Leon Russell - Truck Drivin' Man Lyrics

I stopped at a roadhouse in Texas
A little place called Hamburger Dan
I heard that old jukebox started playin'
THe song about a 'Truck Drivin' Man'

Well the waitress then brought me some coffee
And I thanked her and called her again
I said, "That old song there sure does fit me
'Cause I'm a truck drivin' man"

So pour me another cup of coffee
For it is the best in the land
And put another nickel in the jukebox
And play that 'Truck Drivin' Man'

And I climbed back aboard my old semi
Again like a flash I was gone
I heard them old truck wheels start rollin'
I'm on my way down to San Antone

Oh so, pour me another cup of coffee
For it is the best in the land
And put another nickel in the jukebox
We gonna play a little 'Truck Drivin' Man'
Almost play that 'Truck Drivin' Man'
Come on and play that 'Truck Drivin' Man'

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Leon Russell Truck Drivin' Man Comments
  1. Julie Braun

    Leon rocks

  2. Kevin Zavala

    id put a billion nickels in that jukebox to hear you sing leon

  3. Scott Bechler

    Buck Owens did the definitive version of this song. He actually played lead guitar in Terry Fells band when Fells wrote it.

  4. Lonnie Muncie

    Hank Wilsons Back Leon you  are the Man*****

  5. antivenin

    i wore this album out - then CD. Leon is my all time favorite.

  6. Thomas Payne

    The original, by the writer, Terry Fell, is my favorite. It is here on YouTube along with a great little story about Mr. Fell.

  7. War Child

    brings back some great memories.

  8. Michael Harrelson

    Dave Dudley Did the country version

  9. Mr. Flapjack Presents

    Commander Cody - watch?v=G_4CZOtUNj8

    New Riders - watch?v=Bzlppuj8CFQ

  10. ksr9t

    It was Curly He and Ralph Mooney were on the top shelf for pedal steel Sure miss them old boys

  11. TheAntiSocialButterfly

    yes... it was Curly Chalker

    Heath Garson

    And Pete drake played on it 2

  12. steelpicker007

    I think the steel player is Curly Chalker---long deceased

  13. cochinogordo

    Leon rocks this song. Don't know who's playing steel guitar but he can play that thing.

    Heath Garson

    Pete and both curly without looking at the performers see if you can tell who is who?

  14. dogdefran

    J Geils does a killer version. Thanks for the post MMM.

  15. MrMusicismagic

    @jethrotull151 ... I'm sure this old country standard has been recorded by a lot of artists ...

  16. War Child

    If i can remember right, New Riders of the Purple Sage did this song.

  17. theoriginalbadbob

    Yeee Haaa.