense...

    Ahmed Abdelmohsen

    The lyrics makes perfect sense for someone who pushed to leave by his partner acts but still find it hard to do so and he is making lame excuses not to. but he still have to leave.
    mind and heart battle if u know what i mean!

  43. Ness

    Awesome song.... just discovered it today... What happen to him????


    ok what happened to this guy. great song this is

    Emmanuel Dato

    He formed a band called "One Eskimo". Their song "Kandi" will haunt you in a good way.

  45. Cailean Seamus

    Ripped it, burned it and sent it to someone I don't like. End of.


    I love it 😊

  46. Mister X


  47. Marcela Přibáňová

    I finally found that song! :) Win date with Tad Hamilton!

    Fahim Khan

    Same :) thanks to shazam

  48. Bethan .Crook

    God, this brings back thoughts. I left one college doing performing arts, for another to do the field im in now. I'm successful, lucky and happy. But acting is something inside me that I felt i'd never get back. I lost my confidence, and now after all this time I'm only just able to talk in front of a crowd, again. 'I will not be beaten, you have yet to see me shining.'
    I'll go back to acting if it kills me.

  49. Johnny Blaze

    2013 still feels great


    2018 😀

  50. Johnny Blaze

    and they call justin bieber a talent,stupid world haa

  51. ViceCityHD

    The best songs are the one's with the least views. Love this song.

  52. Livi Renea

    This song is so soothing and calm. I love hearing it @ work. :)


    good song this

  54. How

    Can you make it availabe for phones pleaseeeeee :(

    WWE Michael Guzman

    YouTube to MP3

  55. Evie D

    Come back....need more of this fabulous music

  56. djpalmer93

    Haven't heard this song probably since it was out, then heard it at Wembley Arena yesterday.

  57. mostafatherock

    check the Top comments :)

  58. Ekarny Babay

    Earlier they had a busy schedule of touring. But more than six months, nothing was heard. They say that the reason for recording new album

  59. Debra Chase

    Oh, thanks. I'm on both Kristian and One eskimO's FB pages & there hasn't been anything new since "Sunny Day". I'm glad they're still together & we get to look forward to more. Are they touring at all? I love "Chosen One" & of course, "Amazing".

  60. Beautiful lie

    adore this song!! thanks Kristian for an amazing song and lyrics x

  61. Ekarny Babay

    Kristian created his own indie band One eskimO. The album was released a few years ago, the new album will be released soon

  62. Debra Chase

    Kristian, where are you? Tell us you're okay. I've been hitting replay on this for a couple days. The chorus is sort of my anthem, for a while.

  63. VitunMustaApina92

    just fking call me

  64. CakeAndNipples

    the fuck i used to like this?!

  65. tali4569

    Kristian lives quitely in deepest Somerset
    Lovely song


    Really? 😊sounds nice

  66. emmanisms

    @jonfletcher147 he is the vocalist of 0ne Eskimo which is the best indie band for me ever!

  67. GINGERbloodSUGARsex


  68. karenz101box


  69. JumperTymeQ

    :)Win A Date With Tad Hamilton:)

  70. Bikemn

    @jonfletcher147 vocal One eskimO

  71. reel ika

    that voice... OMG.. love love love

  72. merbear121

    I like him better singing alone. I LOVE his voice!!!

  73. arry starrk

    his new band sucks. He should go back to doing solo 'coz his songs are more amazing

  74. RWT

    Each song on his album brings back soo many memories of I time I wish I could go back to. Must dig out his album.

  75. MidnightBlue6969

    @stm345 I disagree...it's MUCH better than that :-)

  76. MidnightBlue6969

    @stm345 I disagree...it's MUCH better than that :-)

  77. Jonathan Fletcher

    @EkarnyBabay found it..cheers! ;))

  78. MnMarina

    You have yet to see me shining, shining..

  79. Александр Глибин

    Now He is in a OneEskimo group, prodused by Rollo Armstrong

  80. Ekarny Babay

    @jonfletcher147 He is created indie band One eskimO. Use search on YouTube "One eskimO"

  81. Jonathan Fletcher

    Beautiful track!! where is this guy now??!! wasted talent IMO!!!

  82. Adam

    his album is still one of my all times faves. he should have been massive.

  83. JRC3

    Had a blast at the Zanzabar in Louisville last night with ya'll! Keep chasing your Bliss Kristian, don't go back to Texas~! lol and I will see you guys next year! stay safe!

  84. marty mcfly

    love this long live kris :)

  85. johnosahon

    his album is one of the BEST album i have ever heard in my life, sad it is ONLY one. i would have liked to see how he would have sounded in the next one.

    Brilliant album, please get it.


    @xthatsHOWitGOESx Yep he's Greek but lives in England

  87. Andrew pps

    @xthatsHOWitGOESx Cyprus not Greece
    thats why it's spelled with a K

  88. poetcstyle

    i like this song!

  89. andyelgrand0

    @xthatsHOWitGOESx could be a statemenet... or it could be becasue thats how you spell it in greece?
    though the lip ring is just steotipical

  90. Meimi132

    Just heard in 'Win a Date with Tad Hamilton' (again) XD, his vocals remind of a different band..........

  91. abinitio22

    @EkarnyBabay - From Cyprus actually, not Greece. He is British-Cypriot

  92. Александр Глибин

    Now he is in a band called One escimO produced by Rollo Armstrong [Faithless] Also listen Faithless feat. One escimO 'Hope & Glory'

  93. Александр Глибин

    Great song!!!

  94. Ekarny Babay

    @xthatsHOWitGOESx his mother from England and father from Greece

  95. Antonio A.

    I wanted more of his music, he is amazing!!!!

  96. TypicallyTori

    this is amazing i agree why isnt it more famous doesnt make since how can this be over looked when stupid shit like miley cyrus is played all the time your right damn this music bussiness lol