Lennon, Sean - Wait For Me Lyrics

Please don't ask me why
True as a sky
Everyone is born to die
So take your time
But don't take mine
Lose yourself but don't lose your mind

Somewhere out there inbetween
The moon and the sea
I'll be waiting for you, my dear,
So wait for me

You can't regret what you forget
If only you could forget it
But it takes time and plenty of wine
The weight of the world there in your eyes
Nothing could ever come to you unless you try, try, try,
You find yourself in trouble
If you cannot tell a lie
Its easy as pie

Somewhere out there inbetween
The moon and the sea
I'll be waiting for you, my dear,
Just wait and see

Somewhere out there inbetween
The moon and the sea
I'll be waiting for you, my dear,
So wait for me

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Lennon, Sean Wait For Me Comments
  1. Bunni Armani

    Reminds me of The Beatles song 'Girl'. He has his father's style, Julian has his father's voice.

  2. Carla Boni


  3. Inês Ribeiro

    This is so good wtf...!!!!!

    Bunni Armani

    I just listened to Parachute. It's excellent.

    Inês Ribeiro

    @Bunni Armani yes it is...all his songs from this album are so soooo good...

  4. DGG

    God’s comic Elvis Costello

  5. ShaneChenMusic

    Reminds me of John Lennon

    Rick Astley my overlord

    Is that sarcasm

  6. Beatle Dreamer

    Honestly, his voice is so beautiful. Idk what people mean when they say he "can't sing"

  7. Making Gainz

    Trash ! Be original

  8. Sharon Haya ALee - V

    So the messenger with the letters of welfare. That for the first time he blessed "Happy Holiday" and the second time, "Good luck." He has round glasses.

  9. Apple Juice

    Better than Julian tbh, he’s incredibly underrated considering who he is

  10. Artsy Anju

    I like this song it got me

  11. Kate Hudson

    Beautiful voice just like his daddy.! <3

  12. Tsany Afifah

    my mom threw out our cat in the street today....
    i never thought i'd cry over him, he's just a sweet sweet smart kitty.... i didnt get to say my farewell, lost a friend today... i can't imagine how he must felt, probably confused and scared....
    i just want you to know that it's not his fault that he has digestive problem (mom threw him because he shat anywhere but his litter box)
    Bento, i learned so much lesson from you my baby...
    we meet again one day, wait for me okay :) i love you
    i'll miss your body slam against my feet, and how you just lay around and meows at me, my good boy....

    Cat Bennett

    I dig it man. Cats are tight.

  13. Teresa Clkets


  14. Paul West

    I can sense ghosts of I'm Only Sleeping" through all this

  15. violett blue

    Me encanta💜 tiene un estilo muy bueno, tal como su padre (sin copiarle, claro) 😍

  16. Sibel D92

    Its reminds me intro of ı am only sleeping:)

    Gunnar Schulz

    same chord, Em

  17. Frankenscuzz

    Reminds me a bit of Elliott Smith

    i cum and go

    Frankenscuzz Jessy Colin It's totally his version of I'm only sleeping. I fucking love it. that vintage woodsy tone to his guitar is awesome. it's so 60s. I don't a give a fuck how many people wanna convince themselves Sean is a hack and Julian is the one with talent. they're in denial because Julian got screwed in life. that's not Sean's fault. his style of music, to me, is and always has been on another level than Julian's. Julian seems like a very nice and good guy and has a good head on his shoulders, but his music blows. Sean on the other hand has his mother and father's looks and arrogance/uptight nature but he knows what he's doing musically.

  18. Jessy Colin

    i 💖Love Sean Lennon

  19. dubseedz757

    I'm about to listen to the whole album now...I like this song..

    Jackson Cordray

    dubseedz757 that's actually just what I was thinking


    he's the one who got his father's talent... really good music.. sounds like young John Lennon..

    M G

    Lol yeah, it sure wasn't Julian :/


    ohhh you should listen to vallotte then or i dont wanna know its bloody brilliant have a listen

    James Dunn

    Julian is better, but Sean is okay sometimes. At least he doesn't sound like his screech owl mom.

    A BL

    BREAK OUT Bullsh*t! Julian has all his father's talent! Looks, sounds, and mannerisms! More so than Sean!

    Kyle S.

    Ann B I’d argue to say that Sean looks more like John but okay. :/

  21. sushi0802

    i absolutely love this song, their a small similarity and difference in voices from John and Sean. His father would be proud of his music.


    Sean and john doesnt sound a like...maybe a bit but no...good song tho
    Julian have his fathers voice..listen to it

  22. Sirfev2010

    Jim Keltner on drums

  23. the gist of a world

    Who else tripped to this song

    Jackson Cordray

    the gist of a world haven't, but I would

  24. FreddysNightmare78

    "..........it takes time and plenty of wiiiine." - Genius lyric IMO.

    Coyote Ailstock

    @FreddysNightmare78 The way he sings it too.

  25. Ana Brest Michel Mercado

    piérdete a ti mismo pero no pierdas tu mente :3

  26. valentina

    lo mas bkn xd

  27. Bliss Creation

    Smart & Lovely.
    Everything that whole family has, & that every family should learn.

  28. nomijallak

    Neat song. :)

  29. Lila K.

    "I'll be waiting for you, my dear,
    So wait for me."

  30. Jung Jin Park

    Love him so much

  31. Jung Jin Park

    Love him

  32. Apple Crunch

    like this comment If the beatles brought you here

  33. Skidi Pawnee

    I'll do - I've got my time & a plenty of wine !