Lennon, Sean - Tomorrow Lyrics

I promise to stop loving you tomorrow
Today can be your last day in my arms again
I promise to stop thinking of you constantly
And wishing I could wake up every morning next to you
Darling yes its true
But today can we pretend it’s not too late
I promise to stop dreaming bout you
Promise to stop waiting for your calls
Cause I don’t want to care at all
But maybe just tonight we should forget about what’s right one last time
Because I promise to stop loving you tomorrow
Today will be your last day in my arms again
I promise to stop thinking of you constantly
And wishing I could wake up every morning next to you
Darling yes it’s true
But today can we pretend it’s not too late
Today can we pretend

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Lennon, Sean Tomorrow Comments
  1. Ricardo Carvalho

    "but tomorrow never came" kkkkkkkj

  2. Kyungmi Kim

    Tomarrow vs yesterday

  3. wayne pitty

    I liked t.

  4. Meghan Dorris

    This song always gets me. I love Sean so much. His voice is like no other, except for you know his amazing dad. But Sean is just as amazing as John. I love them both to death. Also Paul, George, and Ringo! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. PaiN ExoTiC

    Sounds like Christmas music lol

  6. Florin Radovan

    Beautiful song.✌️

  7. wong selow

    its awesome.... how can song like this unfamous :(

  8. Gemma Panzera

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blZJu-S_ZzU I did a stop motion video with this song!

  9. ignacio aristiaran

    Capaz que mañana

  10. David Léspar

    Vel 1.5

  11. goldy 1987 DBZ and undertale Woszczyna


  12. Franco Silvestri

    Velocidad 1.25

  13. hippygirl2011

    Sean Lennon's music is so heartfelt and deeply honest that it makes you feel as if he's talking to you. This song in particular is so sweet. It also has a visual quality that automatically sends you away to a place and time unlike the moment that your in. This song is particularly beautiful and graceful. The era of the song could be anywhere in time and that is why it could be anybody's story. The song is timeless. I like Sean Lennon's love songs because they always have a conflict that pertains to lovers that gets solved. Nobody loses in his love songs. His complete surrender and sincerity touches your soul.

  14. Melissa Mullin

    So beautiful

  15. Cassie Denny

    Sean... would you like to go on a date someday? like a friendship interview? you're some kind of wonderful.. if you read this .. let me know. I come from Montana.

  16. Santie Lieben

    if Sean would be John, this song would be a hit

    Georgina 39

    pense lo mismo Santie!! Recien la conozco a la canción y me gusto, pero pense en John tambien

  17. Kharis Karim

    My friend recomend this for trying move on song.

  18. Ariff Amran

    My kind of day right now.

  19. andy scott

    Justin bieber


    andy scott drink bleach

  20. Pablo Catalán

    sound track POR AHORA! <3

    Valentina Silvera


    Lalo Lax

    Pablo Catalán ☺️👌🏽

    Sandra Urtubia

    Unos de los mejores capítulos!💜

  21. The Seeker

    I think Sean and Natt Wolf should do something together!

  22. Diego Palacios Dávila

    Well done, it seems like John L although

  23. Clare Crane

    Totally beautiful song.  

  24. lizy charles

    i discovered it yesterday and i loved it :) 

  25. 川添伸之介

    Totally, amazed.

  26. Melisa Jayanti

    This is beautiful.

  27. Ivore Rowena

    Why people still feel the need to compare him with John? He got years in the music scene! If you like him or hate him, it should be just because of his talent or lack of it. I personally think he is pretty good, in his own way. 


    I think he's great, and should have much more recognition than he has.

  28. labichaa94

    Lovely song!

  29. teand45s

    so talented

  30. Justin Haney

    is it me, or does both julian and sean sound like john when they sing?

  31. Happy Mess

    I have someone I should have shown this song to. Now it's too late.

  32. liron yovel

    Amazing... how he's voice is so similar to his father...

    James Dunn

    Not really.

  33. Chiaki Nagoya

    John* his*

  34. Marita Gonzalez

    I promisse you stop waiting for your calls

  35. Armando Garza

    Yes Is True :)

  36. Luis Chávez

    in "Headlights" is more like John

  37. Nicholas M

    can't stop playing this song over and over again

  38. Enya Harrison

    ahaha Beatles humour ^^

  39. MyDreamside

    obviously he is the one who got his violin signed by John and he is still on denial that Paul wrote the song

  40. Armando Garza

    In this songs the Sean's voice is equal to the voice of John Lennon

  41. monika Keks

    goddamn.. i love this song.

  42. monika Keks

    damn ,I love this song. I just love it!

  43. darkzero896

    Jesus crist O.O jhon lennon live in the voice of her son

  44. Boyle

    He's no John Lennon but that doesn't mean he's shit.

  45. Hyde98X

    >People comparing Sean to his father and the rest of the Beatles

    Sheesh are people ever harsh.

  46. pacza a

    i can hear John in his voice.

    James Dunn

    A little but not much.

    Cyber Band CDO

    @James Dunn because there are it isnt double tracked unlike johns vox.

  47. Norb

    your the 8th person to comment on that. You know what I meant so dont be a smart ass

  48. cooliemccoolface

    Yesterday = Paul McCartney

  49. SRC

    seria genial que cante imagine

  50. Norb

    john lennon - yesterday> Sean Lennon-Tomorrow

  51. Randy Hobbs

    Damn Sean!!!! Your voice has really evolved since I last heard you sing. Excellent song!!!

  52. kittycat0143

    he sounds like his dad haha

  53. joyce keeney evans


  54. epresjoghurtosmilka


  55. Bill Kates

    This is like one of the great standards, like Stardust or something. He is remarkably under-heard and under-rated.

  56. 111theflash

    Thats right, nobody better dislike lol