Leona Lewis - I To You Lyrics

I'd help hide the stash,
Even if you didn't ask,
I would never say a word about it.
Now I stay home with the kids,
Everyday cleaning up where you live,
Even though I'm educated

'Cause you are great, you are big,
And I don't mind giving in, giving in,
For free, for free
You are love, you are sin,
You'll always be everything, everything,
To me, to me

What am I to you?
What am I to you?
Don't tell me, don't kill me now.
What am I to you?
What am I to you?
Just keep me, and I won't make a sound.

Wouldn't tell anyone about your fears,
'Bout your friends, 'bout the life that I miss
'Cause to me you are the greatest.
I would run, I would jump, I would fall,
Just to make sure baby's got it all,
But to them I can't explain it.

You are great, you are big
And I don't mind giving in, giving in
For free, for free.
You are love, you are sin
You'll always be everything, everything
To me, to me.

What am I to you?
What am I to you?
Don't tell me, don't kill me now.
What am I to you?
What am I to you?
Just keep me, and I won't make a sound.

What am I to you?
What am I to you?
Just kiss me as you lay me down,
What am I to you?
What am I to you?
Don't tell me, don't kill me now.
Don't kill me now.

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Leona Lewis I To You Comments

    Amo essa musica💘😍


    Essa leona é linda como a música ❤😍amo essa música


    Isso k e musica, alguém pode mim falar d qual filme?

  4. JustABasicGreekGirl_armynator`

    Wow...just WOW this si sooo beautiful!!!!

  5. Gregor

    Teheheh love island theheheheh

  6. kavya kavyaa

    Nice song . Love from India 👍

  7. Katja 1986


  8. Kyla Schmitt

    I always understood something like "I would help hide the stash.." 😂😂 finally i looked for lyrics and now i understand the song! 😅❤

  9. Yotes Mad

    Je viens de découvrir, très bonne chanson, à écouter d'urgence.

  10. 鹿鹿梦

    I love this

  11. Ava Bowes

    Who’s here from love island when Jess couples up with dom and leaves Montana single 💗

  12. Diabolique Andrian

    Exquisite song!!! Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, brought me here!

    Nurul . a . Oseman


    Kaziah Nunoo

    Moi too

  13. TonyDracon

    she even looks a bit like montana lol

  14. que dar

    why is she so underrated

  15. Reine

    I'm just now hearing this, how sad

  16. Smaranda Bcn


  17. Jason Kingman

    Anyone else here because of Love island season 3 End of episode 1

  18. Dr B

    I use the song lyrics with some of the women at Indiana Women's Prison when we talk (I am the volunteer librarian). Listen to this and watch the documentary "Every F**cking Day of My Life" Beautiful work on such a sad song.

  19. Kareem Karaman

    Who came here from Love Island - Dominic and Montana's scene?

    Rein Tayyan

    me omg HAHAHAHA

    pürrple gal

    Kareem Karaman Me😭

    Agnes Lambert

    Kareem Karaman 🖑me

  20. Lij G


  21. Magreth Msafiri

    your love your sin you always be everything to me

  22. Leyla Contreras

    I remember when I first heard this song and I was like "I will never be in that kind of relationship where I have to put aside what I want just to be put aside"....two years later and ugh *sigh

    Dr B

    Hope you are ok

    Precious Gemini

    I hope you're okay...

  23. Alex4u

    Amazing song, dark!

  24. Mariah Patino

    Anyone else here because of the "Baby Doll" fanfic ??

    Crimson Riu

    +Mariah Patino the harry styles one?

    Leyla Contreras

    YAAAASS I read it like two years ago and ever since then I love this song lol

    Leyla Contreras

    You are one of me yay! :)

    Beatriz Andrade

    omg me too!!! I loved that fanfic ❤❤

    kat romero

    yess :)

  25. Richardson 1215

    Why am I just now hearing this song? Gosh I wish her songs would get out there more. I always stumble across a new song by Leona that really isn't that new. I kind of like it. Lol It's like a surprise song.

    Jay Black

    Have you heard Power?

  26. Marina obeso cruz

    i love it  this song...

  27. f zehira


  28. Veronica

    Addicted to this song. It needs a video asap. 

    Jay Black

    Yeah Bonnie & Clyde style


    This song just hit me! :O LOVE IT

  30. uga ampong

    Leona Lewis you are beautiful and amazing just love your music thank you for posting....

  31. GarageStudio

    I think she knows that she's just singing with those lyrics to express someone's state of mind. It's also a way to express how much she(the character) admires the person and how far she is willing to go for that person.

  32. Najma Mo

    Am here cuz of Lay..
    MY ☆ LAY★♡ YAA
    Exo- Stan

  33. Lisa Colorado

    Stays home with the kids, cleaning up everything he did, because I'm smart and I know I'm more important in their lives than a little bit of money. There, I fixed it.

    Eden Eliza

    Lisa Colorad😬😀😅

  34. Dinda ESS

    A very nice beat. a very dark song. the greatest is not a husband but God.

  35. Mem

    Leona is my idol and I love this song :D

  36. to the world-by-Jefferson de souza

    this song is great,leona the best everever!

