Leon Russell - My Kind Of Hell Lyrics

Your hot coffee & my black tea
I don't know about that
Oh guess we choose to disagree
But I like your pork pie hat
Well your sister always came between us
Claiming she was best
But she hitched a ride to a diplomat
& she moved to Bucharest
While we just sat around an round
Like a dolpha in a bed

I can't say I ever liked you much
But you're my kind of hell
Oh can't say I ever liked you much
But you're my kind of hell

Battle ins field & new york streets
Were watching from a bridge
But what the theif an you said made no sense
To even stole them anyway
Oh a living cheap in an old hotel
Eating rice & beans
Stayin up late takin a bottle each
With a couple of Times Square queens
We just turned the heat up
On the stories we could tell

I can't say I ever liked you much
But you're my kind of hell
Oh I can't say I ever liked you much
But you're my kind of hell


Now I'm sunbathing in the sun
Was always on my mind
But you tanned from the inside out
Drinking coco butter wine
While you sold your past life
Baptist fire was making plans to leave
But you trapped me that ball his bell?
On another new years eve
So I give it up for what it's worth
Crawling to your shell

I can't say I ever liked you
But you're my kind of hell
Oh I can't say I ever liked you much
But you're my kind of hell

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Leon Russell My Kind Of Hell Comments
  1. Jim Sims

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Michelle

    One in a million Leon I woulda married him in a hot min

  3. Debbie Meek

    This video is DEFINITELY worth getting. It is sure to put you in a good mood. Love Leon SO MUCH!


    Thank you so much Debbie

  4. TheWonderStraw

    This was my favorite track on the Leon Live album. Glad to see the accompanying video.


    Get the DVD and you can see the entire concert! :D

  5. david thayer

    lollololo lmao......look at the two long frames bolted to the side of the Steinway D models so they can be moved with forklifts.

  6. david thayer

    chuck Blackwell, drummer for Leon, died last night, the only two left are don preston (guitar player with hat), John Galiee (organ) and Patrick henderson.......rip chuck.


    Maryann Lindsey is also still very much alive and so is D.J. Rogers.
    I have no earthly idea how to get in touch with Don Preston, D.J. Rogers or John Gallie.
    I sure would love to send them a complimentary copy of the DVD, seeing as how they are in it.
    Maryann, I consider that lady my auntie...she's wonderful.

    david thayer

    John is still alive and works as a bus boy in tulsa....sigh.........Don preston lives somewhere in colorado, sorty of funny......to find him, there is this guy you have to write a letter to and he MIGHT give you directions to where don lives!!!


    david thayer I would like to get a DVD to them.

    Max Leiss

    I got two, maybe three fingers

    Chlynn13 B

    that is sad. John a bus boy? Isn't he kind of older to be doing that? Aww.

  7. Susan Phillips

    Thanks Jeff. Love this of course!!

  8. Jan Hughes


  9. Anita Garey

    Play it Leon Play it

  10. John 0702

    Will the entire show be available ? I went to shows in Boulder, Miami and Detroit. Leon Russell , the BEST !


    John 0702 It IS available now!!

  11. Chlynn13 B

    As great as it is to watch Leon on these videos, and Thank God, we can, there was nothing like seeing him and his band(s) live.
    A master musician, a wonderful songwriter, a great bandleader, a unique voice, a true original...There really was nobody like him. If you don't know much about him you owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can. Do a search, you will be amazed at what you find out about him. I have been a fan since the 70's and I'm still finding out new things all the time.

  12. Ben M

    Leon delivered performances that one might consider the most fabulous church service you could possibly hope for.. Spiritual and rockin' and soul-liberatin'! I never saw Leon live but I am so thrilled to see videos like this.. Thank you Leon and thank you Deep Freeze!

  13. MaryNell

    Thanks for sharing this, Jeff H. It's wonderful! Miss him so much.............