Leona Lewis - Stay Lyrics

I would hold you forever
But the morning comes to soon
I awake here just to watch you breathe

Sunlight on your shoulders
Casts a shadow over me
Turns a precious night into
The darkest day

If I could only stay
Could we hold each others breath
And stop the stars were burning
I'd give everything I have
To stop the world from turning

Let me have this moment
Let me hide it inside your heart
then tomorrow comes and takes it all away

Part of me will stay
Could we hold each others breath
And stop the stars were burning
I'd give everything I have
To stop the world from turning

Your all I need
Your my heart
Your my soul
Your my everything
As night fades away

Part of me will stay

A part of you will stay
Could we hold each others breath
And stop the stars were burning
I'd give everything I have
To stop the world from turning
Everything I have
To stop the world from turning

If I could only stay

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Leona Lewis Stay Comments
  1. Angel Ramirez

    She is one of the many GREATS ! COMEBACK LEONA LEWIS !

  2. Juan Catalan

    2017... Someone?

    Leo Leo

    Juan Catalan 2018 💜

  3. John Bboy

    If I could talk to Leona, I would tell her that she makes me want to be a better person

  4. John Bboy

    Mo Mo said it well, 3 years ago. We still love Leona, because she is the best

  5. Irfan Ahmed

    Listening in sept 2016 and still stunning! Why doesn't this woman just release an album of ballads and acoustics! Her voice is pure beauty!

  6. Ricardo Pimentel

    Waooo, so amazing 😍

  7. Cassandra q

    Thinking how gorgeous this is, Leona Lewis you are a true star:)

  8. Marcus1050

    Can`t wait on her new Album...go Leona!

  9. Ryan Yang

    So much better than Rihanna's Stay

  10. Moyra Israel

    let me just start off by saying her melodic voice is just harmonic. she is quite different from mariah carrie and whittney but a combination of both. she is very natural and humble. when she sings, her vocals spreads joy and peace. Leona sings very well but she doesn't get the recognition she deserves, maybe b/c bad management.

  11. John Mar Panganiban


  12. john Partridge

    She needs to include this on her christmas album. She NEEDS TO. Her career could be rebooted with this album and to do that she needs a balladious album, full of christmas and love songs, which are all acoustic and simplistic. In my opinion cheesiness of lyrics won't matter as long as they are soulful and emotional. I really hope it gets good publicity.

  13. 1231jacklad

    i cant wait for her christmas album :D

  14. Tiffany C

    Instagram, on her account :)

  15. 0301Janek

    watch?v=zNx-b40S9jw Please, check "Enigma" preview!

  16. John Mar Panganiban

    where i can find those photos of her???? it's so lovable and it's so CUTE!!! ^^ anyone who knows where i can find??? plsssssss.. :))

  17. Raditya pratama

    Cant wait for her 4th album :)

  18. John Casey Stebbins

    she is better than Mariah

  19. John Casey Stebbins

    hope this is on her 4th album

  20. Raph

    We LOVE U Leona <3 So much better than rihanna, kesha, beyoncé...= marketing and just this fucking shit But Leona is different, beautiful, not drunk, drugged...
    Leona is perfect
    From France

    Afro Prime

    Raph have you heard Kesha lately major change for the better imo

  21. Agustin Bahena

    Ur right mariah does write her songs

  22. IWantUrCookies

    Brilliant, leona is the best.

  23. Ana Djuric


  24. tatum635

    she is NOT better than mariah. not even in the same league what an insult. she is good but not mariah good when she was in her prime. leona is a copy cat mariah anyways stealing her whistle and style. leona is just ok.

    Stu Ocean

    "stealing her whistle" Mariah didn't invent it smh. Leona conveys the emotion Mariah wishes she could.

  25. Jovana Azdeljkov

    this is her best songggggggggggggggg

  26. Sandy V

    When I see criticisms about her, I feel that people don't know anymore what REAL voices are. In the 90s, she would probably have been in the top of the best voices like Mariah or Whitney...

  27. scllda

    gosh, first time i am listening to this song and it's amazing!

  28. saxman25o


  29. Rodrigo Moratto

    I love Leona you guys she is amazing, but you can't compare her to Mariah they are two very different artists sound completelly different.

  30. nednod99


  31. Schana Sweet

    Her voice sounds incredible here : )

  32. Dean Stephens

    Beautiful song :)

  33. Alexxc13

    OH MY GOD I FUCKING LOVE LEONA LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope she releases this song on her next album!!!

  34. Anna Field

    such a beautiful song! Thank for putting it up here in a good quality!

  35. xxBlackxAngelx

    I wasn't searching for this song, but i love it (:
    Leona Lewis is the best.

  36. Mateusz Pustelniak

    @CrystalMe123 Yes they're great, Leo it's so beautiful;)

  37. CrystalMe123

    Love Leona, those pics are great

  38. sharapova4eva

    @Myra1991JR Well I am not a massive Mariah fan, in fact for years and years I didn't understand what the fuss with her was all about and I used to argue with one of my best friends regarding who was the better singer - Kelly or Mariah, but a few months ago I heard her do some crazy amazing note and I realised she does have an amazing voice. As for Whitney I really don't get why people think she's so great. :S

  39. sharapova4eva

    @Myra1991JR Yeah for sure she's not a Mariah wannabe, and as talented as Mariah is I do think Leona is better. :) Oh and another good thing about Leona, she's vegetarian like me woop woop lol. Oooh $100,000,000 I am totally getting on a flight to Tampa right now and booking tickets to see Carrie lol. Can't Breathe for sure, LOVE that song. What about you?

  40. sharapova4eva

    @Myra1991JR I agree about Leona being the best Europe has ever produced. :) She has an amazing voice, and seems like a really nice person as well. Yeah Carrie's Allure shoot was awesome! I still can't get over how much I love this Leona shoot though, some of the pics are so cute: the one where she's doing the thumbs up is so funny. :D It's now my computer background, got rid of my Jake Gyllenhaal background lol. Haha only one person in the world kills them both, that would be Miss Underwood. :D

  41. sharapova4eva

    @Myra1991JR Thank you, thank you, thank you lovely. :) I frickin' love this photoshoot, definitely her best one!!! And I still consider Kelly to be better than Leona, but Leona is for sure the best singer the UK has EVER produced. :D

  42. sharapova4eva

    Great song, Leona is amazing! Does anyone know what photo shoot these pictures are from or does anyone have a link to where I can get them from? I adore these pics of Leona! <3 <3 <3 I am so darn desperate to get a hold of them!!!

  43. Latid

    great video...like:))
    song is very nice!!!
    love LEONA

  44. Lex Liew

    thanks, it's my first video I've every uploaded :)

  45. bleedingluvgirl

    nice, good job with the vid 2!