Leonard Cohen - Undertow Lyrics

I set out one night
When the tide was low
There were signs in the sky
But I did not know
I'd be caught in the grip
Of the undertow
Ditched on a beach
Where the sea hates to go
With a child in my arms
And a chill in my soul
And my heart the shape
Of a begging bowl

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Leonard Cohen Undertow Comments
  1. Wyatt Earp


  2. Vesna Vesna


  3. Grant Wallace

    I love it

  4. Joelle Mercier


  5. Joelle Mercier

    Magnifique Musique au Saxophone et Chanson' Très Belle Voix Ainsi que La Vidéo

  6. Mehdi alouch

    Magic ❤❤❤❤❤

  7. kuen70

    That guy couldn't have died and left us here, that's a very fucking life. Anjani is simply divine, God bless her.

    Peter Kay

    Her smile is breathtaking

  8. Moon Dancer

    I think Anjani Thomas should have had the credit for singing this.

  9. Ruth Jacobs

    brilliant , just brilliant

  10. moyadapne

    Goodbye Leonard. Glad I got to see him.

  11. Clint Sabom

    One of my favorite Leonard songs. Doesn't get enough attention in my opinion. I wrote about it here. http://graveyardcowboy.blogspot.com/2016/11/leonard-cohens-undertow-prayer-for.html

  12. Sha Rodrigues

    Softly done..so lovely.

  13. Jessie Webster

    Anjani & L.C. have been an item for years.

  14. Cinzia Ruzza

    Super bello

  15. MariaElena Sara S.

    Very nice!

  16. yacine skottich

    <3 <3 <3

  17. Steven Verbeek

    Good piece of art. Thanks!

  18. sancha arram

    moment d'intimité, moment d'oubli, Merci

  19. mickonstrike

    that moment you hit dislike , the sea engulfs you and the light goes out

  20. Fat Bytyqi

    perfect bro

  21. Saul DosSantos

    phawkin unreal!

  22. MeHighB

    Awesome work man!

  23. SisterLighten

    Beautiful vidlo!