Leona Lewis - Naked Lyrics

You could have left me on a firday
Would have loved to had least had the weekend
To go under and
To stay under
To get better
To stay better

But you had to pick a monday
Now I gotta go to work
And get through 5 days
And get through it
And if I can't do it
And no, I can't do it

There's a heartbreaking chill running t
Through my bones
I got my clothes but I can't really Feel them on
Oh no
Whatever I do
I'm naked
I'm naked
Without you

Can't go out, can't go home, can't go anywhere
Covered up but I'm still watching people stare
Oh no
Now what can I do
I'm naked
I'm naked
Without you

Tryin' focus to go un-noticed
But the harder I try I see them looking
And I can't do it no
They see through it yeah
They see through it


Inside out
Still hiding
Outside I'm just too exposed
I know that I should let go

Ohh, that I miss you


Now what can I do
I'm naked
I'm naked
Without you

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Leona Lewis Naked Comments
  1. Marvin Krautwurst

    Schönes Lied😍

  2. Log Bustos

    A traves de los años este tema sigue siendo la historia de mi vida jaja :'/

  3. Raven Lynch

    I've been trying to find the name of this song for months!!!!!! Thank god I've found it!

    *Hot* *Mess*

    Lovely song isn't it. One of my faves 👍

  4. ManhattanStory

    apart from bleeding love this is her best song!

  5. jaffacake1578

    Uugh, 240p! >:(

  6. IrratatingJanice

    Now I gotta go to work and get through five days!!!!!!!

  7. IrratatingJanice

    Wish she got the recognition she deserved. Her record label need to get their heads out of One Directions arses and focus on Leona too!

  8. Tharles Santos

    This song is my life, I love so much. <3

  9. mitchboi770

    her voice is so real...

  10. Miyakies

    he left me on a sunday >___>

  11. Yvez Lee Nebres

    love it :)

  12. I Don't Know What To Write Here

    @MrMonsterlock LOL what a troll xD low notes? heavy breathing? youre jealousy is killing you...

  13. Eduardo Reyes

    i think this is my fave leona song so far! its so amazing i just love it!

  14. Ricardo long

    i love this song

  15. Angel Schulte

    She's gorgeous

  16. Adam Lloyd

    BAD BAD BAD BAD WORST song EVER, low notes, heavy breathing, no WOW factor at all......

    Tiffanie Atkins

    Adam Lloyd completely disagree. Wow, her talent is showcased throughout all of her music.

  17. EugeSer14

    my most fave leone lewis song!

    it has lonesome lyrics, but a danceable arrangement. the drum beat's so infectious and Echo is one of the best pop albums of the last decade. i love the over-the-topness of the production and her multiple background vocals

    i also like Can't Breathe, Love Letter and My Hands

  18. mitchboi770

    i love this song also....love letter and naked are my favorites from the album...cant wait for her 3rd album!!

  19. cjdakahank

    I think this album didn't do at well as the first because hardly any of the best songs were released. simon's company should have released so much more than two singles. so 2.5 million is pretty good considering the lack of promotion

  20. hazeltyler89

    I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it....trying to get a copy of this song is like trying to extract a molar from King Kong. In Canada and can't get this tune...Anyone have a copy or solution they could share? I've tried to pay for it 4 different ways and not one of my online stores has it or wants my money it seems.

  21. lexi hambleton

    And shes back......:)

  22. 16 Janeiro 1993 RocketMan

    I love this girl

  23. Dominic Corley

    I hope she keeps up this trend on her 3rd record. By trend, trend of great music. I hope she is more successful this time around, and that all the pop singers follow suit.

  24. chewy chew

    One of the real female singer out there...She sings so effortlessly with so much passion and doesn't scream her lungs out like some do.

  25. alexis loh

    She's beautiful ! and i love ALL her SONG! AWESOMEEEEEEEEE! (:

  26. YAlnajjar

    @happydayz9511 I know! There isn't one song I didn't like - which doesn't happen too often regardless of who the singer is.

  27. Tawatchai Salvatore

    amazing job !