  37. Abba919

    Nope sorry - the content in this video does not belong to me and is not protected by fair use, even though it is for non-profit use. The copyright holders retain full control over the video and can decide to take it down at any time. I've had this happen to me several times.. YouTube doesn't care.

  38. er reter

    Sorry to disagree Abba.. but for non-profit, educational and/or promotional use your video is protected by "fair use" and will not be removed... I see copywritten videos from years ago almost every day that have never been taken down. Then again, Youtube and the record companies love to infringe our rights so it wouldn't surprise me if they did even though you stand on legal ground...

  39. er reter

    Leona is better than every other singer that I've heard (in my opinion). There is something about her voice that grabs me, something that stands out and really leaves an impression. No other vocalist has even came near the permanent spot in my heart for Leona.

  40. Fedex8016

    Leona is better than Adele! you go girl!

  41. VAL Band

    when will she do a video for this masterpiece???

    Miss Little Hush

    Vicentiu Demeter She wont

  42. Roberto Sena

    The beginning reminds me a lot to Alicia Keys "Trying to sleep with a broken heart"

  43. Sara Latinac

    hahaha i know it !! read my comment again and u will see that its a joke !!.....I LOVEEEEE LEONA LEWIS

  44. Joshua Brzoska

    I believe the lyric is "givin IN for free", meaning she bends to his wishes and desires, neglectful of her own, without expecting anything in return. It really doesn't have anything to do with sex.

  45. Elena G


    song! A friend of mine showed this to me and it's been on replay ever since!! Love it!

  46. to the world-by-Jefferson de souza

    the great singer!

  47. VAL Band

    can't stop listening to it! great beat!

  48. Sara Latinac

    LEONA UR GIVIN IT FOR FREE ???!!!! OMG BAD GIRL ahahah just kidding luv uuuu

  49. Sara Latinac

    meee love this song !!! dadada

  50. Dia

    beautiful song....can't stop listening to it.

  51. Raditya pratama

    This song is just great. Leona you always be everything everything to me..... I love how dark it is

  52. Raditya pratama

    Heeey check lovebird music video

  53. Ayat Mirza

    This song is meaningful... I love you Leona

  54. Andra Gabriela

    Masterpiece album.

  55. Landprince

    I love how it's sounds low pitched it sounds a lot darker.

  56. IamAnUnknownMember

    #SACKthemarketingteamleona @lesta_lad - This song MUST be released!!!

  57. nastasescu nastasescu


  58. NeO Anderson

    Can't stop listening to this song. And "Lovebird" they are so good! I seriously could listen to Leona every minute of the day, even if it's to hear her sing twinkle twinkle little star or happy birthday song or anything. Her voice is so... Indescribably good. Lol!

  59. NeO Anderson

    I really like this song but it's too low I can't sing it! It's pissing me off!

  60. EriEiri


  61. 1231jacklad


  62. Abba919

    The pitch was only changed by 3%, the least possible to make a difference. If I didn't do it, YouTube's system would automatically remove the video.

  63. I Don't Know What To Write Here

    This is pitched... -.- you ruined her vocals

  64. Somchai Phetrophat

    VALENTINE'S SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Xilef2991

    This has to become a single. It is by far the best song on the album!!!!

  66. Paul Aroid

    I love the song, it's a shame that the song does not continue a voice pushed to 3:18, she repeated louder voice in "Do not kill me now" and after the chorus returns once and the song ends.

  67. purplepinkbarbie


  68. 1231jacklad


  69. Elaine Nguyen

    This should be released as a single!

  70. Ghosthuntangel

    amazing album

  71. maxi

    yeah that would be the one ;p

  72. Miguel Castro

    I thought the same, try sleeping with a broken heart right?

  73. NobodyKnowsMe90

    LOL exactly same thought, the beginning reminds me of A.Keys, Sleeping with a broken heart. But amazing song whatsoever. Surprised they decided to do Fireflies as next single instead of this. Probably the most different out of all songs on GlassHeart.

  74. maxi

    Also the first sentence is i will help hide the stash but well done with the vid

  75. maxi

    The start reminds me of a alicia keys song still love it xx

  76. Janez Orehek

    this album is my fav.

  77. themasterflexG

    Hope this song and Lovebird will be released as the singles because I can smell the number ones from them.

  78. Michael Simpson

    Just got the album, this is my favourite track.

  79. Invertedzero

    yes the sound of this is how leona's tracks should sound more like. Some of the producers and composers are wasting her. Too many of the tracks in glassheart sound too similar to each other or previous tracks, or simply don't show off leona's SINGING ability, not just singing in one tone for each bar with yells inbetween. We want to hear leona's singing voice to a good melody with different backing instruments

  80. ShannonGibo

    Its so 'Phantom of the Opera' and dominant its amazing! The entire album is awesome!

  81. Kirby g

    Same :) Amazing voice she deserves her own album!

  82. ilovenadine

    I know the girl doing backing vocals on this. It's @eemiamusic and I think you should all go and check her out

  83. Rebecca Trujillo

    so beautiful <3

  84. Jayden Liew L

    Lovely beat ! <3
    Leona is the BEST